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Monday, March 25, 2019

Gay Short Films : 62

Mi Hermano (Spain [My Brother]
The news of his brother's sudden death forces Alberto (minus his boyfriend Nick) to come back to his oppressive hometown in Spain from Berlin. Only after arriving he finds out hat his brother committed suicide for not being supported by friends or family for being gay. Its time Alberto share his own secret.

Gay Dude (USA)
A funny short showing a guy coming out to his best girl friend.

Cerrojos (Spain) [Locks]
A very weird film where a guy is obsessed with his roommate and his anal bleeding. I felt he was also getting schizophrenic. The movie was long, weird and boring.

Room Closet (USA)
Teenagers Rafael and Dan explore the nature of their friendship when one of them shows signs of feelings that go beyond friendship.

The Cream (France)
A young man runs through the woods when he suddenly finds a man smearing a gel on his body. The boy will be surprised and trapped by the sensuality of the moment. Its a weird yet funny really short film.

Goldstar (USA)
Unexpected news of marriage and a sudden kiss redefines friendship of 2 black men playing basketball. It shows repressed homosexuality in black men.

Jetzt Jetzt Jetzt (Germany) [Beat Beat Beat]
Story about 3 friends Fabian, Bene, and Richard. Against Fabian's quiet protest, the friends ridicule outsider Jakob. The aggression escalates when one night the boys make their way into Jakob's room to bully him. Fabian can no longer repress his attachment to Jakob and confronts his friends.

Glory (Germany)
An old man is spared his life before a mass gay shooting when he decides to spend time in a porn cinema.

O Otci (Czech Republic) [About a Father]
Sixty-year old Jindrich is waiting for a heart transplant. His wife doesn't want their son to tell his father that he is gay, despite that he is visiting with his partner. Is, however, the worry about his health the real reason why she is making her children lie to their father?

Brújula (Spain) [Compass]
A scout guides his friend (and possibly lover) to learn to accept who he is and be comfortable with his sexuality.

Love You Thank You (USA)
When Lance receives a call from his ex boyfriend Adam to come see his exhibition, he relives the good and the bad in his past relationship to decide whether or not to see him that night. Slightly stretched but decent.

In The Dark (US)
This is a college gay romance between an athlete black guy and an openly gay white guy. Strictly ok!

I distesi (Italy) [Lying Bodies]
3 friends are spending summer together. Their attraction and physical connection is great but they will do anything to attract attention of one at a time and make love and passion.

Wederzijdse (Germany) [Bi-Sided]
Two young men of different background and ethnicities meet and fall in love. Surprisingly the black family is more accepting of the relationship than white family.

Grotto (USA)
A 20-year-old boy returns to his hometown after a year of big changes away at school. Very beautiful really short film.

What the Hell You Gonna Do in Stockholm? (Sweden)
Markus likes to dress up as a girl but in the small town, amongst his friends, he is torn between who he wants to be and what is expected of him.

100% hétéro (Paris)
A hilarious comedy snippet of a man trying to convince his friend he is straight despite sucking dick(s).

Honour Council (USA)
After taking down the top bully, high school outcast Wren faces off against a jury of peers in a fight for his identity and his future.

Pretty Dudes: Caught Gay-Handed (USA)
Sunji worries that he may have a private problem that the guys are unwilling to assist with. Zario is reminded of the first time he met Sunji and Ellington.

Scenes From Another Marriage (Canada)
When Alex and Chris attempt to reshoot Ingmar Bergman’s "Scenes From A Marriage" for the LGBT world, they find out that they-themselves might merely be pawns in another director’s game. And what's worse: he's straight. It's a nightmare which could threaten their relationship.


Luigi C said...

It is not easy to find out the little shorts , for an amateur .The only tittle I can write about is the first in Your list :" Mi hermano" , my brother. Until what point social conventions and prejudices can get to the point to push suicide of a boy and denying responsibility!
I do recommend it :just flawless.

Golu said...

I agree completely with your views. As an aside, there are lot of forums where you can watch these gay short films online.

NSK said...

Is it possible to list where you watched the movie/short being reviewed.
This way people like me can find it.

There so many movies here that I like to watch but donot know where.

If it is not possible for the past reviews, atleast for the future ones. Please.

Golu said...

Noted! But to be honest, a lot of these I have in my hard drive from years of searching on internet and downloaded sometimes using multiple channels.