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Sunday, September 8, 2019

Steam Room Stories - The Movie

Its films like these that reaffirm what most people think: most gay films are trash. Apparently this is one of the most popular LGBTQ web series on youtube (surprising I have never heard of it before), but not every webseries can translate into a good film. Making a spoof is not an easy job.

Sally Fay's cosmetic business is not doing well and she spends all her money to find out the eternal fountain of youth. Unfortunately that sits under the steam room of a local gym. The steam room has a group of hot hunky men (straight and gay) who discuss random things. Sally sends her assistant to find dirt on the gym and soon the boys realize that they need to collect 25k USD to save the gym and hence the steam room. The film just goes downhill with the trashy ideas (and even worse execution) to collect the money. The assistant falls in love with one of the men and does right by the group by supporting them in raising the money. As expected the money is raised, Sally bears the brunt and loses the cosmetics company to the board and the boys are happy to be back in steam room.

The film is supposed to be funny but it is neither funny nor entertaining in any way shape or form. The only thing going for the film is the 6 pack abs of all the 5-6 men sitting in the steam room. They are easy of eyes and don't shy away from exposing but as an audience we need something more to keep ourselves entertained. It's a complete and utter waste of time, money and space. The only decent acting was done by Sally's assistant. Rest every character was forgettable.

The writing sucks, the acting sucks, the directing sucks. Watch one of your earlier favorite films on repeat rather than wasting time on this. (2.5/10)


luigi43 said...

I owe You one! You saved 70 minutes of my precious time .

Golu said...

:). You are welcome