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Saturday, October 31, 2020

YYY: The Series (Thai)

This is the kind of brainless silly series that I would have enjoyed maybe 10-15 years ago, but somehow at this stage in my life, I can't really say much more than a silly series. Originally stated to be a 6 part (about 30 minute each), for some reason, the makers came up with another 3 episodes which were the most random episodes/context/relationship I have ever seen.

Nott, a handsome inventor, lives in an all-boys apartment owned by Porpla, the Yaoi fan owner. One day, one of Nott's inventions causes an electrical fire destroying Porpla's Yaoi CDs. She decides to throw him out. Conveniently, Pun walks in at the right time and Nott, thinking on his toes, pretends that Pun is his boyfriend, appealing to Porpla's obsession with BL couples. Pun reluctantly agrees, but says that Nott owes him. Slowly they start to fall for each other. Meanwhile, Arm, the neighborhood boy has had a crush on Nott for a long time but he is the gentleman kind of guy. Even though he knows that Nott and Pun maybe getting together, he makes sure to let his feelings know to Nott whose reactions were very mature. Then we have Om, Nott's ex-roommate who has a crush on this girl Yuri who has been secretly stalking Nott. Eventually after some love, some heart-breaks, Nott and Pun are together as one big happy family. 

The ending where Pun and Nott sort of become space ship and end up being in space was over my head and the subsequent 3 episode follow up on just the weirdest interactions between Nott and Pun completely threw me off. It was a complete waste of time. The only funny character IMO was Porpla and her two minions Latte and Mocha. They change in zillion outfits as per the mood which add a bit more silliness to the show, albeit a funny one. But the overall execution of the otherwise decent story left a lot to be desired. The gags were forced, acting was over the top and so was the direction. Arm was the only sane character and him confessing his love for Nott was the only decent scene in the whole series. Nott was geeky and I am not sure how and why he falls for Pun. Pun, at least has a back story that makes sense. Rest of the cast is supposed to be crazy and crazy they were, except none of that connected with me as an audience.

I would not recommend this series unless you want something super silly, braindead and over the top acting and humor is your kind of thing. (3/10)


marmyk said...

Hi, i reccomended you a thai BL which is very different with other BL. It's more of a coming of age with BL theme, and the production is top notch quality. The title is I Told Sunset About You. It's on dailymotion up to episode 3. It's still ongoing and have 2 episode left. It's the best BL series i've ever watch to be honest. Even better than SKAM, and that says a lot.

Golu said...

Thank you so much for the recommendation.
I will try to find this series soon and catch up. PLese do let me know more recommendations if you have. It helps me prioritize to watch things that I have withh me