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Wednesday, June 12, 2019


This film is a anthology of 3 separate stories which explore love. Lets get this right out at the very beginning, the trailer and premise of the film sounds interesting but it is very dull and painful to watch. Even the stories are not interesting, and bad acting just makes the whole concept even worse.

First story title Narcissus is about this doctor who has suddenly become obsessed with fixing people and their beauty. Set in 1928 post world war 1, the doctor realizes amidst a party of colorful people that the only person he is interested in is himself. It ends up with his ex-girlfriend killing him. The second story is slightly better. Set in 50s we meet a gay couple spending a week in the woods and exploring the idea of maybe opening up their relationship. They both have doubts, but then they meet a mysterious stranger at the river who tells them about his lost love and eventually they all make love. What comes as surprise later is that the mysterious stranger has been dead for a few weeks and its the love that brings him to the couple. Final story is about a painter mourning the loss of his dead lover. Oddly this story really didn't have much to say and was unnecessarily stretched.

As I have mentioned earlier, the direction and acting were both below average. Not that stories or screenplay was any better. If this anthology had come even 10 years ago, I could have been lenient but coming up shit like this in 2018 is just not acceptable. The ONLY good thing about this film were the good looking actors. First story was terrible in every way. Second story had a bit of soul in it and explored love and how sex can be different from love. The third movie is supposed to be a tribute to love but I just couldn't even connect with the characters.

This one is a total skip. Please do not waste your time on this. (2/10)

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