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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Paper Boys (Web Series)

This series premiered with 6 episodes on Dekkoo, each of about 15 minutes in duration. So it was an easy pleasant watch. The series is nothing out of the ordinary but it a nice slice of life episodic watch with a twist (a good one).

Cole arrives in SF from NYC to attend the engagement party of his best friend Darren. Trying to save money, he is staying with Darren and his fiancĂ© Rebecca. Cole has not been completely honest with Darren about his visit to SF. He has actually moved out of NY and is looking for a job. We soon find out that one of the reasons he did that was perhaps to get closer to his ex-boyfriend Max. The first night Darren Darren confides that his engagement was an accident and asks Cole to help him tell his fiancĂ©e Rebecca that he doesn’t want to marry her. Following one incident after the other, Cole soon realizes that whatever sketches he has been making, they are coming true. Using his power of sketches, he and Darren think that maybe they will be able to overcome some of their issues, but only if life was that simple. Frustrated in getting landing any job and things moving at a snail's pace with his ex Max, he blurts out to Rebecca that Darren doesn't wanna get married. Of course things are not the same , and even Darren feels betrayed. Rebecca throws them both out of home and its at this time that Max comes to their rescue. Cole has somehow managed to save his friendship but what about love?

The series is essentially a romantic drama with a twist of an interesting super power. But the drawings sometimes doesn't give him exact results that he expected although they do come true, albeit maybe with different individuals around him. Over the six episodes, the series explores the relationship between Cole and Darren as they try to help each other navigate their respective issues. Its interesting that despite short duration of the episodes, as an audience we still get time to understand the characters and join them on their journey of self-discovery. I am sure most people like me would have expected that at some point Cole and Darren would hook up; but I am so so glad that this not happen. That would have been too cliched. Their chemistry as friends was amazing and its refreshing to see that a straight man had no second thoughts on going to a gay party. Acting by everyone is quite good. My favorite was Rebecca's sister, who doesn't have much to do overall but clearly stands out with a very funny and interesting portrayal. ON a side note, I would have liked to understand the dynamics between Max and Cole a little more with respect to their background and what really happened between them in the past.

Not sure of this is going to get renewed for a second season, but this was a decent watch. (6.5/10)

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