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Saturday, September 12, 2020

Los Fuertes (Spanish) [The Strong Ones]

The film is a classic example of how the passionate chemistry between the lead characters can change the way you perceive the film. Right form when they meet, they sensuality, the chemistry, the emotions, everything is so palpable, you can't not root for them. This is one of the most beautiful and amazing love stories i have seen in a recent while that brought smile and tears both in my eyes. Special mention to the gorgeous and beautiful town of Valdivia where the whole film is so magically shot.

A young handsome man Lucas, an architecture student, comes to visit his sister Catalina and her husband in Valdivia before heading to Canada on a scholarship. We soon find out that there is some stress with their parents, probably something to do with him being gay. There he meets Antonio, the grandson of Catalina  housekeeper, a strapping very very handsome young man, who is a fisherman by profession. Romance slowly blossoms between the two men. They don't display their love openly but neither of their families has an issue with it. Antonio loses his job as a boatswain, when he refuses the physical advances of a colleague, he decides to take matter in his own hands. Situations cause some drift between the lovers since the feelings are getting so strong that the idea of Lucas leaving soon is very painful. But both men will eventually have to grow up, find out who they are and continue with who they are. The ending may not be good for them as a couple but maybe the right thing for each of them as individuals.

Let me just say it right out the bat, the two men are absolutely freaking gorgeous, especially Antonio. I mean, him driving a pickup truck, caring grandson, proud of his heritage, dirty jeans and rough around the edges personality is something that no one can be left without getting charmed. But this doesn't take away from the warmth and inner struggle to better his life that Lucas brings to the character. This film is somehow a magical mix of two of my other favorite films, Weekend and God' Own Country. While appreciating and being mesmerized by the beauty of the locations of Valdivia, you don't even realize how the director surprises you with their first kiss and the slow yet steady romance tat develops between the two guys. It's almost perfect. The beauty of their scenes together lies in their body language, how much can be expressed without saying a word. The sparks are there, but he gives his characters room to breathe. As an audience you connect with the natural chemistry and the smoldering passion they share, the whole time respecting their family. Neither of them knows what the future holds for them together since neither is willing to make a compromise but none of that is over dramatized. The scene where Antonio has tears in his eyes knowing that Lucas will leave very soon and he really doesn't want him to leave choked my heart. it was a natural yet such a powerful scene. The ending is bittersweet, but i am happy the director didn't feel compelled and stayed true to his characters nature. Very subtly he also hints at the social disparity that the two men have.

I can't stress enough hon how highly I will recommend this film to everyone. This film is magical. Love at its purest raw form. Please watch this NOW. (9/10)

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