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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Gay Short Films : 50

Birdbath (Australia)
A young Oz-Malaysian couple struggling with their relationship. The asian guy is not sure if his family will accept their son’s sexuality and relationship.

A Brief History of Princess X (France)
A history of sculptor Constantin Brancusi’s ‘Princess X’, a futuristic bronze phallus that is actually a bust portrait of Napoleon’s equally infamous great grand niece, Marie Bonaparte.

Curmudgeons (USA)
A pair of senior citizens in 80s have a relationship that shocks both their families. When the grand-daughter comes to visit, Ralph couldn’t possible imagine the surprise she has in store for him from his lover Jacky and his grand-son. A potty-mouthed, but endearing, comedy.

Realness With A Twist (Paris)
A young man searching for identity and acceptance as he splits time between the normal everyday life (pretending to be playing football) and the thump and excitement of the Parisian voguing scene.

Una pared (Cuba) [A Wall]
Tommy, a young construction worker, is doing some work on a house owned by Saulo, a mature music composer. Tommy is attracted to Saulo and is always looking for options to be near him. Nevertheless, both men never touch, except with sounds, words and stares.

Welcome to the Candy House (Germany)
Once again, Hänsel and Gretel have lost their way. They stumble through the big city in search for place to stay, ultimately ending up in a backroom of gay sex. Meh!

To the Marriage of True Minds (UK)
Hayder and Falah, two young Iraqi men, seek asylum in London from Baghdad in an illegal cargo vehicle. They separate on entering England because of security. We follow Hayder through his search for Falah in the Arabic communities of West London. The lovers are ultimately united.

Light Bulb Sun (UK)
Ellis, Fay and Freddie are a group of close friends. Fay and Freddie are together in a relationship but tension soon starts to build between them all as Ellis’ true feelings for Freddie come out. He is in love with his best friend.

Last Will & Testicle (US WebSeries)
A gay man reveals his testicular cancer diagnosis to his quirky friends and family, deals with his treatment, and confronts his nightmare walking and talking lump of ball cancer. This 12 episode web series (each episode being 3-4 min), shows a very funny take on the disease, the reaction of lover, family, friends and colleagues. It was good comedy but sometimes just bland.

American Male (USA)
A depressing reality of expectations of a “man”, gender norms and internalized homophobia.

Holden (Spain)
Holden, a young photographer with a short-term memory problem, travels to Paris for a photo session with a successful French actor. The two fall in love from the moment they meet. They spend the night together, walking the streets of the city, aware that it is probably the only night they will have together or is it something they do often? Loved it.

Une poignée de mains (France)
A quick short take on possibilities of what may happen when 2 people meet and how will it end?

The Dazzling Destiny (Spain)
Nico has just been dumped by his first love. He hasn't yet understood how or why but he'll have to face a new day despite the fact that he is still trapped in memories. Wonderfully shot.

The Arrow [Love Pride Truth] (USA)
A beautiful dance performance of love between 2 men as a tribute to Orlando shootings. SO BEAUTIFUL !

Kaleb: Apunte sobre la fugacidad del amor
A love story between two lonely and wounded men. One of them is an escort while the other has hired him. Over the course of their meeting, they understand each other much beyond just physical intimacy.

Bleu Piscine (France)
Blue pool. The water, the sun, Diving, swimming, water drops. A homoerotic tale of 2 men in and around a pool.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Esteros (Spanish / Portuguese)

What a beautiful film!! I did not have much expectations from the film and did not have any idea what the film is all about but I was pleasantly surprised. Agreed that the pace of this film could be found a bit too slow for a lot of viewers but in my opinion that just made this film even more beautiful and an experience to watch the relationship between the two friends.

The film is told in two simultaneous generations. Childhood friends Matias and Jero spend many summers together in the Argentinean wetlands of Esteros. They both are really close to each other, just like their families. The boys spend all the time together and one such summer night, they get much closer and intimate. Unfortunately, their mutual attraction never finds a conclusion because Matias’ father agrees to a job in Brazil. Present day, Matias now has a girlfriend and the two are visiting his hometown for her cousin’s graduation celebration. Matias and Jero reconnect and you see the initial awkwardness soon turning into connection that was long lost. Jero is now a handsome young man confident and comfortable in his sexuality. The two men try to reconnect, including taking a day trip to the summer house (despite Matias’ girlfriend’s reservations). As the two men tentatively reconnect, the unresolved tensions of their youth rise to the surface slowly. The inevitable happens and the two friends finally make love to each other but as expected, the morning brings the awkwardness back for Matias, who now has to reassess his choices and to figure out whether he can turn his back on his girlfriend in favour of the man he's always loved but ignored.

I really like the film and it connected with me in a way that pure love touches you. Actor playing Jero was fantastic. He showed all feeling with just his eyes. The happiness on seeing his friend again after all these years. the longing and love that he still has for his friend, but still aware that one wrong move on his part may lead to losing his friendship, the happiness and satisfaction on finally making love and ending in disappointment and heart-break on seeing how Matias reacts the next morning. Everything is so subtle and innocent and not OTT at all and thats what makes it ever so special. Matias in his role was good too as a confused man trying to find out what the right thing to do is. The film doesn’t really explore this but my view is that Matias always hid his feelings or emotions because of his dominant father, which becomes evident in the scene where the father stares the young Matias when he is dancing with Jero. Th direction was simple yet elegant. The silent moments and the picturesque details that just show us that these friends are connected emotionally and spiritually and they don’t need elaborate dialogues to show the connection to anyone else. Besides the pace of the film, I really cannot find much fault with the film but then that itself could be a downer.

I Believe this is more a story about friendship turning into love and not necessarily about being gay. If slow paced films do not bother you, then you may connect with this film. (7.5/10)

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Departure (UK)

I love fucked up family dramas. They give an insight into human emotions and what they are capable of. Its also goos to see that not all families are happy-go-lucky. They all have some real issues that they have to deal with.

Beatrice and her son Elliot arrive somewhere in France to pack their bags and empty their summer house, because it is sold now. A decision that was taken by Elliot’s father, Philip (who doesn’t show up until later). We also have Clement, a young boy form Paris, visiting his aunt in the same town because of a family turmoil. Elliot falls for Clement in their first meeting, which he knows but Clement is very indifferent to it. He agrees to their invitation to help them pack giving Elliot an opportunity for them to hang out. Clement is friendly and proves to be a sympathetic ear to Beatrice, which makes Elliot jealous. He thinks she is now his rival and wants Clement. Elliot knows what he wants and he is vocal about his feeling to Clement who just ignores it. Clement takes time for his buried feelings to come out, which we don’t know since he submits to a lustful kiss by Beatrice and also to a handjob by Elliot. The father son arrives to sign papers and seemingly there are more secrets in family, which we are not told besides that their marriage is crumbling. The marriage finally crumbles and life for Elliot will not be same again in England. As a budding poet, his new life will be a departure that proves both literal and satisfyingly figurative.

The film is slow, so as an audience you need good patience to watch this The film draws heavily on emotions and the surroundings to create the longing of aloofness. It shows considerable promise when it comes to show the sensitivity of emotions and aesthetics but the same becomes tiring after a while. I men for how long can we watch the characters stare into open space? The characters sketch is interesting. I like it that we know enough about the characters but not everything, which leaves room for individual interpretation. Yes it wasn’t very clear whether Clement was into Elliot or not but thats not important, is it! Clement is aware of Elliot’s liking for him and he plays along. He himself comes from a disturbed background and takes the opportunity of human touch in his stride. Whats wrong with that? I love the scene when both mother and son ask each other why they didn’t tell me about Clement.

The film is a good story but it could easily have been cut short by 30 minutes. I don’t think it will appeal to most people but do give it a try. (5.5/10)