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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Vampire Boys 2: The New Brood

As if the original film wasn't bad film, the makers had the audacity to come up with a sequel of theis film. You can imagine how bad the film was when none of the original actors are retained for the sequel. I doubt that there was any other reason for this film except to show some hot bodied men naked, in full glory with some penis shots. Add to this a lit bot of romance, blood, vampire, a quick and easy film is made.

Caleb is now living with Jasin and even though Tara was not the chosen one , she is also with them along with Jasin's entourage. Enter Demetrius, another vampire who is looking to build an army. We soon find out the reaosn for that is to get rid of Jasin. Demetrius was Jasin's master's original chosen one who left him for a new chosen one and this has caused a lot of anger within him. And he now just wants to destroy Jasin and his coven making a new brood for himself. He comes up with a plan to convert Tara against Jasin. He partially succeeds in this but plans change and Demetrius is unable to kill Jasin even after a fight. The extras in the coven for Demetrius die and Caleb and Jasin live happily ever after. There is a scope for further extension when they show Demetrius is a love and he and Tara actually are in love.

As I mentioned, from a story perspective, the movie is as dumb as the prequel. There wers o many new faces all with very similar-ish features and bodies that it was becoming difficult to keep a track of who's who. I personally didn't understand the whole story of the gym owner who was also secretly a gym owner and had given up on the vampire activities to live a simple life. How and why was he arm twisted by Demetrius into helping him share the gym space. It was all too vague. Jasin's mild mannerism and talking very slowly in every single scene gets annoying after a point. I wonder if the actors are former porn stars because literally there is noting for them to do in the film.

Watch the film only if you liked the first one. And if you did, I am so judging you right now. (3/10)

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