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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros (Filipino)

The first thing that strikes you when you watch this film is the reality with which the actors have acted and the direction has been done in the inner streets of Manila. The other main important thing that I thought was the acceptance of Maxi being gay by pretty much everyone around him. No one bullies him or other kids who are so obviously gay that they are more of a girl than a girl.

Maxi is a young 12 year old effeminate boy living in Manila slums with his father and 2 elder brothers Bogs and Boy who are all pety thieves and make a living out of this. After the death of his mother due to an unknown illness Maxi has taken over her role in taking care of his family from cooking food to cleaning. Entire family totally adores him and protects him as well. Life is good like that until a cop Victor enters the picture. A no nonsense cop, he wants to wipe crime. Maxi for some reason gets a huge crush on this cop. Victor who is a quiet shy and introvert man also likes the boy and becomes his friend without any wrong intentions. When Boy accidentally kills a man, the police just needs a witness to prove. Victor tries Maxi to ay something but he doesn't. Maxi's family ask him to stop seeing Victor and beat him up real bad. When a new sergeant comes in the town, he treads a new path and ends up killing Maxi's father which is witnessed by Maxi. Maxi is heart broken. As much as he loves Victor and is deeply heart broken, he is not ready to forgive him for what he did. In the end he says "There are many evils in the world but I had only one father', it sums it all. Everyone would have loved to see Victor and Maxi come to a closure but I thought that the end was beautiful when Victor now wants to talk to Maxi and be friends again but Maxi just ignores him and continues on his way to school.

Like I mentioned above, there are lot of good things in the film. Efemintae gays can peacefully exist. The support and love Maxi's family give him is very heart warming. It is as if the fact that Maxi is gay doesn't even exist in their thoughts which is wonderful. Even the homoerotic scenes between Maxi and Victor (who by the way was quite good looking) were beautifully handled. Since we have a kid involved they had to be done tastefully, respectfully and beautifully. It broke my heart when a young Maxi cries because he realizes he cannot get the man he so loves

I enjoyed the film. It is long and bit boring sometimes but from an overall theme perspective, it is definitely worth a watch (6/10)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Boys On Film 3: American Boy

Area X
The boy's father unexpectedly picks up his son, sets him up with a hooker with 200 dollars but he is gay and so he runs away. These are just a few of the bizarre events that Paul recounts to Marco, a seductive hustler he meets in a dicey bar on a hidden street underneath New York City's infamous Port Authority Bus Terminal, also known as 'Area X'. Its too late when he realizes that the hustler actually look all his money.

The Young and Evil
Film follows the zero-to-60 path of Karel, a young African-American who is determined to seduce an older man, an HIV prevention advocate, into giving him the virus. The oft-taboo issues of having gay sex but not using protection are amplified by taking place in the African-American community. A bizarre film for me.

Read here Dish

It's about this gay high school kid who's attracted to a new kid in the school. The new kid is tall, smokes and is in good shape. The new kid invites him to his house (in the middle of nowhere) one night and thinks just turn dark and ugly. This one was weird for me.

Read here Dare

In The Closet
Read here In The Closet

Astoria, Queens
I loved this short film. It was saucy and fun. 4 Kansas City twentysomething misfits navigate their new lives in the Emerald City of New York. Newly single Thom, our Dorothy, discovers NYC in a second 'coming out party'. Jimboy, the brainless Scarecrow, wants to become the first gay white rap superstar. Anisha, the workaholic Tinman, searches for a heart and Callie, a whiskey drinking Cowardly Lion, lacks the courage to make it as an actress. Beautiful.

Overall rating is again based on the mix of short stories. (5/10)

Friday, June 25, 2010

Spelen Of Sterven (Dutch) [To Play Or To Die]

This is a short 50 minute dutch film. The movie was weird and I cant decide how to rate it. I hope by the time I finish writing this review, I would have made up my mind.

Kees is a bright, handsome kid, crippled by shyness, whose life is devastated by a group of school bullies. He lives in a huge mansion with his parents. Kees is attracted to the ringleader Charel, a beautiful athletic classmate who probably feels an undetermined interest but would never risk admitting (possibly not even to himself) having any gay or bi appreciation. Kees invites Charel back to his home when his parents are away, ostensibly to take revenge and seduce the older boy, but Charel's inability to drop the pretense and succumb to Kees' infatuation leads to a painful conclusion for them both. Kees goes completely berserk and self-destructs. I think that the reason for this is a combination of loneliness, self-hatred and frustration.

Kees longs for, but cannot attain the object of his desire. Charel is equally unable to deal with the feelings he suspects Kees has for him; he responds not with compassion and understanding, but with rejection and defiance.The boys were good in acting. This would have been better with an even shorter version as a 20 minute odd film. The commendable thing is that the film dares to be different and shows a different dark side of being gay.

Didn't do much for me but it was different. (3/10)

Thursday, June 24, 2010


What have we come to? What were the producers thinking when they made this film? Every actor was so over the top and annoying that it was unbelievable that the director at any point didi not notice how bad acting every single member was doing. What a waste of time.

Derik and Collin are a gay couple who produce TV shows and live in west hollywood. They are good friends with 2 other gay couple and they all hang out very often. Boyd is a psycho aspiring actor who would go to any lengths to get a role in their next production. Mistaking Boyd for Shawn ( a friend's cousin), Derik and Collin allow Boyd(now Shawn) to live in their house. Shawn is now secretly planning to do anything to get a role in their next production. WHat starts now is a series of ups and downs that happen in not just Derik and Collin's life but even their friends because Shawn makes sure that he seduces at least one of the member of the couple and create some misunderstanding. He to some extent manages to create a rift between the couple and blackmail them to give him a part in their show but as expected things come up in open. Every member is then honest to each other and the truth behind Shawn comes out and he is let go.

You should have seen how over the top and annoyingly gay was Collin (or was it Derek). Not even a girl would walk or talk or roll her eyes like he would. Super bad. Then the main character of Shawn ha such annoying dialogues, and smile and even acting. It was just pathetic. The supporting guys were ok but again OTT. Agreed the movie is supposed to be spoof but audiences is supposed to laugh not get supremely annoyed.

Completely avoidable. (1/10)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

S is For Sexy (Short Films)

This is again a collection of 7 short films, two of which I recently saw in other short film collection.

Serene Hunter (France)
Set in Paris, the 'hunter' of the title is a 30-something gay male who has a string of one-night stands. Content being free and unfettered by relationships, he happily moves from encounter to encounter. He then surprises himself by becoming involved in a more substantial relationship...but can the hunter within him be tamed? An honest portrayal, with some explicit action.

Solace (US)
This film shows an older and younger man who meet on the internet, and seem to get along well, until the older man tells about his boyfriend and it shatters younger man's dreams.

Scarred (UK)
An early 20s male has a significant scar on his face from a knife wound - and is fed up of the unwanted attention that it attracts. Will he find someone who can see past the scar? The answer may lie with an older, middle-aged architect, who seems to be the one person to whom the scar is invisible.

Signage (US)
Middle age can be hidden somewhat with makeup and hair coloring, which encourages two best friends to plan a night out at a bar that caters to young men half their age. One makes a strong connection with a young deaf guy, only to find out that there is more than one type of obstacle involved.

Mr_Right_22 (Germany)
First-date jitters in the age of internet dating but a kind waiter calms his fears and offers some encouragement to be open to life's opportunities. Cute.

41 Seconds (Germany)
Two masculine friends take about "41 Seconds" to compare notes on one of their dates, in which his girlfriend compared their respective skills as a kisser. Only 4 minutes, but cute.

Shahram & Abbas (Netherlands)
Two Iranian refugees, a young student activist and an older journalist, who want to see political asylum in the Netherlands. Believing they have a better chance of being granted such if they claim to be a persecuted homosexual couple, they begin a charade that leads to complications they never imagined, especially when the younger Shahram falls for a woman also awaiting asylum. Powerful and positive depiction of a very sad and serious situation.

An overall rating is a little better because relatively these were better films. (5.5/10)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Einayim Petukhoth (Hebrew/Yiddish) [Eyes Wide Open]

What happens if you're a married man with children in an ultra-orthodox Jewish community in Jerusalem and you fall in love and lust with a beautiful young man? A very very different film that probably will shake your beliefs.

Aaron leads a very quiet life. Each day he heads from his tidy apartment where he lives with his four children and his wife Rivka to his butcher-shop to his synagogue to pray. His father recently passed away and now he has to take care of it. Enter Ezri, a 20 something guy who is looking for shelter in Aaron's shop on a rainy day. We soon find out that Ezri has come to the town to look up for an ex-boyfriend. As the days pass Ezri and Aaron develop a relationship. Something more happens as sexual desire develops between the two men. Ezri wants to kiss Aaron, but Aaron tells Ezri that it's a challenge for them to pray about. Ezri takes Aaron to a spring outside the city, and desire bubbles to the surface between the two men. As their gay love is consummated, the love between Aaron and Rivka becomes troubled. This doesn't remain hidden and soon the close knit community. Aaron is quickly ostracized within the Orthodox community. Confronted by Rabbi, Aaron declares he was dead before meeting Ezri. We see how quickly social control turns violent and ugly in the Orthodox community when Ezri is forced to leave and Aaron has to deal with everything on his own.

This is a powerfully moving and a humane Jewish film that portrays forbidden love in an orthodox Jewish community. The main actors have done their part very well. The beauty of the film is that it doesn't glorify either gay experience or orthodox Jewish life and yet it coolly shows the beauties of both. You can see the closeness and security of the life. Aaron's physical pleasures with Ezri are equally simple, and intense, with a passion lacking in his ritual under-the-sheets couplings with his wife.

Definitely a worth watch. (6/10)

Beatific Vision

This must be one of the most boring movies I've ever seen. Totally unfunny, unmoving and uninteresting, even to it's intended gay audience. Thank goodness the director had the sense to give it only a 70 minute running time, as the story could have been told as a short film.Even as a time filler, this one misses the boat.

What does Michael do when his lover of fourteen years, Chad, dies from brain cancer? Michael does not have much time to grieve when Chad as an angel immediately comes back to him. Chad has seen Michael's future and now takes it upon himself to guide and nudge Michael along his path. Chad's psychiatrist, Damien, has agreed to support Michael in this process but as hard as Damien tries he cannot deny his infatuation with Michael. The seemingly unrelated "coincidences" begin to fall into steps of Michael's path when cute boy toy Bryan arrives on the scene the night after scattering Chad's ashes. Damien's x-wife, Pat and Michael's best friend, Barbra add to the mix and are also guided by Angel Chad to their destiny. Like a board game, Angel Chad provides just the right amount of clues to Michael to begrudgingly move him towards his ideal future.

I think this one was a sorry excuse for a movie. I had a hard time deciphering whether the movie was supposed to be drama or comedy or fantasy fiction. The performance by Michael was alright but every 3rd dialogue being Angel CHad annoyed the hell out of me. Damien is another character who borderlines craziness.

Save yourself both time and money. (2/10)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tenderness Of The Wolves (German)

Wow!!. Until I started reading on internet, I had no idea this film was based on a true story. Still, the impact of the film was quite repulsive. Even after reading this, i really did not find anything worth mentioning in the film that could hold your attention.

Fritz Haarmann was a German pedophile and serial killer of young adolescent males during 1919 to 1924 and made nearly 30 victims in only five years of time. Haarmann makes his money by trades food and goods on the black market that he himself falsely confiscated by pretending to be a policeman. This is also how he picks up young lads in the train station and lures them to his apartment loft. He murders the young boys by biting their throats. The atrocities became even more inhuman when Fritz, together with his lover/partner-in-crime Hans Grans, sold the hacked up flesh of the victims on the black market. Haarmann pretty openly declares his affection for young boys and his entire surrounding either deliberately ignores this or even considers it to be the most common thing in the world. Only his neighbor from the apartment below suspects his psychopathic tendencies and attempts to alert the authorities, but that fails as Haarmann actually had connections with the police where he worked as a "rat". The film ends with him being captured.

The film was dark and edgy. Although the subject was gruesome, it really didn't hold my attention. Acting wise I think the main lead did a good job. If you are aware of the true nature of the incident, you might be able to connect with it better.

Just alright. Not my cuppa tea. (2/10)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Consenting Adults (UK)

This historical drama made by BBC for TV viewing is actually the biography of John Wolfenden's personal and professional struggle to reform the British law concerning homosexuality. The time is 60s when acknowledging that homosexuality was disgusting and an abomination and indulging in the act was crime.

John Wolfenden is a college professor with an openly gay son, well open to the family. When John is appointed to chair the committee which investigated prostitution and homosexuality and recommended changes in the law, his son Jeremy is hopeful that his father will keep his personal prejudices against queers and do what is best for society. Needless to say that John himself is very disgusted with the idea of having a gay son. Many of those on the committee started the investigation full of revulsion for homosexuality, but they did their job and interviewed policemen and gay men to find out what went on. In the end they come to a report which says that in private, consenting adults can do what they want with consent age of 21. Full on sex still was illegal but reduced imprisonment from life sentence. There was lot of scenes with Jeremy but I think they were more for dramatic affect. He died at age of 31 for alcoholic reasons.

The photographs of the real-life Wolfendon's over the closing credits show that the production got their appearance almost exactly. The actors are good, and the writers and directors have managed to make a good, sound movie about a subject that is often too forgotten: gay life in the 50-60s. I would have liked more time dedicated to the relationship between him and his gay son.

The film could have been much better than being documentary style of filming. (3.5/10)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Surrender, Dorothy

I know most people would be surprised but I really didn't know that the title of the film was derived from 'The Wizard of Oz' (not my fault since I haven't seen the latter). The film sets the tone right from the beginning and follows its characters throughout on what they have to deal with by loss of one of their most beloved persons in life.

Sara, a beautiful unmarried young woman and her mother Natalie have been very close to the extent that the mother likes to know about each and every single thing that is going on in her life. She intrusively calls here daughter constantly with the mutual greeting 'Surrender, Dorothy'. As they do every summer, Sara is accompanying her best friends - gay playwright Adam who is closest to her, Adam's current date Shawn, and married couple Maddy and Peter with their infant son - to a house in the Hamptons. The group seems jolly until a trip to the local ice creamery by Adam and Sara results in an auto accident which kills Sara. When Natalie receives the phone call that Sara is dead she immediately comes to the Hamptons where her overbearing personality and grief create friction among Sara's friends. Everyone hates her and don't understand why is she there and what she wants. Slowly but surely Natalie uncovers secrets about each of them, thriving on talking about Sara as though doing so would bring her to life. The hardest is trying to get to like Adam who undoubtedly was close to Sara in terms that even Natalie wasn't. Natalie's thirst for truth at any cost results in major changes among the group prominent being the fact that Natalie discovers Sara was pregnant and final nail in coffin is when she reads in Sara's diary how desperately Sara wanted to get out of her mother's shadow and be a free person. It is only through the binding love of the departed Sara that they all eventually come together.

Best performance comes in from Natalie here with a balance between comedy and drama. The film had poignant moments when it is so hard for Adam to accept Sara's absence when clearly she was the only one whom he ever loved. I felt for his character. The other friends were alright. I love that how Adam's muse Shawn would use him to get introduced to the directors and stuff.

Overall a good entertainer which sticks with you even after it has finished. (5/10)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Different For Girls (UK)

This film definitely was novel in its theme and treatment of it. I have seen many LGBT films (although primarily gay) but still haven't seen anything similar to what is shown here. It was a very touching drama about a post-op male to female transsexual and a former male schoolfriend.

Karl Foyle and Paul Prentice were best mates at school in the Seventies. But when they meet again in present-day London things are definitely not the same. Karl is now Kim, a transsexual, and she has no desire to stir up the past while she's busy forging a neat and orderly new life. Prentice, on the other hand, has charm but is a social disaster stuck in a dead-end job. His main talent is for getting them both into trouble. Amid the squabbles, they start to fall in love. One night, Kim invites Prentice to a romantic dinner at her flat. Prentice, finding the seduction unexpectedly effective, freaks out. He proceeds to make a public display of both of them and winds up in court. Humiliated and angry, Kim runs away. Prentice begs Kim to save her. Ultimate;y love wins and he is rescued. To get his life in order, they decide to sell Kim's story to a newspaper and start a fresh life together as a couple.

OMG! The lead character who played Kim was awesome. You have to give it to the dude was portraying such a difficult role with elan. The movie essentially chronicles the emotional journey of this odd-couple; and it's done with the proper mix of humor and drama. Even Prentice as a rookie guy who doesn't know what to do with life trying to understand what and why Kim did what she did is interesting.

Definitely worth a watch. I can bet you haven't seen something like this before (6/10)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Boys Love (Japanese)

This movie is very uncluttered with a very clear sense of story. One character explores his feelings for another boy, whereas the other makes you care why he seemingly has everything but has a dark, destructive side. Both give their roles enough depth to make them both compelling.

The film tells the story of Mamiya, a 20-something journalist, who is assigned to do a profile on popular teen model (and amateur artist) Noeru. Mature for his years, Noeru takes control of their meeting, and later of Mamiya himself, as he introduces the young journalist to his first experience with man-to-man sex. Visiting Noeru a few days later, Mamiya learns that Noeru is more than a bit of a slut, and seems incapable of settling down with one person or keeping his word to anyone, including his best friend Chidori, who has an unrequitted crush on Noeru. Noeru is totally falling for Mamiya who is not gay. But when he realizes that Noeru has some emotional stress, he agrees to become his friend with the condition that Noeru will stop sleeping with random men. Mamiya and Noeru start coming very lose to each other. The film never shows them sexually together but they share a bond. This closeness is absolutely not bearable by Chidori who has always thought that ultimately Noeru will come back to him. In this rage of jealousy, he comes o kill Mamiya but Noeru comes in between and dies. A sad ending !

It's actually a simplistic story, stretched out to fill almost an hour and a half and the acting is a bit "over the top" and tedious at times. The ending seemed contrived and hardly logical, as well as unnecessarily depressing. There could have been a positive twist to it. I liked the proverbs that were shown in the entire movie that kind of summarized different entities and meanings of love in different situations.

Strictly ok to watch. Next in line is the sequel. (4/10)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Un jour d'été (French) [A Summer Day]

It is odd that this film is being promoted as a gay film. There is an unresolved subtle and all- but-avoided ambiguity around the lead Sebastian, but it's more of a tease than anything substantial and i wonder who exactly it is in there for ?

Sebastian and Mikhael are best friends in a small town. They spend their times together. Seb works in his father's garage. One night when Seb watches Mikhael making out with a girl in the woods, he is hurt. The next 2 days , he doesn't talk to his friend. One day during a football match, Mikhael while hanging on the goal post gets injured and dies. Enter the mayor of the town in the scene who is the subject of suspicion. The town's mayor must face the fact of his office's possible culpability. His son Francis wants to be friends with Seb (I got the feeling that he had soft corner for Seb) and tries to get closer to him now that Mikhael is dead. Also in the scene is Mikhael's mother, who has already lost a husband, must now come to terms with her grief. The film basically follows Seb and the mayor. The mayor is someone who is soon to undergo a life trial involving an unexpected death. Seb is someone who has to deal with loss of a friend and make amendments with life and also become close to Mikhael's family.

The film was slow and a lot of emotions in the film were left to be felt and imagined by the viewer. This kind of direction comes in very impressive in most situations but in others it just falls flat because some actions of the individuals are not justified. The "gay" angle is subtly understated. Seb's loneliness is palpable, and he has trouble reaching out to others and sharing what is in his heart. The good part of the film is when Seb is trying to make for his loss of not being with Mikhael by trying to be loving to the girl he was fooling with, his mother and also his sister

It takes time to get used to the film. On afterthoughts, you will like it. (5.5/10)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Speed Dating (Deutsch) (Short Film)

This was a short film of about 30 minutes. After a weird start, the film showed promise but hen again it went nowhere.

In a cold future world everybody who is single drops dead. Which means that Tim who recently got dumped by his girlfriend has a serious problem. None of the women he meets at a speed dating event strike a chord with him. His last chance is Denise - or better said a typo called Dennis. Tim was given a pill to increase his libido. Fearing of dying and the fact that he is not attracted to men, he takes the pill so that he can get close to Dennis. Ultimately Tim does find the love in a girl.

Short films can be hot or miss. This was definitely a miss. (1.5/10)

Japan Japan (Hebrew)

What the heck was this film. Absurd, idiotic and totally senseless. I have seen bad movies and this one comes very close to some of the worse ones I have ever seen.

Imri is 19 year old, an ex-soldier born in Israel but yearns to live in Japan. Having just left the Israeli Defense Force he spends his days idling in a low paying job, wandering the streets of Tel Aviv, watching Japanese porn on his computer and having meaningless sex with men who are strangers. He is kept afloat by his crazy roommates and neighbors plus his dream to one day travel to the land of his dreams, Japan.

The film moves in various directions and just goes on with some sudden random sex and nude scenes which make no sense whatsoever. Imri is a sort of blank slate on whom we can project our fantasies, just as he projects his own onto his beloved Japan.

Except the fact that Imri was cute, there is nothing in the film. Avoid (0.5/10)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Chemin de Croix (French) [Crossway]

It was a 50 minute short film that started well but somewhere lost where it was heading. The main character Jonathan was good looking and a lot could have been done with the situation but the film just finishes abruptly exactly the way it progressed.

Jonathan, a working-class teenager lives with his distant father and a annoying pregnant step mother. When he finds out he is to be sent to boarding school, he steals money from his father and decides to run away from home. He goes to his friend Steve and convinces him to go on an afternoon trip to Paris where they can have fun spending the money. Jonathan has a soft corner for Steve but thats it. After a failed attempt to enter the sex shops in Paris they decide to go to a squat and find some weed. After smoking a couple of joints, Steve has to go back home and Jonathan decides to stay in a hidden place of the squat and ends up sleeping. When he wakes up, he finds himself tied up by Shooter, whose real name is Antoine, who wants to keep him as a hostage in case some of the thugs he had an argument with decide to turn him in to the police. An ambiguous relationship grows between the kidnapper and its victim where in they hurt each other, hate and curse each other but are also each other's companion. Jonathan finally manages to escape from there and let Steve take care of him.

Yes the movie did end as abruptly as you must be feeling after reading this review. It was clearly not thought of how and where the screenplay should go. It was a good potential gone horribly wrong. The direction was alright but big letdown from script. The relationship between Steve and Jonathan if developed could have been far more interesting than this. By the way, where the hell did they find the step mother. Let me tell you, she was very very weird looking.

Completely avoidable. (1/10)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Boys On Film 1: Hard Love

Summer (UK)
Two late-teen males, good friends, are in a London park. They find themselves talking about blow-jobs, and one of the friends is nervously trying to pluck up the courage to speak his mind. The characters are far too old to be engaged in such nervous revelations and therefore undermine the authenticity of this usually engaging theme.

Gay Zombie (US)
A West Hollywood zombie, Miles, is convinced by his therapist to try to resolve his uncertain desires. He visits a gay bar, and is treated as a freak by the patrons. He does meet two nice guys, who try to give him a make-over. But will his blood-hunger prove too much of an obstacle to forming a relationship? Excellent, bitingly satirical, portrayal of a 'gay community' which desires conformism more than anything.

Serene Hunter (France)
Set in Paris, the 'hunter' of the title is a 30-something gay male who has a string of one-night stands. Content being free and unfettered by relationships, he happily moves from encounter to encounter. He then surprises himself by becoming involved in a more substantial relationship...but can the hunter within him be tamed? An honest portrayal, with some explicit action.

Le Weekend (UK)
A 22-year-old French film student, Terry, visits London to make a film for his class. He meets a handsome male in Soho; the language barrier proves problematic, but the two end up sightseeing and hitting the bars. When Terry needs somewhere to stay for the night his new friend offers to share his bed with him. Only one dilemma - Terry identifies as straight, but if he discloses this, will he loose the offered roof?

Cowboy Forever (Brazil)
The narrator, Govinda, is a ruggedly-handsome 20-something 'campiro' (cattle-herder), who has an empathy with the natural world. He narrates this quasi-documentary of the change wrought in his life by the arrival of a new cattle-hand, Jones. After a night in town together, Govinda begins to wrestle with his unexpected desire for his new friend - but the latter seems only interested in females. Moreover, how can Govinda reconcile the machismo of his outdoor life with his feelings for Jones? A compelling, well-produced short film, with original characters and great performances.

Scarred (UK)
An early 20s male has a significant scar on his face from a knife wound - and is fed up of the unwanted attention that it attracts. Will he find someone who can see past the scar? The answer may lie with an older, middle-aged architect, who seems to be the one person to whom the scar is invisible. But what is the architect's real interest...? Atmospheric and original.

Packed Lunch (Australia)
A fairly explicit documentary on the affinity between gay-identified males and the Speedo. Interviews with the first maker of Speedos, collectors, swimmers, and DNA magazine. Plain stupid. Its more of a short documentary.

Mirror Mirror (Australia)
An ageing, overweight male sits in front of his mirror, trying to say goodbye to his alter-ego, a once-glamorous drag queen. As he reluctantly throws out the wigs and make-up, she appears in the mirror and argues against her banishment. Simple but poignant, filled with loss and the ephemerality of youth.

VGL-Hung! (UK)
Terry, an unattractive 30-something male, feels out of place and unloved among the muscled, topless denizens of London gay clubs. Searching for a guy to hook-up with online, his 'fairy godmother' appears on his screen, giving him the opportunity to transform his looks. Terry adopts various physiques, and meets up with different guys...but will he now find what he's looking for?

Overall rating again is same because of varied level of short stories. A pretty diverse collection. (5/10)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Boys On Film 2: In Too Deep

The Island (Canada)
A filmmaker with a vivid imagination considers, with the help of animation, a piece of fan mail he received. What if all the gays in the world were put on an island?

Cowboy (Germany)
An estate agent goes to investigate a prime piece of property in the countryside whereupon he encounters a mysterious farm boy. A mutual attraction develops, albeit uneasily, and the pair indulge in a bout of passion amongst the haystacks. Meanwhile, out among the corn fields, a horrifying fate awaits them.

Kali Ma (USA)
When an Indian mother finds out her son is the victim of a vicious homophobic bully, she delivers her own brand of vigilante justice. Part electric action thriller, part exhilarating comedy, ‘Kali Ma’ finds the secrets that divide mothers and sons and the love that brings them together.

Lucky Blue (Sweden)
A balmy summer night. A camping site somewhere in Sweden. The grand emotions, the shy teenager, the first love, caravans, karaoke and a bird… This is the story of a boy who, in spite of his insecurities and fears, finally finds the courage to express his love in his own special way.

Love Bite (Australia)
Noah and Gus hang out and smoke weed after school. As the munchies kick in, Noah feels compelled to share a secret desire that has been tormenting him. An uncomfortable Gus thinks he knows what’s up. He has no idea.

Bramadero (Mexico)
The beautiful and erotic Bramadero finds Hassen and Jonás on the outskirts of Mexico City. Away from it all, they’ve found a spot where they can seduce one another and merge into one; where sex becomes desire, desire becomes love, and only death will separate them.

Weekend In The Countryside (France)
Pierre is invited to go on a weekend trip to an old country house belonging to best friend Marc. The property is overrun by Marc’s frighteningly unruly dogs. Marc assures Pierre that they are harmless, but when Pierre rebuffs Marc’s sexual advances, the canines turn nasty.

Working it Out (Australia)
Marcus and Peter go to their local gym for their usual workout, which is disturbed by a buff and handsome man called Jeremy. The pair bicker over the sexy Jeremy, accusing one another of either cheating or being all-out paranoid. In the end, though, Jeremy will have his way.

Futures & Derivatives (USA)
A group at the law firm is caught off guard when asked to produce a presentation for an important client. They subsequently hire a bookish temp to pull an all-nighter. Not only does the temp finish the power-point presentation, but he leaves behind a trail of magic that will change the perceptions and sensibilites of the office staff forever.

Overall Rating (5/10)