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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Gay Short Films : 33

Nubes Flotantes (Mexico) - They swim and dance in water like wandering clouds.

Maremoto (Brasil) - Two childhood friends head to at a deserted beach, to surf. When they get there, however, the sea is flat. As they wait for a wave that never comes, one of them decides to make a revelation

MUM (USA) - In this nearly wordless short, a deaf swimmer—a regular at his gym’s pool—tries to attract a guy he has his eyes on, but wonders if his disability may get in the way.

Manifesto (Spain) - A free adaptation of Mario Benedetti´s poem with gay snapshots.

Katie and Arin (USA) - Set against backdrop of conservative Oklahoma, two transgendered hare their stories.

Hercules & Love Affair ft. John Grant (USA) - A musical video “I Try to Talk to You”

First Time Gay Sex (Germany) - 10 things you shouldn't do... when you have sex the first time with another man.

Battlefield (Australia) - Two young gay men embark on a one night stand. Both with very different understandings of the situation, they struggle to realise the true connection they long for.

We Are Fine (Australia) - A lyrical celebration of the male body in all its summertime glory.

Mudanças (Brasil) - Two apartments. Two changes. Through a forgotten book, a meeting.

Dreamboat Jesse (USA) - Jesse goes through sequence of dreams after moving into the new house. Is someone trying to get to him. Where is the thin line between paranoia and reality.

Models Hit on You (USA) - Models talk about pickup lines… on helium.

Todo queda en familia (Spain) - If the father is a man of traditional morals, a suspicion like that can turn a pleasant family day into a private hell in which this man will discover how far he’s willing to go for his son.

Placer (Spain) - Two friends realise that losing interest in same porn may not be very different from losing interest in having sex with same person.

Rugburn (USA) - A young painter works up the courage to contact the collections agency that has been hounding him and gets embroiled in a more personal confrontation than he bargained for.

Une sensation de vide (Spain) - What happens during celebrations and parties: love, brawl and more.

Puertas adentro (Argentina) - During Summertime, Nahuel moves to his friends to spend vacation time together. Between drinks, weed and foolish games, sexual tension starts to raise, but none of them dares to take the first step.

El rosario de la aurora (Spain) - A religious mother confronts her transgendered son after years of the kid abandoning her.

Hincando (Spain) [Having Sex] - A new promotional 3D glasses show you what you miss the most. Our protagonist sees himself having crazy sex.

Perky Little Pornstar (USA) - From the musical ‘Naked Boys Singing’

Audition (USA) - A young man auditions for a role with requirements he was not expecting.

Dol (USA) [First Birthday] - A gay Korean-American man yearns for a family life just out of reach.

The Queen (USA) - A Korean-American teenage outcast works at his parents dry cleaners. When the prom queen and her boyfriend, stop by with their dress and tuxedo, he has his own prom to remember.

Rabo de toro (Spain) - A accident meeting with his secret lover while celebrating two year anniversary with his life. What would happen once they finish dinner?

Alone Forever (USA) - Oliver can't help but wonder if his new tattoo is the cause of his recent spate of romantic bad luck. Gay and single in San Francisco, he spends a lot of time out and about meeting other like individuals.

On The Nature Of Hotness (USA) - The nature of 'hotness' is explained in 9 minutes via one man's sexual and spiritual awakening. The film uses a variety of story telling techniques including animation, montage, narrative, and lecture.

Labels (USA) - An interracial couple get into a witty debate when one of them decides that he no longer wants to be labeled “gay”.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Helicopter Mom

Probably the intentions behind this movie were nice but everything that looks perfect on paper may not necessarily translate into something meaningful. This becomes even harder when the subject is comedy. It is not easy to direct a comedy, so full marks to the film-maker for attempting this subject. Unfortunately a lot of scenes of the film just fall flat.

Lloyd Cooper, a high school, nerdy shy guy lives with his financially pressed, over-bearing single mother Maggie Cooper. Maggie likes to be involved in every detail of life – from homework to activities to love life. Lloyd hasn’t figured out if he is straight or gay and no intention yet to pursue a relationship. But this doesn’t stop Maggie from assuming that her son is gay. She even manages to ‘out’ him at the school. Even worse, she takes it upon herself to surreptitiously submit an application for him for a gay student college scholarship, forcing her horrified son to play along with the deceit. The proceedings then mostly show us how Maggie continues to force herself on anything and everything that Lloyd is involved in; we get to meet his father Max, who tries to empathy with him but can’t do much because of Maggie. We also meet Cassie, the cheer leader, who has a crush on Lloyd and finally becomes friends with him knowing very well that sexually Lloyd is still confused. Things turn ugly when Maggie barges in school prom and tries to sabotage Lloyd-Carrie relationship just so Lloyd can get the scholarship from the gay foundation for college. The film ends alright when Lloyd still manages to get scholarship, and heads for NYC. Will Maggie Smith finally stop interfering in his life. Guess not, when she shows up at his dorm unannounced in NYC :)

The plot is simple but a lot of scenes are sitcom-ish style and fail to draw laughs. Maggie after a point becomes supremely annoying and it would take a very very good son to not go crazy in her presence. Maggie acts well, I guess, since her character was supposed o be so annoying and over-bearing. Lloyd, for a change acted really well. He suited the part of a shy teenager, who is totally in shadow of his mom. Max, his father, is the only character that brings some normalcy in Lloyd’s life. The good thing is that the films not stretched beyond a certain time, so its easily manageable. Sure its probably a low budget independent film, but that doesn’t give it a free pass. A little more sensitivity in Maggie’s character or maybe some background in her history might have added some charm to the film.

Its a slapstick comedy. Don’t have too much expectations. (5.5/10)

Monday, June 22, 2015

Boys Like Us (French/German)

A story of friendship and re-assessing your life, this film does bring a relatively refreshing subject from al the stereotypical gay stuff that we get. But does everything that sounds good as an idea, actually translate into something interesting; we will have to wait and read? But whatever happens, I would like to applaud the makers for trying something different. The characters here just happen to be gay. This film could have as well ben equally meaningful with straight characters because ultimately the film is about reassessing friendship, insecurities in life and whether or not we are in love.

Rudolf, a bookshop salesman and a wanna be writer gets dumped by his boyfriend. So after the break-up, he is heart-broken and decides to leave Paris to go back to Austria and start his life afresh including leaving behind his 2 best friends; Gabriel, an actor and Nicolas, a bar waiter. Unable to figure out how to react to Rudolf’s neurotic decision, the two of them decide to take off from work and join him on his trip to Austria to make sure things are fine. Rudolf decides to go back to his birth village, in mountains, in serenity and peace, far away from chaotic Paris so he can concentrate on writing his book. Little do the three of them know how eventful this trip will be for them. Rudolf rallies that even to get a home, he has to get a job first and that itself is not going to be easy in that small town. Gabriel, who sees a shrink because he cannot get over his ex-boyfriend  from many years ago, sees a man and starts losing control thinking that its him. And finally Nicolas, as always is looking around just for random hook-ups with young men around the town. The three of them even have an argument when they accuse each other of not having done anything meaningful in life. Ultimately, they all will have to find their own way of dealing with their insecurities and moving on with their life.

As I mentioned before, the story was quite interesting and the beautiful Austrian countryside landscapes are just beautiful and breathtaking. The acting from all three lead characters is quite good. Rudolph struggling with a break-up and wanting to leave everything behind including his closest friends, Nicolas avoiding true love by hooking up everywhere he goes and Nicolas trying to still nurse his heartbreak from many years ago. One thing is clear thither friendship is strong and the three of them are there for each other despite them having their differences. They may not have done well for themselves but hey care for their friends and sometimes, you have to be harsh to show your friends what the reality is. From an entertainment point of view, there is not much thats really happening. We just see Rudolph trying to fit in back to a quiet life while Nicolas and Gabriel trying to support him. There are some funny sequences where Rudolph does the translations from Paris to German and vice versa but they are just very few.

Overall, The film is not boring but is not great by any means. I would say that its strictly average. (5/10)

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Best Day Ever

Oh My God!! yes, we still make terrible shitty gay themed films, where we want all attention on ourselves and torture the audience. This film definitely falls into this category. It has a simple story but it has been stretched beyong belief and it just tests our patience.

David, an independent filmmaker, is turning 50 and is questioning his life, whether he has done something meaningful, whether he has found true love.. blah blah blah. Does he truly love his long term partner? We find out that they have a minor aragonite over dinner and they decide to split (what?). David’s friend then introduces him to his cousin Shane, who is a loner from Indiana and because David’s friend thinks that the two loners can make a life together. Sure enough, for whatever reason the two click together and finally David finds the true love.

Yes the story is that simple but the screenplay and the direction and the acting is terrible. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. David keeps going on and on about he is almost 50 and how he is going through mid-life crisis  to the extent that i want to strangle him to remind us again that he is soon going to be turning 50. We are supposed to empathise with David but on the contrary he is the one who sounds like a whining, bitchy, drama queen and why would anyone wanna be with him. Shane, for whatever unexplained reasons get attracted to David (really?). David keeps going on and on about his past, about his life, about true love. As a viewer you have stopped really caring about him just after the 10 minutes of the film. It's just all drama and moaning from the get go. Editing was bad. There were sudden jumps form scene to scene and some very obvious glitches. I feel that if I spend anymore time on writing worse things about this film, I would actually be doing a favour to the film.

A one man show of a miserable charmless man, full o drama and attention seeking. This is a big yawn. Don’t let the charming poster fool you. (2/10)

Friday, June 19, 2015

Gay Short Films : 32

Dirty Magazines (USA)
In the '80s, a mother-son relationship takes a wild left turn after she discovers adult material under her son's bed the morning of his 16th birthday. It is hilarious take on the extent that she would go to first make sure that his son is not gay. This includes even hiring a male prostitute so that nothing could happen. Over the top acting but quite a funny short film.

Beau mâle recherche (Canada) [Hot Guy Looking For]
We follow a day in life af a gay man obsessed with grindr trying to find his perfect match. We go through the different profiles of guys he is growing. Very interesting.

Nobody I Know (USA)
A boy brings home his first trick only to have his mother and little sister in way to his satisfaction. Funny!!

Fikon (Sweden) [Figs]
'He loved the sperm, especially my sperm, which he said tasted like sugar from all the soda I was drinking daily.' Memories of a brief, passionate affair. In all simplicity strongly portrayed debut with text and images engaging in a riveting battle. A very short film but visual brilliant. You feel like you have just entered the lives of this gay couple and have just witnessed what a beautiful memory they share.

Surprise, Surprise (USA)
Dylan has just moved into his first New York City apartment and his mom is visiting. Just then his boyfriend, Justin, suddenly shows up. Thinking that his mother will get surprised, things take an interesting turn when Dylan’s mo’s lesbian lover also shows up. Both mom and the son have “coming out” to do.

The Drama of Everyday (USA)
Lead male character reflects on a one night stand and how it affects him, sending him into an emotional abyss. Strictly ok.

Beard The Lion (USA)
A guitar shop owner and his shy younger brother live together. Their daily routine gets increasingly hectic by homophobia by two young men from the neighbourhood. The owner has a police record , so his lover and younger brother always try to stop him from getting angry but things take an ugly turn when the two homophobes will go to any extent to show their dislike for gays. This will lead to both the owner and the homophobes death.

Waschküchenstimmung (Germany) [Laundry Mood]
This short addresses the homophobia in football when the coach calls out all sort of faggot jokes to one of the players not realising that the player knows very well that the coach is gay.

The Scoundrel
Excerpt from the no-budget first feature film from the director of "Last Summer". Short and sweet.

O Melhor Amigo (Brazil) [The Best Friend]
Lucas and Felipe spend their first day of vacation together joking around and hanging out at the beach. Sun, sand, sea, music; everything sounds perfect until Felipe goes for a random fling with an older lady. And this is when reality hits Lucas. He has feelings for his best friend. He may look chill and happy but his heart yearns of this best friend. Lucas is brilliant and so is Felipe. The pain of that first crush and love that you can’t get is so real.

Fuckbuddies (Spain)
2 straight guys are in middle of nowhere in the car. They are trying to have sex but it starts getting uncomfortable in the car. They start talking about their wives and girlfriends while attempting to do it. It just ends up with the two guys sitting in the car, totally nude and just talking like str8 guys. It was pretty cool.

Burnt (Canada)
A recount of the events told by the lover's voice. A story of courage and despair triggered by a father's actions and by the traditional ways in which the boy's family was conformed.

Love, Ltd. (USA)
When a gay asian brother and sister decide to “come out” at dinner on the very same night the unexpected happens. The sister is shocked because she always felt the brother got away with all attention and the mother tries to objectively see the whole situation. Funny!!

Europe Is Our Playground (Spain)
A musical number with a nude man standing in middle of jungle almost naked and different interacting with him. Really weird !!

Swimsuit (USA)
Paul, a naive loner in a coastal town, meets a quiet young stranger, Charlie, on a gloomy day at the beach. They spend a sweet and quiet afternoon together, starting an unlikely friendship that blurs the line between romantic and platonic affection. Loved it!!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Hunting Season : Series 2 (Web Series)

I was relatively new to the whole concept of gay web series when I watched season 1 but it is so encouraging to see that these web series are doing so well that the makers are coming up with more season of the hugely popular series. I remember really enjoying the season one so I was quite looking forward to season 2. Unlike season 1, this time it was only 4 episodes of about 20 minutes each.

Alex, the blogger, is still the centre stage of this season and we also see what’s happening in the life of 3 of his friends. Alex has been single for a while and enjoying but when he sees his ex in a happy married life with another guy and a baby, he gets depressed. He always thought they would eventually get back together at some point in life. He unloads this all on a random guy he meets that night; who ends up becoming good friends with Alex’s sister who comes to visit him because she could use a break from their parents. Alex is still rude and mean to everyone including occasionally to his sister as well, specially after he is thrown out of his job. Alex’s gay couple friends have recently decided to go for a 3 way and they meet an interesting man. The sex is good, numbers exchanged but like most assholes, when the designer reaches out to the trick to show his designs, the resentment is obvious. Yes, we all still want just one time fun. And then we see the fourth friend, a guy full of himself, a big shot lawyer, living the New York dream. His life gets upside down, when a not so good looking guy makes him realise how truly unhappy he is in real life. Meanwhile Alex does end up meting an older hot guy, initially for a hookup and then later they both decide to ry it out for something more meaningful. There is no definite ending to this series but we do see a glimpse of the life of a typical gay New Yorker.

ok, I have to be honest. I was expecting a little more compared to season 1. I don’t know why but my expectations were higher. Don’t get me wrong. It wasn’t bad at all. In fact there were lot of improvements from season 1. A good amount of time and focus was given to other stories as well besides Alex but still that zing was missing and I still can’t point my finger at what exactly was it. Was it the slight arrogance in “ I am the perfect man” Alex, or was it because no proper ending was given. I would not know. Anyway, at least in terms of production, direction and acting; I would give full marks to everyone involved. For w eb series, it is still a commendable job done.

I hope the seasons continue and we get to see more. (6/10)

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Virados do avesso (Portuguese)

How I wanted to like this film. The poster of the film looks nice and the premise seemed interesting as well but unfortunately the film went from being stupid to getting stupider as time went by. It was just so odd with everything that was happening. Some people (read film makers), may term this as dark comedy or something, but I for a change did not get any laughs on any scene.

João & Carlos have been together for 5 years. One morning João wakes up not remembering he is gay and freaks out seeing Carlos in bed naked with him. He is disoriented and thinks that everyone around him(his sister, his parents, his publisher) have all gone crazy and they are trying to make him gay. João is a celebrated writer and is soon supposed to finish his first gay-themed book but is not stuck in last chapter which becomes difficult to finish now, since he can’t even remember that he is gay. His competitor Isabella on the other hand has announced the launch of her book. One drunk night when they both meet, she confides that she hasn’t even started her book. They hook up that night and Isabella steals his book to complete. meanwhile Carlos meets Pierre, an artist courtesy João’s sister and sparks fly. The two paint the town red like 2 new lovers. When João goes to a doctor after passing out one night, he finds out that he had temporary amnesia and he therefore forgot he is gay and his memory should come back, which it does. Now all his well-wishers come together to get his book back from Isabella by hook or by crook. All’s well that ends well ultimately.

Story as you read above is simple and uncomplicated but acting y everyone was so over the top. Even if we ignore the stupid idea of João waking up forgetting he is gay, there are way too many cinematic liberties. How can Carlos let go of the fact that João has forgotten or is pretending and happily start an affair with Pierre to the extent of even considering moving to Paris with him. And then equally easily he forgets him when João’s memory is back. The less said the better about João’s amnesia. He is suddenly straight and even sleeps with Isabella but still has his traits of fashion etc. My favourite though were João’s sister Catarina and her husband. He was the only one who brought a slight smile to my face. I don’t think it was a problem with actors, I blame the writers and the director completely for this fiasco.

Yes, I have seen much much worse films but I would recommend this film when you are in mood for a brain dead film and won’t mind a silly entertainer. (3.5/10)