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Sunday, March 10, 2019

Vergot (Italian) (Documentary)

These days when everyone is trying to make a realistic film, it took me 5 minutes to realize that something is off in this film. It was NOT a feature film, rather it was a documentary. duh! I felt stupid. Maybe it was also a bit of dramatization but I am not sure.

The story is primarily about 2 brothers living in a farmland. Alex and Gim are brothers and love each other very much. Their farmer, belonging to a family of farmers, is very rough and exuberant. Life in hills is hard and people are who they are. When Gim tells his family that he is gay, things dont go down so well with his father, who self-admittedly says that he would have killed Gim three years ago, without even giving a second thought but could not since he is his son. This is where Alex finds himself stuck between modern changing world and supporting Gim, while also trying to change his father's attitude. In such an exasperated context is hard to recognize the love hidden behind. The father eventually comes around and embraces Gim, with support of Alex.

Since this whole docu-drama was through scenes and dramatization without any voice-overs; it is a bit hard to believe what's real and what's not. Is camera constantly following Gim, even when he goes to gay clubs? I don't know. But overall the documentary had a very neutral effect on me. I mean, I didn't see a point of making this film. There was no point to prove. ITs a simple coming-out story of a farmer boy and defeating odds of his surroundings and with help of his brother. Mane scenes felt too stretched and this would have been a. abetter fiction short-film.

I wouldn't waste my time on this. Its a done to death premise, doesn't offer anything new. I am struggling to say anything positive about this. (1/10)

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