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Saturday, October 17, 2020

La Dea Fortuna (Italian) [The Goddess of Fortune]

I have been waiting for a Ferzan Ozpetek movie in a while now. The Turkish origin Italian film director has made some very memorable movies, which I have already reviewed on my blog, so you can imagine my happiness when I came across this one. This film goes from a cheery rom-com to emotional drama to tragedy, showing us the painful disintegration of a gay couple whho have been together for 15 years.

The film starts with a wedding, where we are introduced to most characters. Arturo, a frustrated translator who dropped his plans to become a college teacher and Alessandro, dark, hunky plumber have been together for fifteen years. Passion is a thing of the past and the two open their relationship sexually, even though they are jealous because of that. Enter Annamaria, Alessandro's friend for life who also happens to be a Sicilian baroness who leaves her two young children in their custody while she is hospitalized for medical examinations. Their friends see the presence of the two children as a positive step in strengthening the fractured relationship, but in fact, the children inadvertently hasten the breakdown. Even though the kids are well behaved, it takes a stroll on the couple and eventually they are sent to their witchy grandma, all the while the couple continuing to disintegrate. Annamaria eventually passes away and when the couple goes to visit the kids is when they realize what an evil woman the lady is. Even though they may not love each other, they unite to get the kids out of situation and take them with them back to Rome in a stunning and heart-wrenching climax.

Like Ferzan's other films, this film also boats of some stunning visual locations, including impressive ancient Roman Sanctuary of Fortuna Primigenia, echoing the film’s title. Legend according to Goddess Of Fortune is that if you want someone to stay with you forever, stare them long enough, capture them in your eyes, close eyes and wait till the image reaches your heart. And this sentiment is echoed in how the gay couple finally reconciles their differences and also for the children who will stay with them. The evolving relationship of the couple is so real in the film, and I would have expected nothing less. In any other director's vision, this would have been very very melodramatic, but with subtle performances, a well-constructed screenplay, believable characters, excellent actors, Ozpetek molds his story of middle-age crisis into something gripping and ultimately, extremely entertaining. The parenthood comes at a worst possible time for the couple who are already at their maximum stretched to continue with their relationship. You see the agony that comes only when you have deeply loved someone for so long. Neither of them is really to be blamed here. Coming to the kids, you can imagine they are suddenly forced into the lives of two strangers who are not even family, so it's as difficult for them as it is for the couple. The cutest kids feel loved by the two men, even though they question the responsibility given their personal crisis. They are all brilliant actors. In other films of the director, the supporting characters get a prominent time and exploration but here they are only at a surface level. I really really enjoy and appreciate the friends and support structure that the film maker shows in his films. It's not the family that you are born with but the family of friends that you make.

I had high expectations from the film and thankfully they were met. I would strongly recommend this film to add good movie lovers and understand a different psyche of a gay relationship. (8/10)

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