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Sunday, September 1, 2019

The Rainbow Bridge Motel

Nothing about this film was good. Too lengthy, flat jokes, over acting, stretching a topic, LGBT stereotypes, mix of jewish humor. This is a classic example of a film-makers over indulgence in a subject that could easily have been a very funny short 20 minute film.

Darren and Dean arrive to Niagara Falls for their wedding. Alas! because of an online blunder, the hotel that they have booked for the occasion is totally rundown and instead of view of Niagara Falls, they are sandwiched between chemical factories. Dean, the diva of the two, demands Darren to fix everything for their wedding before the guests arrive. Sadly, because of a convention going on, no alternate place is available. The motel owner tries his best to convince the duo that things would be fine. While planning for the ceremony, Darren realizes that his ex-wife has not yet signed divorce papers. Which is even more of a shocker since Dean didn't even know that Darren was once married to a woman Maggie. Luckily she doesn't mind driving down to sign the papers. Bigger drama unfolds when Darren's parents come and his overbearing mother wants to control everything including trying to convince Darren to not divorce Maggie. Random misunderstandings follow, supposedly funny moments later, the couple succeeds in getting married with the backdrop of Niagara Falls.

Some of the big problems with this film are that the jokes are overextended, the plot developments frequently forced and the production values poor. This film is sufficiently lacking in passion that one would struggle to believe the central couple love each other if they didn't keep saying so. I mean, how can Dean not know Darren was once married. How can Dean not get involved in any planning whatsoever for he is wedding when he is clearly the more excited one and the passionate for the event. Both Darren and Dean overact but I blame that mostly on the bad and poor direction and of course the script that's stretched beyond limit. Darren's mother comes out as an even annoying character, where the makers probably thought that she would bring the house down with laughter. Also when the motel just hosted a lesbian wedding why was there so much fuss around a gay wedding!

This film is a let down in every aspect. The only redeeming factor could be editing it really short. (2/10)

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