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Monday, December 2, 2019

Analysis Paralysis

Its been a while since I saw a LGBTQ rom-com. This genre can be a hot or miss. To be honest, I used to be a big fan of this genre but with age, my taste is starting to get better. lol Thankfully, this movie wasn't outrightly bad. It wasn't amazing but given that the film has pretty much only the 2 actors playing off each other for the entire duration of the film, does manage to hold your attention besides a few hiccups here and there and we will talk about it.

Tyler is a young gay writer suffering from a peculiar medical condition called 'Analysis Paralysis'. With this condition, one cannot help but imagine all the possible ways that a possible choice or a situation could go wrong. And if not tackled head on, this condition will lead Tyler into a state of complete inaction. His therapist asks him to deal directly with it by facing his biggest fear, which in this case happens to be his crush on his neighbor Shane. Fighting his anxiety, Tyler manages to ask Shane out for a date and despite a flurry of imagined disasters, the date goes well, and Shane and Tyler ultimately become involved. Tyler confides in Shane of his disorder and he supports him well. The relationship keeps moving forward but not without the hiccups of Tyler imagining all things that could go wrong. Finally, convinced that Shane is leaving as a result of an uncomfortable interaction with Shane’s mom and dad, Tyler steels himself for what he sees as the inevitable rejection. But Shane has plans to propose him and be there for each other forever. But was this all a true story or did just Tyler imagine a whole life even before actually asking Shame out for a date?

Initially the repeated scenes every few minutes of situations that could go wrong got on my nerves and my expectations with the film went down, but eventually it started becoming funny. Some of the situations that Tyler would imagine were really funny and hilarious, especially of their first sexual encounter. The 2 scenes of their dinner and lunch outing with a very uninterested waiter were also hilarious. Shane was particularly brilliant in both those scenes. After a while the multiple scenarios got interesting. The reactions of meetings Shane's parents, of Shane breaking up with Tyler etc were quite funny. The film didn't feel stretched. And thankfully the 2 characters who are there throughout he duration of the film share an excellent chemistry and feed off each other very well. They are both good actors but I felt Shane had a slight edge over Tyler.

A good rom-com needs a good chemistry and some decent laughs which this film had. This is a decent time pass fun one time watch. My rating is not super high because the film doesn't have a repeat value and also there is nothing super great about it. Having said that, it does manage to bring a smile on your face, which a lot of films fail to do in today's time. (5.5/10)


luigi43 said...

Poor Tyler ! He reminds me a friend ....with benefits I met in my 20es . Umbereable .I can understand the movie and the situations . I join Your opinion and thanks for Your reporting.

Golu said...

it could be very interesting to know. a person like this in real life. (good or bad? I am not very sure)

luigi43 said...

Believe me : every day has his "stop the world " , nothing can be accomplished , the one or two points You believe pure truth are questioned. May be I'm shallow , but has been a " cauchemar "! For God's sake it lasted two months.

Golu said...

Its all good