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Saturday, February 1, 2020

2 Cool 2 Be 4gotten (Filipino/English)

This film also joins the list of movies that do not really fall in the queer genre per say but the underlying theme of coming of age and same sex attraction and a couple of scenes does qualify for it to be reviewed here. The movie is set in Pampanga in Philippines and in summary follows the life of a lonely teenager Felix, whose boring existence is shaken up when a pair of American-Philipino siblings joining his school.

Felix is a young teenager, an over achiever and belongs to a poor family. Because he is super smart, he lives a very lonely friendless existence. When two new high school students, half-American brothers Magnus and Maxim join his school, his life takes a major turn. Since the brothers are not the most intelligent but have money, Magnus hires Felix to teach him for money since they are in same class. Maxim also uses Felix to do his homework. Felix finds himself feeling emotions like none before and finds himself drawn towards both, especially Magnus. We hear the backstory of the brothers' prostitue mother and their absent father. They both want to go to US but their father has remarried and the only way they can now go to US is if they were orphaned before they turned 18. Maxim comes up with a hineous plan with Felix to kill his own mother. Felix uses this secret to watch Maxim naked and jerk himself off but then still goes and tells Magnus. By now Felix is in love with him but Magnus refuses his advances. and in the process of saving his mother, Magnus also ends up dying, leaving Felix again alone all by himself.

The gay subcontext is here that Felix finds himself drawn to both the brothers sexually. Though he doesn't really make any physical advances towards Maxim, He totally fancies Magnus and is also afraid of his own feelings at the same time. It is an interesting underlying theme which is briefly touched upon without swaying away from the core theme. All the actors were really good and the 2 brothers were soooo cute. Felix plays the over achiever student whose family's financial situation is what's keeping him from attaining more than what he's capable of, plays the part to perfection. The Snyder brother's story was nice but could they really have been so rich was a little hard for me to digest but whatever. They were good actors and really easy on the eyes. Don't expect too much drama or gay scenes in the film.

The film is not boring and keeps you hooked at a decent length, but be prepared that it does not strictly fall in the gay genre. Nevertheless an interesting film. (5/10)


luigi43 said...

I don't think the comment is appropriate .Do You?

Hedgehog said...

Glad you finally review this film. This is one is that I suggested to you.

Golu said...

Luigi, i removed the comment. It was spam.
@hedgehog; Yeah i finally saw it. What dod you think of the film?

Hedgehog said...

I really like. The actors are good not to mention they’re all cute. The chemistry between felix and magnus is there. The cinematography is great too. I watch a lot of Filipino gay themed indie film and I loved that they don’t put too many sexual scene in this film. The only one sexual scene here is the masturbation scene of magnus which needed, magnus did it so Felix will convince magnus to come with them to the beach so he can do his plan. All in all it’s a good film.

Golu said...

yeah i like filipino films too. The 3 other recommendations that you made to me in a different post, I can't seem to find them. Still trying to get my hands on it
PS: I hope Luigi is ok. Haven't seen anthing from him in forever.