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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Play Dead

Whenever I see movies like this, I do question myself, why do I waste my time on so many bad gay films. And the answer is always the same. I need to review all queer cinema that I possibly get my hands on and review them. Hopefully not many others will have to waste their time like me, if they could read my views and thoughts on a particular film.

A cute high schooler Dale has come to baby-sit 7 year old Dustine, whose mother Darlene is in the middle of a divorce and man-hunting. She doesn't leave any opportunity to flirt with Dale, despite knowing he is gay. Dale has a huge crush on Raymond who is the high school wrestling team captain. Dale invites him to this home hoping to seduce him with vodka but is completely snubbed and he leaves. While hanging out with Dustine, his best friend Violet walks in scared. She has accidentally incinerated a truck that rear-ended her car and she ran away assuming that the driver has also burned. After deliberation, the trio decide to go check the crime scene before police finds out. It turns out the guy driving the truck was Raymond, so they decide to bring his body back home to ultimately dispose him off. Once at home, Dale realizes that this will be his only opportunity ever to make love to Raymond and so he does what he has to do while Violet and Dustine become involuntary companions. Ultimately by late night, when they decide to cut his body parts to dispose off his body, he wakes up. It was apparently just a bad bad hangover after drinking too much.

The story and direction is terrible. Acting, to be honest, is not the most terrible thing about this overall bad film. The concept itself is ridiculous. The film was trying to be funny but it was falling flat at every end. The only saving grace was that Dale was twinkishly cute. Darlene as the drunk single mother was super annoying. The makers seem to be making an important statement about obsessive love and the depths people will go for it but unfortunately all this film is disturbing and acts like a sedative. I am glad that film didn't keep stretching.

This could be a bad episode of an animation series, but I really doubt if any sane person can actually find this film entertaining at all. (2/10)

Monday, August 20, 2018


I have a lot of issues with this film and I will talk about it in details soon. This is a film that is supposed to focus on friendship, close friendship for that matter; but rather it seems, as stereotypical it can be, its about the guys trying to ultimately get into each others pants and wondering why they haven't thought of it earlier. There is a lot of chatter, no real depth to the conversations, and the acting is average.

David is a middle-aged, successful, gay man. For a weekend he invites only three of his best gay pals - Paulo, Roger and Virgil to hang out and chill. They all wonder what it is about, and why not a bigger group but go along with the drill. All these guys are unattached. They all question each other on their relationship status and also questioning in one on one conversations on why they didn't get together sexually or romantically! In between there is a wait for the pizza boy which takes forever, who eventually turns out to be a crush of one of the en who has been searching him forever. There are other random characters thrown in ( I don't know why) like a freeloading neighbor, David's sister needing a babysitter so that the 4 naked gay mean can sit around the teenager and give him tips on how to 'score' with a girl, and Virgil's mother who'd like to see her son connected.

Overall the acting was average but the plot, storyline, music and direction are just bad. Surely it is an indie film, so from that perspective, you do try to give it a benefit of doubt and see if you can find something decent but its hard. I mean what was the point of the film. Oh! every scene cut was with the same cue music of 5 seconds with one man splashing in the pool, just to justify title and it gets so annoying after a while. Also, what kind of friends are you, so-called closest friends, when you really don't know each other so well and question about intimacy and secretly wanna get into their pants. It looked more like 4 acquaintances who have hung out before and were trying to get to know each other better to figure out if the other person is boyfriend material, hookup material or should be just friend-zoned. Virgil's mother and David's sister's characters add absolutely no value to the story.

Cut short this film into a very engaging 20 minute short and the makers will have a better chance of finding more engaging audience. (3.5/10)

Thursday, August 16, 2018

About Him : Season 1 [Web Series]

I wasn't aware of Signal 23 TV and a huge range of LGBt shows that they have on their website catering to primarily men of colour. But as you know I am always looking at newer content, I was quite excited to see the first season of this show. The show came with 13 episodes total out of which the first 12 were about 20-25 minutes each and the season finale was 90 minutes. Yes, almost the duration of one single film.

The story is actually simple and straight forward. The central character is Damien, who is spending his last summer at home before going to college. He is gay but has never been with a man and is completely obsessed with his older brother's best friend Vincent. He is shocked when Vincent makes a move on Damien one night saying he is bisexual and suddenly Damien gets his first blowjob. Damien, now even more obsessed with Vincent misses him but Vincent is dealing with his own shit with mother finding out about him. Meanwhile, Damien's distant cousin arrives in town and they tease, flirt and eventually have sex with each other. We also meet Justin, Damien's only friend from school and next thing we know is that they are also both trying to get into each other's pants. There are a few threesome's between the 4 of these guys, while Damien constantly wondering how come suddenly this summer his dick has seen all the action more than his lifetime. Slowly, he starts reducing his obsession with Vincent and sees Justin as someone who he could connect with. The series ends with Damien going to the same college as Vincent and his brother and new beginnings for him.

The story is simple but is stretched far too much. Since the story is set in 90s, we do see a lot of history and facts and events that happened during this time and how it affected the black community in US. But these scenes stretch far too long. From acting perspective, Damien is the weakest link of the series. Every other actor is pretty decent but all Damien does is roll his eyes constantly and that gets very very annoying after a while. Also the constant voice over of what Damien is thinking is a gaping hole. Conversation become so awkward from a viewers point of view, because Damien is too busy thinking about an appropriate response and the makers make sure we get to hear all that. Vincent was pretty hot and sexy and was quite a decent actor and so was Justin. There was ample sex in the series and sometimes with full view of hard dicks, but clearly that was to attract attention to gay audience and to attract them. All the men in the show were pretty hot. Vincent's over-the-top mother was hysterical and not in a good way. I wish that whole episode of Vincent was handled better but it was made like a bad horror movie.

Anyway, you wont be disappointed by the season but be ready to keep fast forwarding some scenes because they really don't add much to the story but is just there to fill the duration of run time. (5/10)

Wednesday, August 15, 2018


Firstly, the title of the film is not a relevant title. Yes our lead actor makes footwear out of leather, but a more appropriate title would probably have drawn more audience to he film. This film in summary shows us bond of friendship, of love, commitment in a weird way and bitchy city queens by focussing on the values country living over city living. It also values rugged, hairy manliness over soft, smooth effeminacy. Its about making 2 people realize that they maybe in love but never realized it; so now they can be together and give each other a chance in life to be happy together.

When old man Walter dies, Birch starts taking care of his home and his leather work in Catskills. Birch is a well-built, handsome bearded mountain man who very much lives off the woods and who specializes in crafting things like leather sandals. Few weeks after his father dies, his son Andy comes down to the summer home with his city queen boyfriend Kyle. Apparently the father-son had a falling out 10 years back when Andy came out and since then they had not been on speaking terms. Birch and Andy were childhood friends who lost touch over the years. Andy still cannot fathom the fact  of why would his father let Birch stay at his home and that he was not a good father but Birch continues to champion Walter as a changed person and a good man. While the conflict is on, Kyle is struggling with his career and his job loss and feels that Andy doesn't support him enough. The friends spend time together, despite a major fight between the two and end of spending a night together in the woods ending with them having sex, despite Birch being straight. Clearly they both have feelings for each other and Birch doesn't like labels. Kyle realizes this and decides to go back to the city to figure out his future. Andy stays back  in the name of sorting out stuff for his father, but hoping something more concrete will happen between him and Birch.

Unfortunately, we don't know what Birch truly feels for Andy. But Andy clearly loves Birch.  I feel that Birch is just going along with the situation. He doesn't even identify as either gay or straight or bisexual. So its hard to say but the two men have amazing chemistry between them. The fact that they both are gorgeous helps a lot. Kyle's character on the other hand is nothing but annoying. Every single scene that he is in, I feel like slapping him. I wonder why Andy is with him. Having said this, the film is not without its share of flaws. Th film is very very slow and is filled with scenes that add nothing to the story. The whole scene of Kyle getting drunk and pouring his heart out about his job is along scene and could have completely been avoided. I wish there was more tension between Birch and Andy. But the way they both get physical was handled with sensitivity. I did like that quite a bit. You feel the tenderness and closeness between the men as if its the most natural thing and this is where the film scores. The ending however is predictable and writing could have been much much better.

The film was just average. Nothing to get excited about, but it won't bore you. Despite the flaws, there was something charming about the film and I attribute mostly to the two good looking actors. (5/10)

Friday, August 10, 2018

Gay Short Films : 58

Mario, Kike y David (Spain) [Mario, Kike & David]
Mario and Kike hook up on a dating app. What initially was never meant to be more than a sex date, turns into monthly encounters and both open to being bisexual but one day Mario disappears after meeting a girl. Few months later Kike meets him on the pride day when he finds that his real name is David.

Intrinsic Moral Evil (Netherlands)
Three dancers play a game about coming of age, losing friendship and exploring bisexuality.

Bridge (Australia)
Dan, a supposedly straight guy confronts his darkest secrets at a lake under the bridge, which is a cruising spot for gays. This short film was a bit confusing and didn't make much sense to me.

Sports (USA)
When Zach brings along his obviously gay roommate, Eduardo, to his basketball pick-up game with his straight best friend.. the outcome of the game takes an unexpected turn when Zach has to confront which team he is really on and ultimately come out to him.

Heavy Weight (UK)
When a talented new arrival begins using the local boxing club, Paris, a skilled fighter, is forced into an unexpected struggle with himself. A film about vulnerability in a hyper-masculine world that doesn’t allow for it.

Gryning (Sweden) [Stockholm Daybreak]
Two swedish boys at sunrise after a wild night in Stockholm. One of them clearly is attracted to the other, so why do they stick together is a question they need to resolve.

Fragments (Canada)
An unhappy lion mascot, a straight talking chick fed up with sexual double standards, a hypochondriac 18 year old gay guy who just got into med school. A love triangle forms in these self-reflexive, humorist fragments filled with direct sex talk and experimentation.

Way Out (China)
A delicate over story between a deaf/mute dancer and a swimmer and how they get close to one another over a few obstacles. Weird !

Sonnet 23 (US)
Overcome by nervous hesitancy and trepidation, the poet cannot declare all his love for his friend. His Sonnets must speak for him.

Time For Love (UK)
Two men hold hands in a public place, but even in 2018, something’s not feeling quite right. This short explores homophobia in modern society. Do the pressures of convention turn us against one another? I loved this one.

Cachitos (Spain)
On a hot summer morning, a group of friends get naked without really knowing what they want to arrive at. A gay couple has secret plans to sleep with their hot friend.

Minnet Av Dig (Sweden) [The Memory of You]
Adam is going to dinner with his wife, when he is disrupted by something from his past. His former lover reminds him of all the good times they had in the past. A story about a love that never was.

Ultra Bleu (USA/South Korea)
Short follows Jim Park for the first 24 hours after a violent break up with his ex-boyfriend and how a chance meeting with a stranger reveals deeper issues he must confront. Ugly truth of so many people around , but still no love and only loneliness

Thailand Boxers (Thailand)
Just a phone made, quirky soft porn on interactions of Thai boxers and how they all shower together. Totally random!

Piscina (Spain) [Swimming Pool]
Jota and Santi are closest friends, looking for swimming pool to beat the summer heat but there is something that's bothering Jota. They go to a scientology center to use a pool but soon Jota's secret will come out.

Raro (Argentina)
Facundo is taken to a brothel by his elder brother and his closest friend on his 18th birthday. But that's the day he must decide what to do with the attraction he feels for his friend.

Just Past Noon on a Tuesday (Brazil)
Two strangers visit the penthouse of a recently deceased lover and the encounter forges a physical and emotional connection.

Roommate (US)
Trevor is a young gay teen who is tormented by his classmates. Behind closed doors; things get sexual with Ricky, his roommate in boarding school. However, in front of his friends Ricky is a completely different person.

Lo que quiero de ti (Spain) [What I Want From You]
Obsession among 2 people can reach even the most unsuspected situations. Dario follows Victor for days before talking to him and getting to know him. The two youngsters will start a romance, but there is a problem. Victor is not any guy, but hides a terrible secret, costing Dario his life.

Keeping Love A Secret (US)
With help with his boyfriend, Morris finds the courage to come as gay to his mother and also reveal he dark secret of his brother molesting hi though childhood. 

Friday, August 3, 2018

Bromance: My Brother's Romance (Filipino/Tagalog)

After some really bad movies, it was nice to watch a mindless screwball gay comedy film. And because it is from Philippines, it makes it even more exciting. I mean the reactions of the actors in most scenes are just priceless and over the top and I love it. I need to look for more comedy films. At least after a long day at work, they make you chuckle a little.

Brando and Brandy are twins, except one is straight and the other is gay. Brandy, gay brother is friendly and ore successful and has a career plan. Brandon gets attracted to Brandy's best friend Erika but she breaks up with him after realizing that Brandon has no ambitions from life. He leaves home to try and do something for himself. 8 years later, Brandy is a successful interior designer but Brandon is still struggling to make ends meet. The twins continue on separate paths until one day, their mother begs them to set aside their differences and reconcile. So Brandy sets off to look for his brother but meets an unfortunate accident that puts him in a coma. Fearing that Brandy may lose his multi million peso deal, Brandy's friends convince Brando to to pull a twin switch and pose as his gay brother Brandy. This is where fun begins. Brando now continues to juggle between Brando and Brandy. With Erika coming back to town, Brando thinks that not only will he be able to save the business but also won back Erika. What follows next and how the film ends is fun to watch.

Like I mentioned before, the film is full of comic moments. Even if there are serous situations, they are directed with over the top hilarious reactions which makes this for a fun watch. The duration of the film , at almost 2 hours, is slightly long and a crispier editing would have helped keep viewers focussed. The 2 side kick friends of Brady have the best lines and are the funniest of all. The actor playing Brando and Brandy does a marvellous job acting. I mean you could tell the difference when he was playing three different roles. Gay man, straight man pretending to be gay, and a straight man and he did full justice to all those 3 roles. It is not an easy job. All the other actors were also good and delivered exactly what was expected of them. Brandy's boyfriend was Hot!.

This film doesn't offer anything out of the box. The situations are cliched and as audience you know what to expect. But who cares. You are here for entertainment and you get entertained. (6/10)

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Nuo Lietuvos Nepabegsi (Lithuanian) [You Can’t Escape Lithuania]

This film for some reason is being promoted as a gay film, which, to be honest, is wrong in my opinion. One of the main characters is gay but the film is actually about friendship and what you will do for your friends. It shows the complexity of personal relationships between family members, friends and lovers. Also, this is the first film that I am seeing from Lithuania, so I was quite excited to see the film and see what their cinema has to offer. At the outset, let me mention that this is slightly an abstract film, especially the ending.

Rich and gay film-maker Ramos is now with his boyfriend Carlos, whom he met in Mexico when he was showcasing his last film. His best friend an actress of his films Indre comes one morning and explains him how she accidentally ended up killing her mother. She is terrified of jail and Ramos comes up with a plan to help her escape from Lithuania. Carlos reluctantly agrees to help, knowing very little about what exactly is going on. A road trip begins and at some point Ramos starts filming things joking that this probably would be his last opportunity to actually make an experimental film. During the road trip, we see Indre having meltdowns, we also find out that Carlos is actually an escort, whom Ramos is paying to be with. Indre and Carlos end up fucking which Ramos witnesses and films. Ramos continue to do what's right for Indre till she also finds out that Ramos knows about her quick affair with Carlos. Fast forward to one year later, and Ramos is now presenting this experimental film which gets weird reactions from people watching it.

This film is filled with sexual energy and tension. Everything was going good and things started promising until they messed up the ending. It would have been fun if this film was a thriller or something and how will Ramos actually react to Indre and Carlos. But all thats cut and we see that a film is made. What happened to Indre? Characters have sadly not been developed properly, especially Carlos. What's going on in his head especially since he doesn't understand the local language. The other problem is the uneven tone. By the time the credits roll, you have the idea that the filmmaker himself is unsure what kind of film he was making. Thankfully acting by all principal actors was good but more character. Development would have helped. Carlos was a good eye candy.

I really wouldn't recommend especially given the abstract ending of the film. Maybe someone can rework the script and come up with a thriller. (3.5/10)