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Friday, November 15, 2019

Como la Espuma (Spanish) [Like Foam]

This is not a typical queer film as such. This is more about exploring one's sexuality. But given since our central character was gay, it does make sense to have it reviewed in my blog here. The film is essentially about orgy. Yes, that's correct, but by no means this is a porn film. The orgy serves as the setting through which we see about 10-15 characters besides the main leads and how they are deprived of affection.

Milo is paraplegic and gay. On his birthday he returns to his huge big old mansion with pool with his best friend Gus who was just trying for Milo to have a good time. To make his birthday memorable, Gus texts his sassy transgender friend to throw him a birthday party at the mansion–more specifically, an orgy pool party. And this is where it all starts. We meet all kinds of random strangers and slowly we see a few stories start to develop. A straight couple are going through boredom in their relationship. An older woman, looking for someone, is constantly hit on by a younger guy. A horny man into drugs in drooling over the trans girl who helped throw the party. We also meet a shy girl who recently broke up wanting to explore her wild side and she meets the orgy expert Jorge. And more. In this crowd we also meet Mario, who was apparently Milo's boyfriend from years ago. As Mario and Milo try to re-connect; Gus is still busy making sure Milo smiles and he arranges for a foam cannon because apparently that was one of Milo's favorite thing on his 18th birthday. Gus helps Milo learn to forgive Mario and give him another chance because life is too short to hold grudges.

It was a simple film that never took itself too seriously. It never got too deep into exploring the issues of these people that we get to meet and interestingly they all are given a happy ending. It was mostly an intriguing story of a long bizarre day in the life of a group of strangers. Being a person who is not at all into clubs and parties, this film was a fun, non-nonsense entertainer for me. I don't think the makers were trying to give a message or anything. The purpose was to entertain and to look at life a little more positively. And to this, each character seemed to became a little more sex-positive and free. All actors have done a great job. I just wish that Gus and Milo's friendship was explored a little more because somewhere I felt that maybe Gus had feelings for Milo but he just learnt to be happy with the way things are.

A simple and enjoyable, light-hearted and flamboyant film that is likely to be a feast for the eyes and keep a smile on your face. (6/10)

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Golpe de Sol (Portuguese) [Sunburn]

I would call this film more of an arthouse film in the LGBT genre. The film doesn't judge you for your sexuality, in fact it keeps it fluid, without asking or providing for labels. The film is more about friendship, love and issues that we all have in our lives and the past we can't bury and the future we wanna get.

Four friends are spending a relaxed weekend in a summer house: Francisco owns the villa and is supposedly straight (or bi), who is with Joanna. Joanna is best friends with Simao, a screen writer, secretly writing his next film on the lives of himself and his friends and finally Vasco, a romantic at heart who doesn't believe in hook-ups and has been in an online relationship with  married man, who hasn't met him yet. In morning, they are all surprised to individually have received a call from an old friend David, who is in town and wants to visit them all. We gradually learn about their reasons for being excited and/or scared by his announced visit. David seems to have let each of the four down in a uniquely personal way. And for all the damage that he has previously wrought, each of them secretly hopes that David is coming for them. Francisco and David were lovers when they were teen and decided to take a break, David and Simao brokeup because David wanted a family and kids. He also had a brief relationship with Vasco. The interactions between the four of them change from fun, to whispers to fights to apologies waiting for David who takes almost a full day to come (for a distance that was only supposedly 2 hours).

The film is visually beautiful. Good looking actors who can also act quite well, gorgeous house and pool and a neutral luxury and warmth. Sadly, the character buildup of all these individuals is very little and all we know about is their mutual relationships which also for no reason keeps going up and down. It is hard to relate to the intensity of the issues that they are going through because they all seemed to be hurt by David in some way, but what is it about David, that even after 10 years it a subject of sore discussion and why cant they all forget him even after 10 years. Keeping the sexuality aside, even the whole treatment of the film is very artsy where a whole lot is left to the audience to interpret. I didnt understand why Francisco and Vasco fought, why did Vasco have a random hook-up, why did Joanna get in a fight with Francisco or most importantly why suddenly Simao feels suicidal. I have a lot of questions unanswered.

The film is pretty and stretches too much in its long duration with silences and pool. This film is gonna need a lot of patience but ends up being frustrating because it just keeps going in circles. (4.5/10)

Friday, November 8, 2019

Gay Short Films : 67

Thomas14 (Short Webseries) (Denmark)
14-year-old Thomas has just moved to new school. In his new class, he meets Mads and Emma. Mads thinks Thomas's drawings are cool, Emma is more interested in Thomas himself but Thomas feels huge surge for his sexuality thanks fto mads and Emma's hot brother.

Portret Izgubljenim [Lost Souls of Tommorow]
In this Slovenian film, Tom and Noah discuss their friendship on the last sunset before Tom leaves. What they wanna avoid is to talk about that one drunk night.

Never Again (Thailand)
Nhai keeps switching boyfriends who never last more than a month. When he meets Tae, things are not the same. He feels different. He worries that Tae will dump him because his karma will get back to him especially since Tae happens to be friends with one of Nhai's ex. At 40 minutes long, this film addresses that love can happen more than once, you just have to look. Thing work out eventually.

De Vuelta (Spain) [Back Again]
The story of two childhood friends, Alex and Jordi who meet after two years to celebrate the Night of San Juan. When the storm kicks in, they will have to take refuge in an old mansion, where their feelings will come together reminiscing the old times.

The Feast of Stephen (USA)
A boy gets bullied by boys for being gay. But our man secretly likes it.

The Best Men (USA)
Moments before his best friend's wedding, Peter gets one last chance to rekindle mutual feelings long suppressed, but not abandoned. Sometimes the perfect reminder of first love's passion is but a simple kiss from the best man.

Boundaries (USA)
Jared takes drastic measures in order to gain the attentions of his ex-boyfriend.

Papercut (Australia)
Two closeted actors on their way to their first high profile awards ceremony fight both expectation and each other, as intimacy and insecurity collide in the back seat of a car. It really does show the struggle public LGBTQ people face and it leaves you thinking.

For Better: “Jimmy and Aaron” (USA)
Aaron and Jimmy’s relationship insecurities are brought to the surface on the drive home after dinner with their friends who recently moved to the suburbs.

Lavender (USA)
A raw and realistic portrayal of a young gay man as he grows increasingly entangled in the marriage of an older couple. What started off as a casual hookup becomes a heartbreak for young Andy. A beautiful film with a tender, poignant look at an unconventional relationship as it blossoms.

A Prayer In January (Israel)
On one warm Saturday, a young man is forced to choose between his gay lover and submission to his religious identity. Nice and warm film.

Reforma (Brazil) [Renovation]
Francisco, a plus size gay man recounts his recent sexual encounters with various partners to his female friend in an attempt to improve his own body positivity. Interesting take on insecurity but whats the point when he is not willing to do something about it.

American Male (USA)
A gritty look at rigid gender norms, and how they shape us. Scary sad but true.

Bliss Point
Two boys row silently through a Dutch water landscape. They dock on a remote island where the rest of the world does not seem to exist. A place where a tender love emerges in all vulnerability. They take the time to come closer together until the inevitable takes place.

Three Days & Two Nights (Philippines)
When a millennial gay tourist comes to a an island, the tour guide boy's life changes. Will he be able to accept the changes brought in by the openly gay tourist?

Call Me By Your Maid (USA)
The Perlman's maid has strong reactions when an exchange student comes to stay with the family. This is a hilarious spoof on the film from the maid's pov. Especially the scene when the 2 boys get confused on whom to call by what name.

Bortom (Sweden) [Distances]
A complicated mother-son relationship. Son is deaf and gay and mother had moved back to her birth country. Time has created a weird distance between them.

The Dare Project (USA)
Dare has been my all time favorite short and I have seen it multiple times. This short shows us the same story but also takes the journey forward. Its been 15 years since the swimming pool incident, The 2 boys are grown up and meet at a pool party since high school. The are uncomfortable yet a sense of familiarity and connection they had. Their interactions, playfulness and everything surrounding it is just so real and heart warming that I can't find a fault in it. And the kiss finally happens. MUST SEE !!

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Perdona Bonita, Pero Lucas me Quería a mí (Spanish) [Excuse Me Darling, But Lucas Loved Me]

This was a nice clean fun feel-good film. No over the top comedy, but a funny situation which gets comical with some good acting by its leads and actors. It feels the film was made a on a tight budget but as long as the actors do a good job, who cares! The gags are good, the pace is consistent and a ridiculous but funny plot makes this film quite delightful and enjoyable.

3 gay best friends live together. Carlos is over weight and is conscious of it and struggles to find love, Dani is young and good looking and works as a tourist guide and finally Toni, who works in a karaoke bar. The bar singer Estrella is Toni's friend, married to Miguel whom Toni likes. Threatened by their landlady for not paying rent, they look for 4th guy and in comes Lucas, a hot and handsome muscular guy. The three boys fall head over heels in love with him, and rivalries soon develop. When Lucas is discovered dead one night, panic follows. While the boys decide what to do, their maid Juliana arrives. They call cops pretending to be scriptwriter but a female cop Clara arrives with her sidekick. We soon get to know that Lucas was her ex-boyfriend. One by one the three boys tel their version of the story with Lucas. The maid also has her own version involving her daughter. It turns out the police assistant also knew Lucas and his address. While they are struggling to put pieces together, suddenly Estrella arrives, hinting at her having an affair with Lucas. Eventually since all of them could be potentially a suspect including cops, they decide to get rid of body and move their separate ways. The end of the film gives us the hint of who the real killer is.

There are a lot of funny scenes in the film. Everything involving Clara's assistant clad in mini skirt and learning the ropes of being a cop or anything with the maid were all hilarious. It was funny how each of the 3 boys would make up story of how they and Lucas were in love and how its the other person who could have killed him. The chemistry of the 3 friends is awesome and casting of Lucas was perfect, a man who anyone could fall for, boy or a girl. There are no awkward silences and the movie moves at a fast pace with actors feeding off each other's energy. It never gets really over the top which is always a fear in such a genre. I had a constant smirk and smile on my face while watching the film. The ending does come as a surprise but thats because i wasn't expecting it at all.

A fun filled silly & goofy but enjoyable ride. (7/10)