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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Outrageous! (Canada)

This film came back way back in 1977, so you have to watch it and review it keeping that statistic in mind. A classic story of friendship and care between an upcoming drag queen and a schizophrenic girl, this film has its highs and lows. Watching it in today's times, it feels a bit 'all over the place' but I bet it was a huge deal when it came out.

Robin works as a hairdresser, and loves to do his customers hair in an iconic movie star style. One day his close friend Liza, who is schizophrenic runs away from the institution and comes to live with Robin. After initial differences they both start supporting each others dreams. Everyone except Robin thinks that he can be a very popular drag queen. After Liza's convincing he takes the plunge and actually gets decently successful in Canada. Meanwhile, Liza's situation goes through ups and down and eventually she gets pregnant with a trick's baby. Wanting to do something new and different Robin decides to come to New York to take the next step. He meets a taxi driver who doubles up as his agent and very soon Robin starts getting popular here as well. Liza goes into labour but her baby is stillborn and she goes further into depression. Robin goes back to Toronto and bring sLiza back to NY with him. He will make sure with his gigs and performances, he will bring Liza back to life. They dance away the night together.

As a film, this is pretty straight forward. Not much drama happens. Life moves on ok and Robin easily reaches success and gets love from viewers. There is not much of a conflict in his life and its refreshing to see that. Robin does a great job of female impersonator but there were so many places where i couldn't stop laughing because how as a drag queen she would never stop moving her body or flutter her eyes. It was so distracting but all in good fun. The relationship between the two actors is ok but not very convincing, especially it wasn't clear to me on why would Robin go all the way out to help and support her, when they didn't even look that close together.

The film was slightly dated for me so I couldn't enjoy it as much as some others would. (4.5/10)

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