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Thursday, July 30, 2020

Born Beautiful (Tagalog)

Just a few days back, I reviewed the very beautiful film "Die Beautiful". Its amazing to see that there is a worthy sequel to the film, taking a slightly different route. Barbs, as best friend of Trisha, was a secondary character but a very important one and it seems only natural to come up with a movie focussed on her character. also, the prequel was more emotional and drama; this film takes more of a comedy route and always keeps the proceedings very light.

It's been sometime since Trisha passed away and Barbs now works full time at "Happy Endings" funeral home. She is in love with her boyfriend Greg, even though he is married. She breaks off that relationship when he hits her. On top of that when she also loses her best friend, Barbs decides to embark on a conversion therapy. She removes her breasts and starts to live again as Bobby. In the camp called Way of Light, she undergoes various activities, including a night out to a bar, that will cure her sexual identity. But when Bobby is raped by the therapy priest, Bobby quits the program, leaving the camp in tears. He wants to move back to being Barbs and meets Michael Angelo, who is Trisha's ex-boyfriend. The two fall in love soon after, but he also turns out to be married. This time Barbs decides to give in, seeing that he is not hiding her from his wife and somehow the wife has also given in. Greg comes back into picture, pleads to take him back and Barb decides to get back with him. She is now dating both and the night that the two men find out truth, Barbs has another shocker in store, when a girl shows up pregnant claiming to be carrying bobby's baby from the night he had sex with a prostitute during his conversion therapy days. With three people vying for Barbs attention, she decides to not make a choice and offer them all her love and support.

Eventually this film is a story about boundless love, courage in speaking your truth, and acceptance by living your authentic self. Barbs is unapologetic about her sexuality and knows her wants and desires, a bold defiance against male-centric traditions and a firm declaration of queer identity. It is not serious and uses humour to take on serious issues, such as homophobia and non-monogamous relationship. It doesn't intend to solve anything, but instead opens up conversations generally considered taboo. I was actually surprised with how different the film was from its prequel, which showed more of an emotional story. Some humour occasionally fell flat but overall it was decent. Its sequences strung together like episodes of a sitcom rather than a feature length film. Barbs, mama Flora and the other girls keep the proceedings lively and the 2 boyfriends bring in the added hotness. The whole pregnant angle was unnecessary in my opinion. But the scattered plot brilliantly converges towards a single point, which is to celebrate the limitlessness of loving.

Despite its tiny flaws, Born Beautiful has a humongous heart. It's confident, funny and refuses to be contained by morality. The prequel asked for acceptance, this time around, not everyone will die beautiful, but everyone was born beautiful and deserves to live beautiful. (7/10)


Hedgehog said...

I’m happy you like it too. Not everyone will die beautiful, but everyone was born beautiful and deserves to live beautiful. That’s really sums it up. Nice review. 👍

Golu said...

I have to say that thanks to some recent recommendations and my own reading before watching a film, my success ratio of watching good content has been pretty high of late.