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Thursday, February 13, 2020

Sister Mary

After a great film, back to a trashy campy gay OTT film. This film is so damn silly that I wonder if it found any audience at all. To make things worse, the film is unnecessarily stretched beyond reason. If they focussed on the core story and stuck to a maybe 6-80 minute runtime and toned down the gayness a bit, the story had some potential

A group of gay guys form a band called "The Ex Choir Boys". One night one of the band members gets killed and another guy sees a nun around the crime scene. Detective mark is assigned to the case, who is a big time homophobic person. And the sheriff invites a very flamboyant detective Chris to partner with Mark on the case. The duo make a couple of arrests but the killings continue and killer nun is on a spree to kill these boys. Pretty soon, the mystery is revealed where the real identity of who Sister Mary is revealed and the history behind the reason for her/him killing the boys.

Yes the film was silly and not that I was expecting much histrionics from the film but the stereotyping of gay men goes on and on and beyond a point, it gets very annoying. I have not seen so many offensive stereotypes and crude gay jokes thrown into one film. I mean a gay detective having sex with witnesses is not my idea of fun. Mark did a good job of acting as the uptight homophobic detective with a secret. Chris was too much for me to handle. The whole point of the guys pretending to be priests to find the killer was so silly. There are random stories and scenes thrown here and there and nudity for no reason. (or maybe we know the reason is to attract the gay crowd).

Its a very indie film which is simply stupid and totally avoidable. (3/10)

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