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Sunday, March 22, 2020

Vampire Boys

As you can imagine , when there is a gay vampire horror film; your expectations are already very very low. And so were mine. I was fully expecting to see something stupidly ridiculous where I will be constantly rolling my eyes and cursing the makers. But I have to say, this film wasn't as bad as I imagined it to be in my mind. This is not to say that it was good by any means but sometimes its all about expectations.

Caleb has moved to California to attend college and is staying with Paul, an attractive college guy whom he met online. Soon after arriving Caleb starts getting this visions about a guy Jasin and so does Jasin about Caleb. Jasin and Caleb meet at school, and the attraction between them is instantaneous. The reality is that Jasin is the head of vampire group with 3 other folks. And according to the prophecy, Jasin must choose an eternal companion before his 100th anniversary as a vampire, or he and the entire group will die. The group thinks that the girl Tara is the one but Jasin's heart feels it is Caleb. When Caleb is told of the truth, he freaks out but eventually gives in to Jasin's demand of giving up this life to be with him forever as a vampire.

The intention, maybe, of the makers is right, but the script is a major letdown and it feels that these guys had no budget whatsoever. Unnecessary shirtless scenes to cater to the primary gay audience is clearly seen. With vampires you would think blood and action and both are missing here. Although there are a couple of hissing scenes between Jasin and his friend and if anything, I was just laughing at them, which is not what the intent was. The lead actors thankfully have charisma and look cute and can act alright, but sadly that's not enough. The direction is strictly ok and there is way too much seriousness into everything. And the whole Paul getting killed by other vampires never came up again. How could Caleb be so insensitive towards a guy who let him stay for free and helped him in every way (unless he was also eventually supposed to be a creep himself).

If vampire stories are your thing, feel free to check it out. With a run time of just over an hour, this film is not half as bad as some of the atrocities I have seen and reviewed on my blog. But maybe it really helped me to keep my expectations very very low. (4/10)

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