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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Outs: Season 2 (Web Series)

I was so so so happy when I got to see the season 2 of this web series. I can’t believe I did not even know that it was under production. Having loved the season one, you can’t even imagine the excitement I had to watch the season 2, because I expected nothing but the best. This season may not be as good as season 1, but still this is a pretty darn good sequel where it returns from where the characters were left. And yes, I will continue to want more seasons and sequels to this web series.

Season 1 ended with Oona’s blog picking up, Jack & Mitchell were finally starting to work on their friendship and Paul was getting into a grad school. Time has passed and the stories continue. Paul and Jack are string to make their long distance relationship work by opening it up. Jack has been meeting few people here and there and as always is quite unsure about what’s happening between him and Paul (Scruffy from season one and we find out his name in this season). Mitchell has a new boyfriend, a British chef, whom he loves and adores but he relationship is still at a very early stages. Oona is now hugely successful mean and bitchy blogger and has written a few books. She is screwing her publisher and maybe the is the guy who would finally help her also realise that she is also capable of loving. Her friendship with Mitchell is still as strong as ever. We witness the growth of the characters but the series ends with Mitchell having broken up with his chef boyfriend, Paul and Jack still evaluating because Jack can’t “do this” anymore and Oona kicks her flourishing career because she won’t let people take her for granted. Also she has now met a man who likes her for who she is.

As I mentioned above, all my expectations were pretty much met by this whole season. It was a perfect season with the stories being moved in exactly the right direction. The cast is perfect and as actors they are still amazing and natural to the core. They can all be your next door neighbours and you could be watching them in real life. Jack is still the best and I really liked his chemistry with Paul. Interestingly this time, its the director/actor Mitchell who fell a bit short of expectations. He was too good in season one but maybe one mark less as an actor in the sequel. Doesn’t take away the credit from him on how excellent writer/director he is. As expected, i missed my New York city very much after watching the show and I can’t wait to return back. The show made me really nostalgic having shot at some of my fav places (including Taim restaurant, which is round the corner from where I lived). A few more characters are introduced on the side but the core of the story remains focussing on topics of friendship, happiness, and feeling lost when things just aren’t working anymore. Its the situations that viewers can definitely relate to. I , for once, can definitely relate to every single character.

Thank you so much for bring back the show with the new season. I have not been excited about watching anything in a while now. I still love this show. Highly recommend it. (8/10)

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Chasing Pavement

It was  novel idea to take a couple of real life gay porn stars and make a film that probably enters around a similar theme, but not every idea on paper turns out to be a good reality. The film tries to examine the loneliness and the resiliency of the human condition, especially in our main protagonist’s case who also happen to be a famous porn star.

Rashawn, a young African-American wanna actor is now Elijah, the hot porn star and escort still struggling to pay his rent. When his roommate leaves abruptly, he rents his spare bedroom to Takeshi, a kindly employee at his favourite takeout palace. The shy Takeshi, who has no problems with Elijah’s job soon finds himself inundated in Elijah’s existence; although admittedly he is not gay. He is fascinated by how popular his room mate is, while he is practically invisible in and around NYC. aries that brings the two together for a moment of intimacy that neither will soon forget. In between, we also meet one of Elijah’s clients, Bryson, a man with some past (which we are never told). The deal between him and Elijah is not very clear except the fact that they frequently meet. Takeshi's obsession culminates in a violation of boundaries when the two guys end up having sex followed by Takeshi quietly leaving the house in the dark of night.

There is a lot to be desired in this film. It has a lot of silent, quiet moments which get on your nerves after a certain period of time. Elijah tries to act but clearly can’t. You can’t help but chuckle when he cheesily defines himself as a "hot twink super bottom porn star." Bryson, played by famous porn star Antonio Biaggi is wasted, has a terrible voice and just can’t acted. He should stay popular for what he packs and shouldn’t try more. Takes is the only decent catch of the film. I think the subject was interesting but should have been handled by mature actors and more importantly a tighter screenplay and direction. And what’s up with drinking cheap red wine all the time, everytime. I would have never thought that watching someone drink red wine could get annoying!!

This one just feels like soft porn with porn actors with very little porn but lot of silent quiet moments and real bad acting. (3/10)