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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bedtime Stories (Short Stories)

This DVD was a collection of 25 short gay stories. I think this collection was targeted for Spanish audiences because films were either in SPanish or English or some other language with subtitles in Spanish. I am gonna mention the names of the shorts that I could see not the ones which were completely in Spanish (which were only 13 in number)

$30: A father forces his son to go to a prostitute to become a man. He is gay and ends up befriending the girl.
America The Beautiful: A few seconds film that just shows 2 men kissing.
Birthday Time: A young boy is about to turn 18 and wants to be kissed before that by a man. He forces his neighbour who is taking care of him for the weekend.
Doorman: A young renter seduces the doorman for sex when he moves in and then makes him fall in love with him and dumps him.
El Primo: A boy visits his Latino cousin who takes him to a club and then they both decide to go to a prostitue. Thats when the man realizes he is gay.
El Reloj: 2 teenage boys hang out at one's apartment after a football match practice
Kiss: A 4 minute film showing 2 men kiss.
Love Bite: A friend surprises the other when he comes out to him, except he is not gay, he is vampire.
Postmortem: I reviewed it before. Excellent film
Steam: 1 min film showing a man showing himself off in a steam bath.
The Confession: An elderly couple's story. One wants to priest to visit him before he dies.
Thirteen Or So Minutes: Reviewed on the website before

I am going to give this standard average rating. (4/10)


Unknown said...

hi, thanks for the review. any idea where i can buy this collection? i only want it for America the Beautiful which i have been searching for for years.

Golu said...

Are you serious? You just want this film because of the short film that is barely a few seconds and show the 2 men kissing.

You might wanna try amazon or something, I am not sure. But If you want, I can try and get hold of a copy for you for just that short in .avi format.

Send me your email id

Mike Phillips said...

Hi Golu, my e-mail is