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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Gay Short Films : 3

Parabéns! (Portugal)

Chico wakes up on his 30th birthday to the sound of his girlfriend singing "Happy Birthday" to him on his answering machine. When sexy boy Joao wakes up in bed next to him, he realizes that this is not his typical birthday.

Amen (India) - 24 min
Andy and Harry meet through internet. Andy is about to get engaged and wants to have a fling on his last bachelor day and is with his counterpart, the soft-spoken, overtly humble Harry, stands tall and firm and is completely rooted where he is today. The fling leads to talking and Harry trying to make Andy feel comfortable in his gay skin. “Amen” makes two characters meet, experience hope amidst confusion, explore truths about sexuality and the self and delves into the profound meaning of life in the continuum of its trifles. Good acting and story.

Office (Pakistan) - 15 min
It traces the life of a prostitute in Karachi on her typical work day, the men she meets and the different roles she plays to satisfy her clients. And finally after she returns home, she is happy to be back with her lover who is also a prostitute. The 2 women ultimately find happiness in each other. Brilliant short film.

You Can't Curry Love (UK/India) - 23 min
A handsome East Indian from London visits India. He has a huge crush on his boss in London but can't do anything about it. When he comes to India he falls for a local guy, meets a transgendered 'hijra', and discovers a country he only thought he knew. Ultimately he decides to move back to India for his love. Over acting and a really badly made film.

The Boy Next Door (US)
Mark, a 25-year-old male prostitute who suffers from anxiety attacks accidentally runs into the 10-year-old son of one of his clients. When the boy tells him he is looking for his father Mark, taken by surprise, wants nothing to do with him. But while they wait for the client to return Mark realizes that maybe this unexpected guest was exactly what he needed. Over the course of the night this strange new friendship grows and gives both Mark and Justin the courage to overcome their fears and face their own personal demons.

Standard rating for short films. (5/10)

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