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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Hustling: Season 2 & 3 (Web series)

It has taken me s long time to get to watching Season 2 and 3 of this amazing gay web series. I watched season 1 almost 5 year ago which is reviewed here. But something or the other kept coming and finally I managed to finish watching this just now. With 10 and 9 episodes of slightly longer duration that the debut season, thankfully the series has maintained the quality in terms of production values, acting, direction and story.

We continue with the journey of Ryan who still wants to move on from being a hustler. He becomes assistant to one of his clients who is starting to teach him all about being a chef, which has been Ryan's dream. One one hand, he is doing well there, on the other hand, he is still struggling with his sexuality. The girl he has been dating has been cheating on him with a wealthy man and ultimately ends up marrying the guy for money. Eventually Ryan starts this underground supper club which caters to only rich and famous and eventually starts getting famous but at one point or the other, he really cant give up being a hustler 100%. Season 3 focuses a lot on Ryan's rise to fame and then eventual downfall because he trusts a newspaper writer to come up with an interesting article on it. Meanwhile, all he does is expose Ryan's past secrets and his affair with a senator's daughter who actually invested in his underground supper club. We also see a lot about Ryan's closest friend going completely south. The guy who would always advice Ryan to get out of prostitution eventually gets lured into the porn business and hustling. Of course, his ex-girlfriend has her own agenda with her husband who is now cheating on her with her best friend and she is looking to get out of marriage by making some money. We also have a side story of his mother and his Bolivian landlady who is suddenly threatened by immigration.

The series has a great cast who has done a fantastic job. Every single person except Liv (Ryan's girlfriend) does a great job. There is something about her character that just doesn't sit right. As with first season, we do get to see some amazing mouth-watering food preparation. Unlike season one where pretty much the entire focus was on Ryan, in these 2 seasons, the stories spread across all the characters and you see lot more happening. The ending (last episode of series 3) felt a bit rushed. I am not sure what the reason was but probably the makers wanted to keep it a finite series, which by the way, I am a huge fan of. I can guarantee you that if you thought season 1 was good, these 2 seasons definitely take the series one notch higher. You will not be disappointed. (7/10)

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