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Monday, August 12, 2019

Because Of Meeting You (Vietnamese) (Web Series)

This is a Vietnamese series consisting of 29 episodes. Each episode is about 10-15 minutes long, so it does take a long time to go over all the episodes. And if you are not used to watching some of these Asian BL series, this, like most other series will seem ridiculous to you. More on that later.

Ha Sinh is our main character, who is a young teenager living in mountains. For some reason his younger siblings and his parents, they all think o him as a burden except his grandfather. One day grandfather's best friend's son comes to the village to repay his father's debt and asks to take Ha Sinh with him for a better life to city. The rich man is always traveling for work, but Ha Sinh meets few people at home: Ngiem Bac, boss's assistant, a really nice and tender guy; And Vien Truc, boss's spoiled son who always rude to him. To top this, there is a lovely lady who cooks and takes care of everyone at home. Ngiem Bac is like an elder brother but Vien Truc is very hostile towards Ha Sinh. Eventually they start getting close and between their fights, arguments etc they do fall in love with each other. Vien Truc used to have a girlfriend but he is over her now. Over a period of 4 years they have an amazing time. But when Vien Truc's father finds out, he begs Ha Sinh to leave his son since he needs to take family name ahead. Ha Sinh leaves Truc and meets with an accident and is presumed dead. Three years later, Truc is still not over Ha Sinh and he sees him in a cafe. All misunderstandings are cleared and the two lovers finally meet.

There are a few pluses and a lot of negatives for this series. First of all, the over the top acting. I have by now seen quite a few BL series and I still cant get over how OTT acting everyone does. But to be fair the leads do a decent job and don't overdo it. They are subtle in a lot of things. In fact even when it comes to their love, its not until much much later that there is any sort of intimacy. Even all the additional characters are OTT but the lady of the house, the cook etc is funny. She was fun to watch.There are many parallel tracks for the web series as you would expect, but none that does much. It just helps bring the two boys together. The story is built well as to how the 2 boys start with hating each other, to tolerating to finally becoming lovers. Having said all this, it takes a lot of patience to watch this series. Its a lot of episodes and after a while it gets to you because you want the makers to come to the point. And when you are in middle of a series, you cant even leave it midway. You have to watch it complete. I feel like makers get a sadistic pleasure out of this. Like I have said many times before, This could be edited sharply and made to a beautiful 30 minute short film which would have had a much larger impact. In terms of actors, Ha Sinh is immensely cute and anyone could fall for that innocent face. Ngiem Bac, as the boss's assistant does a very good job of keeping atmosphere sober. He is the only one who brings some normalcy in the entire proceedings. Vien Truc was initially getting on my nerves but ultimately he was also decent.

Watching this series is going to take up a lot of your time and patience. If you can ignore OOT acting and presentation, go for it. At the heart of it, its a cute little teenage love story but it takes forever to get to a conclusion. (4/10)

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