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Friday, September 3, 2010

Happy Birthday

This film can be described as 5 short films intertwined with each other in some way. Its about 5 lesbian/gay characters who share the same birthday. The film delves into darkest issues that each character struggles with.

Kelly has recently broken up with her girlfriend when her first crush, Martha, a college friend she hasn't heard from in years, calls to invite her to dinner. Ron confidently runs a ministry for "ex-gays" at his church, until a church member calls his bluff. Javed, a Pakistani immigrant rejected by both his family and his Muslim culture, awaits the decision on his asylum application, while his porn star boyfriend earns money to support them. Tracy, a Chinese-American woman who is not out to her family, tries to find common ground with her traditional mother visiting from Taiwan who ultimately discovers her daughter's sexuality. Jim, an obese man too ashamed of his body to dance in a club, is named telemarketer of the year at "Fat No More." How will he face the diet pill company's founder, who has asked him to dinner?

the story - in attempting to examine in detail many of the psychological undercurrents that impact the gay and lesbian community (self-esteem and self-hatred, cultural clashes with religious or ethnic identifications, body image, gay refugees & immigrants from other parts of the world, with a few others hinted at or touched upon in a more oblique fashion) too often drifts into the realm of pop psychology. This film has lots of clich├ęs and some usual typical archetypal heroes and villains, but the feelings of attachment to the characters is real. The characters go though some crap, but they stop short of self pity. I found myself cheering for them, and sharing their sadness too.

Strictly alright. (2.5/10)

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