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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Le Placard (French) [The Closet]

This movie is a hilarious take on how people's lives can take a turn just by saying a simple lie. It can save your job, bring back happiness in your life and make other things also better. Revolving around a humble accountant François, whose only crime is that he is very boring, the film deals with sexual issues without being over the top comedy. It is very subdued.

François finds out that lay offs are going to happen in the office and he will be laid off soon. He has already been deserted by his wife and his teenage son and now scared that he will loose his job as well, he is sharing his dilemma with his neighbor who suggests that he should pretend to be gay to save his job because the company will not want to be sued for discrimination. François emergence from the closet has an effect on a number of people. Suddenly his co-workers find him amusing and talk to him. His company now wants him to march in gay pride in for their company's benefit. His son suddenly starts liking him better than his mom because he thinks his father is cool. One of his co-workers, the macho Felix, pretends to be friendly to François for fear that his overtly homophobic attitude will get him fired. In the process he actually discovers his own closet homosexuality and now he wants to leave his wife and leave with François. Only François's boss is not entirely convinced that François is gay. When things go out of hand to the extent that Felix is sent to mental asylum because he is madly deeply in love with François does François decide to tell everyone the truth. Everyone finally understands his point of view and now things really change for good for him. He finds love in his co-worker who helps him get over his ex-wife.

French films always have that extra flair. It is a charming film which shows how over a period of time certain views on homosexuality have changed but they show all this in a very light tone. It also manages to bring in other threads involving Felix's homophobia, a thread that starts out being very funny but later becomes quite touching and delicate. The film never gets very serious and this is precisely why the interest in the film is kept alive. It also has some very funny scenes as to how small news can end up being big rumors and how François's co-workers thought process also changes over a period of time. The characters are all developed very well and as a viewer it is easy to identify with them.

Overall an enjoyable little film that has a good comic tone as well as an interesting story. (6.5/10)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

All Over The Guy

This film very intelligently focuses on issues of intimacy and finding ways to communicate. There is the usual arguing, fighting bitching and everything else between the characters of this film but on listening carefully, you will realize that this is all so realistic. This is how people in a normal life communicate with each other. There is nothing filmy about that.

The film is kind of 2 parallel stories. Eli and Tom are set up for a blind date by their friends Jackie and Brett who met each other in a furniture store. The date which starts off as very boring becomes lively when they start discussing movies and specially 'In & Out'. A few days later they run into each other at a flea market and hit it off, winding up back at Eli's place where Tom spends the night. The next morning Tom says that it was a mistake. Jackie and Brett decide to try again to set them up, and the two men start to develop a relationship. Tom's fear of becoming emotionally close coupled with Eli's own insecurities makes it difficult for them to maintain, but Jackie and Brett get engaged which forces Tom and Eli together. Eli finally tells Tom he loves him and Tom, terrified, lashes out at him the next day and drives him away. Both of them try to move on with their life but it is not that easy when in the hearts of heart you know you deeply love someone. At Jackie and Brett's wedding reception, Eli and Tom finally come to realize that they have to overcome their families' dysfunction and their own fears.

The dialogue is sharp and quick and not in the campy way, but in the way that friends who know each other can convey in codes and gestures without a lot of extra narration. It's one of the few films I've seen that touches on issues that not every gay man is looking only for quick sex and that when you get two guys together, it is assumed that one certain type of sexual act will occur. All Over The Guy discusses definitions of sex and the importance of intimacy and it's refreshing to see it handled in a manner that doesn't come across as preaching. Eli and Tom had great chemistry and that is so very important to make or break a film. There are so many scenes where they just at each other just trying to fight with themselves for what they feel for each other. The rest of the cast is superb as well, including some great cameo roles. Most of all, the characters of Brett and Jackie are very funny in a superb role of friends of the 2 guys.

This film is not extraordinary but definitely a sweet, good natured watchable romantic comedy. (7.5/10)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ce Vieux Rêve Qui Bouge (French) [That Old Dream That Moves]

The best thing about this film is that it is only some 50 odd minutes. The film set in a old factory in France for some reasons makes it for a delightful watching. I still cant figure out why I liked watching this film because there was nothing extraordinary about it, in fact it moves at a very slow pace. I hope by the time I finish writing this piece, I might have a better idea.

An old factory is going to close soon in France. A worker Jacques arrives in the factory which now has only a handful (5-6 to be precise) who know that in a week's time they wont have a job. Jacques is supposed to dismantle the machines and pack them so that they can leave the next week. All the workers share a special bonding with each other. Jacques experiences an alluring instant attraction to his boss Donand. He doesn't know what to do about it. An old guy in the worker group Guiraudie figures out that this worker likes men and tells him that he cannot get Donand but Jacques is really attracted and says he cant help to not think about it even though he might not be able to get it. There is a scene where the Jacques gets to touch Donand's penis but he quickly backs away. In the final scene, Guiraudie offers himself to the worker but he refuses but they still talk. The week is over and everyone is now going for one final dinner and drinks.

The best thing about this movie was that the movie grows up from male bonding to male understanding in a trying situation. No judgements are made on anyone's sexual preferences. The gay-themed twist is striking for how it naturally bubbles up to the surface, and resolves in an unforced and gently open direction. You can try to figure out few pieces of generation gaps and homosexual relationships if you watch this film closely. The film definitely is filled with some low-key eroticism but that makes it exciting. The acting by every single person is just so natural. You feel as if there is a hidden camera in the factory and you are just witnessing interactions between a few men in the factory. It is very real and believable. Some of the dialogues between Guiraudie and Jacques regarding trying to get something when you cant were awesome. If you have worked in a factory a slightest bit (like I have had in my life), you will be more able to connect with this. Staged with a masterly eye for detail, environment and the unexpected quirks in human behavior, no wonder this film was major contender in that years cannes film festival.

Not sure whether it was the simplicity or realistic portrayal of the film but I really liked it. The short duration was icing on the cake. (6.5/10)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Vil Romance (Spanish) [Twisted Romance]

wtf!! This is my first reaction having sit through this film. It was such an amateurish experiment that I have no words to explain. The film is so dark. The story did have the potential of being 'different' in the world of gay cinema but a very shoddy screenplay, a shoddier acting department and pathetic direction made this film a drag.

Roberto is a teenager and a drifter. He lives with his mom and sister (whose introduction is a 4way with 2 other man.. so weird!). One day he meets a gray long haired man Raul. He accepts his invitation to visit his home. Raul ends up beinga violent lover but Roberto still ends up spending the night with him. They continue to meet despite the violent nature of sex and eventually Roberto movs in because he gets a sense of 'home' and 'family'. He wants this to work but it is not easy with a dark side man like Raul. So now its power struggle in bed. Raul is always top but Roberto wants to be active too. Enter a Spaniard Caesar with whom Roberto has a brief affair. Caesar can't get over Roberto and stalks him to his house. When Raul finds out, he turns extra violent and beats the shit out of Caesar. When ROberto wants to leave the relationship, he threatens him that if he leaves he will hurt his mother and sister. Eventually on a dinner night, the sister and mother murder Raul to save their Roberto.

Twisted Romance is low rent in every sense and the central ‘love’ story is pretty unpalatable. In fact it becomes unwatchable after a certain point. I have already mentioned about he acting department. Maybe it was a little too real for the inner streets of Argentina but common, if you want audience for your cinema, you have to make it a little more engrossing. The characters were probably chosen by demand. Not a single person was even half decent looking. Raul was the ugliest. It is just so hard to justify why in the first place would Roberto be attracted to the man when he is ugly and violent.

Watch this film if you have a twisted mind of your own. (2/10)