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Monday, October 20, 2014

A Wedding Most Strange (UK)

With such an interesting title, the expectations from this film were a little on the north side. Unfortunately it was not the wedding that was strange but the film on borderline ridiculous. The dvd cover and synopsis of the film was also quite good and alas! only if the expectations could result in the film delivering what it promises. The movie is supposed to be funny, but what it really felt was badly acted and directed pseudo reality television.

We are introduced to Danny whose divorce has just come through. But in order for him to get his father's inheritance, he needs to get married within 2 weeks. and hence begins his search. He puts an online ad to find suitable male suitors to marry in a short notice. The search finally boils to 3 guys who are all invited for the wedding. We meet his best friend, a gay guy, his ex-wife and another odd friend Tracy, who probably has hots for Danny. Danny hasn't told any of them why is he getting married so soon and why this secrecy. When they find the truth, They all agree to help and Danny's ex-wife decides that she wants to compete as well. After indecision times, Danny finally decides on the guy he wants to marry and finally a gay wedding happens.

This film is a perfect example on how a bad direction can totally screw up a film. You never get to connect or sympathize with Danny as the main character. Quite a bit of film's portion goes in him trying to find a suitor and even when he finally decides, there is really no explanation since there has been no connection or chemistry or screen time between the 2 guys. No explanation is given on why did he divorce his wife in the first place. If being gay was the reason, then why is he ok with his ex-wife being a contestant again? It sometimes feels that Danny's best friend is in love with him, but that angle is never explored. Why does he deal with his weird friend Tracy, who is nothing but obnoxious to everyone including her boyfriend. The whole premise of the film seems like someone saw "The Bachelor" on TV and decided, 'Aha! this concept can be made into a film' and then directed it really badly. The 3 guys shortlisted were never given enough time to explore. Raj's family was Over the top and unlike most Indian families. He had that confused and 'I am desperate' for look all the time. The dialogues by everyone is silly and nonsensical. Danny was drawn as a sexless, fickle, two-dimensional character and I couldn’t help but feel I didn’t really care who Danny married, just as he himself didn’t seem to. But I blame this on real bad direction.

It is not a pathetic film but definitely doesn't deliver to what it promises or could potentially have delivered. (4/10)

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

L'inconnu du lac (French) [Stranger By The Lake]

Wow! I have not seen an erotic gay thriller, which is drama yet full of eroticism. Although, at the same time, I can totally see people hating this film absolutely because a lot of scenes feel repeated. According to me that's necessary and I will talk about it in details later. The film is mixture of allure and menace. Most scenes have an underlying tension, and we really do not know what to expect beyond the lake and the bushes.

The basic plot of the film is very simple. A young man Frank, spends his summer days hopelessly searching for companionship at a popular cruising spot on the shores of a lake in rural France. The woods behind the beach is where the gay men involve in sexual encounters. Frank meets Henri, a flabby a guy whose wife has just left him and who sits alone on the beach away from most gay men. Frank also meets Michel, a very attractive yet darkly mysterious man and starts falling blindly in love with him. Although Michel is with someone, he and Frank does end up hooking-up. One evening Frank spots Michel drowning his current partner. Instead of calling the police, he is drawn more and more towards Michel and desperately falls in love with him; even as local police starts an investigation and both Frank and Michel are prime suspects. Henri has an intuitive understanding of what has happened and warns Frank who himself is scared but can't help being madly in love with him. When Henri confronts Michel of knowing what has happened, he goes to the woods signaling Michel to follow him, Frank overcomes with a bad feeling and rushes towards the woods. He finds Henri dying who tells him that he has finally received what he used to come to the beach for. With Henri dead, Franck is terrified and runs off into the woods to hide. Michel is now looking for Frank who is hiding but still his desire to be with Michel is greater than his fear.

The whole look of the film, as I said before is very thrilling. A slow thriller that sets the pace of the daily ritual of these individuals. The way characters move and interact is very very real. The naked male body is celebrated like never before and is treated very casually and with eroticism. Yes, the sex scenes are out there but as an audience we need to understand that yes Frank is driving himself to self-destruction because Michel is all worth it according to him. Sure I did sometimes get uneasy every time we see the similar scene of cards driving and parking, but you feel as if you are present there and are visually witnessing everything that is going on. The performances are beautiful and setting flawless. I can see why this film is being applauded in the film circuits. And at the same time I can also understand moviegoers saying WTF !!! This film needs attention, patience and your complete involvement.

The mystery may be resolved, but the suspense and uncertainty remains even in the end. I thoroughly enjoyed it but don't take my word because for all I know, you may actually hate it. (8.5/10)

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Cockpit (Swedish)

Ok, so this may not really be classified as queer cinema, but it touches upon the subject tangentially, so there is no harm done in reviewing the film here. Plus this film was quite funny and interesting and I think more people should watch the film and get entertained. We don't always have to have films on serious subjects. Its time we lighten up the mood a little.

Valle is a successful pilot and leading a good life with a wife and kids. When the job market goes down, he unexpectedly finds himself out of job. To make matters worse, his wife divorces him and ends up with a much older man and Valle finds himself living with his sister in his childhood home. Unable to find a pilot job, he decides to impersonate as a woman with the help of his sister, when he finds an opening for a female pilot. Of course, he gets the job and this is where the fun begins. He starts getting close to a bi-sexual stewardess and a fellow pilot, known for his promiscuity, starts flirting with her. On a tragic flight, when there is engine failure, Valle starts freaking out and passes out. When he wakes up, he sees that most people are injured, including the co-pilot but everyone is safe. He becomes an instant star in the country. Everyone talks about feminism and brave women etc. Valle (now female) becomes a brand and much respected. The lines between his female and male life as well as his personal and love life starts to become a blur which he eventually cannot handle and one day the truth comes out in black box recording. Everyone is ashamed and suddenly female pilots are the worse pilots. Feeling pressure by his sister, who thinks that Valle should tell everyone that he is bad pilot. It has nothing to do with females. The way Valle comes out at a press conference is hilarious and so is the entire sequence thereafter.

Cockpit is light-hearted and charming film and serves as a potent reminder that identity is fragile, fluid but powerful. Humans are more important than gender and an individual is so because of his/her identity and not gender. Although this genre has been definitely tried before, it still remains funny depending on how well it has been done. There are more than enough funny scenes in this film, which continue to trickle your funny bone. Valle is funny and handsome. He is great when he is a man, but leaves a lot to be desired while portraying a woman. Make-up etc. could have been better. Maria, his sister's character was in fact the funny one and also his mother's who has now turned lesbian.

Decent time pass and funny film. You will not get bored for sure. (7/10)