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Thursday, May 31, 2018

Just Charlie (UK)

Finally, a small yet a very powerful film on the stories of trans people. There are so many goods about this film that, only if you watch it, you will be able to relate and feel it. Inside us all is the person we need to be, and this beautiful film about a transgendered teen helps us become aware of it. Not for ourselves but for everyone around us. The best thing about the ilm is never at any stage does the film get over dramatic. Handled with grace, sensitivity and delicacy, this subject is gender dysphoria needs to be seen by a wider audience. And the best thing is that it i snot just Charlie’s story but also about struggles that people around him are.

Charlie is a young football star with a strong chance of moving into premiere league. His father, Paul, whom he has always been very close to, is over the moon, especially he never could achieve this position in his younger days because of his injuries. But Charlie has a secret. He feels he is trapped in a wrong body and constantly is attracted to his sister’s clothes, make-up and shoes. His secret is revealed when his father watches him. This is where the struggle begins. Charlie cannot hide anymore and wants to be who he/she really is. Charlie’s parents cannot ignore it anymore and need to take seriously. The mother and sister Eva are fully supportive of her (Char) but Paul’s dreams are devastated. With the help of football coach. Charlie gets an opportunity to play football in the girls team , thereby continuing her love for football. Stress starts developing between her parents because Paul still doesn’t understand it all. But eventually Paul comes around because being with family and doing what is right is the most important thing. The film has a beautiful ending when Eva is getting married and Charlie in her new self and confidence is happy and proud and so is the family and friends.

Charlie’s story is not an easy one to tell, but the director seems to have known how complex of a challenge this would be. We watch Charlie as she learns and grows without ever being dramatized. There is a scene where Paul says “Is this a gay thing. We can deal with it”. It clearly shows that the film is in modern times and the society is accepting and tolerant. Paul just feels lied to because of the fact that his little boy now identifies as a girl and that kills his dreams. The makers are more interested in stirring emotion than delving into the science of gender reassignment and this is what I lovd about the film. A beautiful bond is with Charlie and his best friend, who also is confused on Charlie’s transition ; has a huge fight with Charlie, even leading to a fallout between the parents but the kids talk and makeup and they understand each other. The way the mother and Charlie’s sister Eva stand and support her in every step of the way is commendable. Charlie loves football but at such a young age, is caught between two worlds: one where she can live up to her father’s expectations and one where she can express her inner self. The stakes are small, but deeply personal. The moments, watching a mother and father negotiate what is best for their daughter are focused solely on the actors. And talking of actors, every single person in the film is a perfect fit and incredible actors. But definitely its the captain of the ship who deserves all accolades. It’s a work of delicate human drama, populated by wonderful performances and a bloody darn good movie. Pointing out any single actor would not be fair to the others, but you have to hand it to actor playing Charlie with kindness, dignity and a sweetness of spirit. Whats wonderful was also that Paul, who although cannot accept Charlie, but is never shown a monster. As a viewer , you can relate equally well with Charlie and her father at the same time and thats a win.

In the journey of Charlie trying to be who he really is and accepting herself, we see what happens not just to her but everyone around her including parents, sister, best friend, coach etc. The ending is not perfect but these stories need to be told. Moreover, its upto audiences like us who need to be ready to hear these stories. (8.5/10)

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Hurricane Bianca: From Russia With Hate

I was so excited when I saw that Hurricane Bianca had come up with a sequel, I was excited about it. The first film though campy was fun when it came to wits, sarcasm and insults and I was expecting something very similar with this film too but alas! I was disappointed. Tt lacked the comedy, the sass and the self awareness of the first and felt just a gimmick to continue the brand. It is a true sequel but hardly funny. Worse, you see the main character in drag only towards the end.

In the first film, we see that Debbie goes to jail. In the sequel, its time she is released and she wants revenge on Richard (Bianca) at any cost. A news show where it shows how hard life is for gays in Russia and Saudi Arabia, Debbie cooks up a new plan to lure Bianca to Russia to accept a teaching award and a cash prize. Richard, who by now has settled in a life of no-drag, gets left with dim and slim Rex to take care of while their friend Stephen goes to try his luck in LA. Russia is not welcoming as expected. Debbie shows up with her daughter to make sure that Bianca is put in jail for being gay. But a series of events happen and its her daughter and Rex who end up in jail. Debbie and Richard now have to work together to get then out of jail with the help of Russia’s dream drag queen Katya. Even though Debbie’s daughter has a change of mind with all these events, Debbie still hopes that she will eventually be able to take here revenge.

As I said before, I was looking forward to this film, but the fragile script was a big problem. It was very basic and make-believe and just not enough to keep you attention and humor go on for laughs. The dialogue was not funny, the story lines were beyond implausible and the ending was flat. I wish there was more of Bianca in drag with sassiness and even other drag queens were rarely given an opportunity. Clearly, there was a lot missing in this film. Having said that, besides the sass and smack, this film is also a sweet story about friendship, cooperation, setting aside and seeing past each other's differences. So it depends on what way you wanna see it.

This one is sadly a miss. A wonderful opportunity got wasted but better luck next time. (3.5/10)

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Love Bites

Not sure if this film was supposed to be a comedy film or not, but I definitely did not laugh at any of the jokes. I guess when it came out in 1992, there weren’t many openly gay movies, especially in the genre of vampires; so it probably was a refreshing change. But watching it now, feels like a drag of time, camp film, bad direction. Although story is slightly novel and interesting.

Jake Hunter has strange fascination for vampires. Even when he has a hot guy next to him wanting to hook up, all he can talk about is vampires. He is stoked by the idea that there are vampire in LA and he fancies himself as the very model of a modern-day fearless vampire killer. He goes to a count’s home in search of vampire with all his killer bag but there he meets Leslie, who is a hustler hired by the count for his servant Manfield. Jake and the count have this weird connection but its soon clear that the count is actually a vampire. Jake brings Leslie home with him when he gets too drunk at night and hatches a plan with him to kill the vampire. But Jake feels attracted to the Count and cannot kill him. Count soon realizes what was the original motive for Jake to come to this home. But things improve when Leslie and Manfield eventually find love with each other. And vampire decides to leave the world just so that he can spend a little extra time with his love Jake.

Shot straight to video, this film is clearly very very low budget and shot in just 2 houses. It has a decent story but a very vague ending which I don’t mind, because I had completely lost interest in the film by the time it ended. The cast take virtually every gay stereotype, make it their own and throw it at the camera. I don’t think this film holds either entertainment or nostalgic value for folks looking for meaningful or guilty pleasure entertainment. Completely avoidable. (2/10)