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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Gay Short Films : 63

Rojo (Venezuela) [Red]
Jesse, an adolescent teen gets a proposal on chat by an unknown gay 'friend' for a blind date. Jesse insists he uses a 'red' shirt so he can recognize him. What Jesse never imagined was who could he possibly meet in that situation! Did he just see his father in red?

Lake (Israel)
An animated short of possibility of love between a man and a half man/horse around a spectacular hidden lake

Room 303 (Canada)
A teenager exacts his revenge on the bully responsible for making his life a living hell. He plans to shoot him but will he be successful in execution?

Amsterdam (Australia)
Matt's night takes an unexpected turn as he hits it off with a handsome stranger at the farewell party of his best friend. Even though Matt is moving to Amsterdam in a few days but they both can't deny the connection.

A Monsoon Date (India)
A very interesting short film about a trans female who is about to meet her boyfriend of 1 month but today she needs to tell him the truth about herself, something that has not gone down well with her previous dates. Konkona as the lead is brilliant but I felt the film didn't really touch upon the actual conflict. A gender that has crossed the line but doesn't know how to go ahead. This is worth watching only for lead performance but everything else is strictly ok.

Stay (USA)
Ash invites his ex-boyfriend on a road trip to the Florida Keys. Its only later that he mentions to him that he is actually carrying with him stuff related to a dangerous drug deal. The boyfriend tempts him to steal it and run off together but instead steals it himself.

Matt & Dan - Sex Notes (USA)
2 guys literally exchange notes the morning after they have sex on how they can improve.

The Deaf Boy's Disease - Desire (USA)
A coming-of-age short drama about three teens exploring the meaning of friendship, love, lust, and desire. When Ant makes friend with deaf Earl, his other friend Trevor thinks that its because he is gay and meanwhile they are all exploring their sexuality.

Matt & Dan - It Hurts (USA)
A straight guy visits his doctors and shows him various positions in which his lower back hurts.

Raro el que no es raro [Weird Is Who's Not Weird]
Alex feels attracted to Samuel, and even though his best friend warns him he has a girlfriend, something makes him think he is not different. A good mix of jealousy & fun; this one was a nice to watch fun love story.

Open Mic (USA)
A young homeless man frustrated with his life, his identity, and his music makes a connection that forces him to confront all three.

Off a Cliff (Taiwan)
Jhongwei has something important to say to Damon, his choreographer boyfriend. He doesn't want to be his boyfriend anymore, which breaks Damon's heart. Twist comes when he actually ends up proposing to him.

Kopřiva (Czech Republic) [The Nettle]
A story about a teenager questioning his sexuality, which becomes even more heightened when he is visiting his girlfriend's father.

Forces (Canada)
This is the story of an intense bromance between a gay football player and a straight military. Forces reflects upon friendship and masculinity. And how there is a thin line between bromance and romance.

Abid (Indonesia)
A young man's obsession with his neighbor who has just moved in, to the extent he can't focus on other boys anymore.

iBhokhwe (South Africa) [The Goat]
A teenage Xhosa initiate is recuperating in mountains after circumcision. News arrives that his elders won't be coming to care for him. With nothing but his growing pain and his young brother for company, the initiate's panic turns to desperation.

Background (France)
A gangster and a police detective meet each other for a mysterious exchange of information but nothing happen as planned.

Tradesman's Exit (USA)
This short was hilarious. A man goes to extreme lengths to destroy his ex-boyfriends stuff to get to a closure. I am so glad I saw this, something very novel and new.

I Lust You (USA)
A gay comedy short about hook-up culture in the gay community. Andrew, meets a gay through grindr and is now confused whether he is looking for love or lust.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

2 Minutes Later

This is the probably first of a kind lesbian/gay man buddy movie. Add suspense and detective, and it's a recipe for further interesting subject. Sadly, a lo0t is left desired in the execution of this film. The story of the film is actually quite simple and doesn't offer much to look forward tp and hence feels a bit stretched.

Kyle Dalmar is a famous photographer who suddenly goes missing. We see that he is being shot by someone. Few days later, a friend of his hires a lesbian named Abigail to find out secret behind Kyle's disappearance. We then meet Michael Dalmar, Kyle's twin brother who is just 2 minutes younger than him but the brothers have not spoken in 10 years. Incidentally both brothers are gay. When Kyle's assistant mistakes Michael to be Kyle, He pretends to live his brother's life but Abigail soon finds out the truth. Now Abigail and Michael are on a trail of talking to all models and people whom Kyle had shot through his camera. Eventually they are lead to the killer, who happens to be Kyle's neighbour. All this is possible only through all the pictures that Kyle has taken.

I really did not enjoy this film. It not only felt bit amateurish but also a bit let down by the script. It could have been a decent made for TV short film, but it was quite stretched. There were plenty male nude scenes thrown in just to target gay audience and so were some random hook up scenes between Abigail and girls. Michael meets the models whom Kyle dumped and now who are angry at Kyle. Michael also get in a relationship with Kyle's assistant. All this just did not make much sense. But on a positive note, the bond and chemistry between Abigail and Michael is pretty good and strong. Also its never properly explained how does Michael realize in the first place who really the killer is. Also why os the killer randomly lurking around? And what about the murder itself. Kyle is running in dark in woods with trees surrounded, but the murderer still manages to find him in his car driving on main road. It just didn't make much sense. Way too many loopholes.

Forced nudity and humour doesn't really salvage the poor screenplay that this film has. Its only the decent acting acting and chemistry between the two leads that saves this film. (3/10)

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Tchaikovsky (Docu-Drama) (UK)

This film is a docu-drama, made for TV BBC film that came out in 2007. An autobiography of Russian musician Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky (1840-1893), this film dramatically shows his past and also is laced with his music pieces when the narrator goes around in present days and talks to various musicians.

Tchaikovsky was very young when he was sent to boarding school. Having lost his mother at the young age of 14, he started training in music and soon starts getting popular. When he becomes a college professor, he meets his first love who inspires him to compose for Romeo & Juliet, but eventually he dies after few years of cholera. Incidentally Tchaikovsky's brother is also gay and they both along with other popular artists spend time as themselves in an underground gay club. After years of promiscuity, at some point he starts fearing that public knowledge of his sexuality would be the end of his career and he could get arrested, he decides to get married as a cover. He meets Antonina, who apparently has ben in love with him and proposes her. But as expected he can't be a husband and soon flees to Italy. He finds a wealthy patroness via chat who is more than happy to cover for all his expenses as she shares common love for his music. In Europe, Tchaikovsky's compositions flourish and be becomes a world famous composer. Dejected in love by everyone, his last few years are spent with. his nephew in a remote village where he breathes his last at age 53 because of cholera.

Apparently, whether Tchaikovsky's death was suicide or natural is still a mystery, but it was interesting to understand the life of a musician. Personally, I had never heard the name but the fact that it is a true story and how scandalous it could be to be gay in Russia in 1800's is truly unfathomable. That way the drama was quite interesting but there was a lot of music pieces too, which is totally legit since he is a composer but personally thats just not my cup of tea. I would have preferred a full fledged film on his life. Surprisingly, most of the film focuses only on his sexuality, which I am not complaining about; but for a true biography, it would be nice to know other aspects of his life too. A person cannot just be defined by his sexuality. Sure, the sexuality defines the character but thats not all. The production values were quite good and so was direction and acting. Essentially all the parts that were actually filmed as film were interesting.

Know that this is docu-drama an not a full fledged feature film. If you are not into classical music, you will enjoy the film a lot more if someone can bring us a version with the long music pieces. (5/10)

Wednesday, June 12, 2019


This film is a anthology of 3 separate stories which explore love. Lets get this right out at the very beginning, the trailer and premise of the film sounds interesting but it is very dull and painful to watch. Even the stories are not interesting, and bad acting just makes the whole concept even worse.

First story title Narcissus is about this doctor who has suddenly become obsessed with fixing people and their beauty. Set in 1928 post world war 1, the doctor realizes amidst a party of colorful people that the only person he is interested in is himself. It ends up with his ex-girlfriend killing him. The second story is slightly better. Set in 50s we meet a gay couple spending a week in the woods and exploring the idea of maybe opening up their relationship. They both have doubts, but then they meet a mysterious stranger at the river who tells them about his lost love and eventually they all make love. What comes as surprise later is that the mysterious stranger has been dead for a few weeks and its the love that brings him to the couple. Final story is about a painter mourning the loss of his dead lover. Oddly this story really didn't have much to say and was unnecessarily stretched.

As I have mentioned earlier, the direction and acting were both below average. Not that stories or screenplay was any better. If this anthology had come even 10 years ago, I could have been lenient but coming up shit like this in 2018 is just not acceptable. The ONLY good thing about this film were the good looking actors. First story was terrible in every way. Second story had a bit of soul in it and explored love and how sex can be different from love. The third movie is supposed to be a tribute to love but I just couldn't even connect with the characters.

This one is a total skip. Please do not waste your time on this. (2/10)