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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Gay Short Films : 63

Rojo (Venezuela) [Red]
Jesse, an adolescent teen gets a proposal on chat by an unknown gay 'friend' for a blind date. Jesse insists he uses a 'red' shirt so he can recognize him. What Jesse never imagined was who could he possibly meet in that situation! Did he just see his father in red?

Lake (Israel)
An animated short of possibility of love between a man and a half man/horse around a spectacular hidden lake

Room 303 (Canada)
A teenager exacts his revenge on the bully responsible for making his life a living hell. He plans to shoot him but will he be successful in execution?

Amsterdam (Australia)
Matt's night takes an unexpected turn as he hits it off with a handsome stranger at the farewell party of his best friend. Even though Matt is moving to Amsterdam in a few days but they both can't deny the connection.

A Monsoon Date (India)
A very interesting short film about a trans female who is about to meet her boyfriend of 1 month but today she needs to tell him the truth about herself, something that has not gone down well with her previous dates. Konkona as the lead is brilliant but I felt the film didn't really touch upon the actual conflict. A gender that has crossed the line but doesn't know how to go ahead. This is worth watching only for lead performance but everything else is strictly ok.

Stay (USA)
Ash invites his ex-boyfriend on a road trip to the Florida Keys. Its only later that he mentions to him that he is actually carrying with him stuff related to a dangerous drug deal. The boyfriend tempts him to steal it and run off together but instead steals it himself.

Matt & Dan - Sex Notes (USA)
2 guys literally exchange notes the morning after they have sex on how they can improve.

The Deaf Boy's Disease - Desire (USA)
A coming-of-age short drama about three teens exploring the meaning of friendship, love, lust, and desire. When Ant makes friend with deaf Earl, his other friend Trevor thinks that its because he is gay and meanwhile they are all exploring their sexuality.

Matt & Dan - It Hurts (USA)
A straight guy visits his doctors and shows him various positions in which his lower back hurts.

Raro el que no es raro [Weird Is Who's Not Weird]
Alex feels attracted to Samuel, and even though his best friend warns him he has a girlfriend, something makes him think he is not different. A good mix of jealousy & fun; this one was a nice to watch fun love story.

Open Mic (USA)
A young homeless man frustrated with his life, his identity, and his music makes a connection that forces him to confront all three.

Off a Cliff (Taiwan)
Jhongwei has something important to say to Damon, his choreographer boyfriend. He doesn't want to be his boyfriend anymore, which breaks Damon's heart. Twist comes when he actually ends up proposing to him.

Kopřiva (Czech Republic) [The Nettle]
A story about a teenager questioning his sexuality, which becomes even more heightened when he is visiting his girlfriend's father.

Forces (Canada)
This is the story of an intense bromance between a gay football player and a straight military. Forces reflects upon friendship and masculinity. And how there is a thin line between bromance and romance.

Abid (Indonesia)
A young man's obsession with his neighbor who has just moved in, to the extent he can't focus on other boys anymore.

iBhokhwe (South Africa) [The Goat]
A teenage Xhosa initiate is recuperating in mountains after circumcision. News arrives that his elders won't be coming to care for him. With nothing but his growing pain and his young brother for company, the initiate's panic turns to desperation.

Background (France)
A gangster and a police detective meet each other for a mysterious exchange of information but nothing happen as planned.

Tradesman's Exit (USA)
This short was hilarious. A man goes to extreme lengths to destroy his ex-boyfriends stuff to get to a closure. I am so glad I saw this, something very novel and new.

I Lust You (USA)
A gay comedy short about hook-up culture in the gay community. Andrew, meets a gay through grindr and is now confused whether he is looking for love or lust.

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Hedgehog said...

Wow, Room 303, this is the effects of bullying. Now he’ll never forget how he ruined his life.