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Friday, May 28, 2010

Boy Crazy (Collection of short films)

Timothy is bullied by homophobic classmates at his all boys high school. While studying A Midsummer Night's Dream, he imagines a world where he isn't so different. This original short was the inspiration for the smash hit feature, Were The World Mine. (6/10)

Kids Israel and Louie walk around their East Los Angeles neighborhood dishing about their high school classmates. After listening to Louie boast about his sexual escapades, Israel decides he has some catching up to do with a guy that he likes but it doesn't turn out what he expected. (3/10)

Tony visits his ex-boyfriend in New Zealand in hope of rekindling old romance. Their meeting is also with a teddy bear that they used to share. (4/10)

Frequent Traveler
A traveler has a crush on security guard. He travels frequently in hope of getting searched by him but the guard has some other plans for him. (4.5/10)

The Back Room
Just before closing, a bookstore manager helps a mysterious stranger find information on an artist who recently inspired him during a trip to Florence. As the stranger’s story unfolds and the search for the elusive painting begins, these men uncover astonishing connections to the art and each other. (2/10)

Corey enjoys the single gay life, yet still searches for love at the gym, the beach and in a singing chat room! When co-worker Derek and ex-boyfriend Nathan pursue Corey at the same time, he faces a difficult decision in this wonderful, colorful, romantic, musical-comedy extravaganza. (5.5/10)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sagwan (Filipino)

I can see this film as being highly controversial. An independent film, this has loads of hot dudes with good bodies. Not that just this, they have ample male and female nudity and it is not just for the sake of it but this is one case where script and the settings completely demand it. Although I must admit that after a while it becomes a little too much.

The movie tackles about the life story of Bangkeros (Boatmat) with a side line of selling their bodies to gays and matronas. The film's central character is Andrew who prides himself as the only boatman who hasn’t engaged to prostitution that his friends have grown accustomed to. He has a girlfriend who stopped speaking ever since she witnessed her mother's death. Rumor is that her father killed her. Now she devotes her entire time in taking care of Andrew and her father. The movie goes along an how all the men deal with various clients. Andrew's best friend Eman also tries to convince him to get into prostitution to make more money and so does his father specially because he has such a nice body and he is good looking. One day when Eman and Andrew and taking a client across the river, he finally gives in and does it and feels guilty about it. We also get an impression that Eman is physically also interested in Andrew. The same time his girlfriend has wanting to get physical with him but he always avoids that. So one day Eman ends up getting physical with Eman thinking him as Andrew. The movie ends with Eman and the girlfriend making out and Andrew finally joins them. The 3 of them are very much in love with each other and are enjoying. ANdrew realizes that ultimate pleassure lies beyond who you are and who you're with.

The film was visually beautiful in places. The panoramic setting was very well captured. All the other boys though hot were very bad in acting department. There were a couple of drag queens whose comic antics and punch lines sometimes made the film funny. The girlfriends character was very weird and was never clearly explained why she stopped talking.

It was a decent film but not worth repeating. (4/10)

Monday, May 24, 2010


Of late we have seen a lot of movies that show us lives of gay friends in big cities and how they cope up with some of the challenges that life offers them. This film also falls in a similar category except that these queens are more uptight and muscled rather than your regular gay guy (or maybe regular gay guys are all muscled these days)

5 close friends always hang out. Desmond is your usual one night stand guy who is scared of relationships. Bobby and Sean are a couple who have been together for few years and are now in the process of looking for an aptt to buy. Mick is a famous chef who is still mourning the death of his lover for a long time and lastly JD who is insecure about pretty much everything in his life. Enter Drake, a hottie to whom everyone in the group gets instantly attracted to as a person because he is smart, handsome, confident and fun. Soon we realize that Drake is after all these individuals to break their love and friendship. We find out later the reason is because long ago his boyfriend walked out on him and the incident had made him bitter that he cannot see anyone happy. He succeeds in bedding Desmond. Nail in straw comes when he seduces Sean knowing that he maybe sometimes misses playing around. Various other events happen that break the beautiful friendship and love between the 5 people but soon sense prevails. The friends take matter in their hands and everything is back normal. Drake is all alone to the extent that his own close friends now dont want to hang out with him.

The story premise was pretty basic with some additional focus on some insecurities of gay men and friends. The main thing missing was more details on Drake. His intentions were never clearly explained. The mean were good looking specially Sean. This one was a decent short time pass.

It wont hurt to watch the film one time. (5/10)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Gay Short Films : 02

In The Closet (USA)
On a night almost like any other, a shy, awkward young man has his first ever sexual encounter with an older, experienced, but a bit jaded, trick. The passion is shared, souls are exposed and secrets are ultimately revealed but at a cost. (3/10)

The Tears of AIDS (France)
A married man falls in love with an another man whom he meets on a beach. He describes this sudden passion in simples words. A nice heart warming film.

James (UK)
Young James struggles as the outsider kid at his school. His teacher is the only person he feels he can connect with. When James finally puts a voice to his feelings, Mr. Sutherland's response isn't what James had hoped for.

Majorettes in Space (France) 
Dimitri, a Soviet cosmonaut of Soyouz 27 likes majorettes. Catherine and Laurent like making love. Jean-Paul II loves airports. Vincent loves boys. Total random and abstract.

Amor Crudo (Argentina) [Raw Love]
A portrait of the last days of high school. Two friends spend all day long together, but this will inevitably come to an end. A beautiful sincere story of mixed emotions and secrets that dare not speak loud. (6/10)

Secrets (USA)
Deception. Revenge. Sex. A group of young people spend their nights playing cards, eating and drinking. But what other secrets are they keeping from their parents, their friends or themselves? (3.5/10)

Forsaken (French)
A boy is torn between love and religion. A retiring priest now thinks of his younger days when he made a choice to stick to religion andnot his male love. He still misses him but it was his choice. (2/10)

Les amoureux (France) [Lovers]
This short is extracted form the feature film. In a French small town, Marc, a 15-year-old teenager, reveals his homosexuality.

El cielo dividido (Mexico - Spanish) [Broken Sky]

On paper it did sound like a decent idea to have minimal dialogues in a film and focus more on relationships just through scenes and emotions but Gosh! what a failed attempt this one was. We're examining a gay love affair and nothing else.

Gerardo picks up Jonas in a playing field at the university and the passionate kisses and embraces and the sex begin right away. Then Jonas starts averting his face when Gerardo tries to caress or kiss him. And yet they're still regularly sleeping together. Sergio, a slightly older man, a tall, dark, brooding fellow, even easier on the eyes than the other two enters the scene now. He has already watched the pair play hide and seek in the library stacks when he was installing a light bulb. Jnas takes up liking for Sergio but can't get his attention. Sergio on the other hand has wanted Gerardo for a long time. Gerardo and Jonas are falling apart. Gerardo and Sergio become a couple and then again Jonas begins to long for Gerardo again.

LIke I mentioned the movie is weird because it barely has dialogues. The director has said that the reason there is so little dialogue is that the moments he chose to capture were the ones between the dialogue; before the characters felt the need to speak, and after they had said all there was to say. But I dont agree. This one was a slow opera type movie which is totally not the kind that I like.

I would suggest, stay away. (2/10)

Saturday, May 15, 2010


"Infamous" is based on George Plimpton's book in which he really tries to capture Truman Capote. The film explores Capote's bizarre relationship with Perry Smith. The sexual tension between the two is palpable, but we continue to question if Capote is merely manipulating Smith for the story or if, in fact, there is real substance to the attraction. We will never know if his reaction on death row is heartbreak or guilt. The mystery adds to the power of the story.

Truman Capote is a loved socialite who loves to gossip with high profile women. Hi short height and a strange voice always sets him apart from everyone else in the group and needless to say that his flamboyant gay nature make him not so popular in other parts of the country. On November 16, 1959, Truman Capote reads about the murder of a Kansas family. There are no suspects. With Harper Lee, he visits the town: he wants to write about their response. First he must get locals to talk, then, after arrests, he must gain access to the prisoners. One talks constantly; the other, Perry Smith, says little. Capote is implacable, wanting the story, believing this book will establish a new form of reportage: he must figure out what Perry wants. Their relationship becomes something more than writer and character. They share a bond a love for which neither of them can do anything about. Truman uses everything in his power to get his facts right and get his book out but we also see the love that is growing within him for his new found friend. Perry Smith ultimately dies on death row leaving a void in Truman's heart.

Comparison of this film with 'Capote' is inevitable but since I haven't seen the latter I will refrain. I will say though is Daniel Craig as Perry Smith and the actor paying Truman were both brilliant. The portrayal os sexual tension between them is killing. This movie is a witty, moving and astonishing tale of obsession and relation.

Will strongly recommend. It is definitely entertaining. (6.5/10)

The Sensei

This martial art film also is about sexual prejudice, hypocrisy, intolerance and violence. Rather than shying away, the film deals with all these issues head on. You get to see some really touching moments.

Living in 80's in COlorado, McClain's life is a nightmare from every minute that town found out he was gay. Everyone despises him, hits him and no one talks to him. He is weak and gets beaten in school. He has tried to join a martial art school but they always make excuse to not take him. The school is run by an asian immigrant family. Their daughter Karen comes back to the town after 5 years. She had left the town because of the discrimination that she faced wherein every member of the family got black belt except her because she was girl. When McClain's mother approaches her to train her son, she accepts the challenge and one day the truth comes out when suddenly a college guy tries to bully McClain and he hits back. This does not go down well with Karen's family and the town. Both McClain and Karen get into a bad fight with local hooligans and are hospitalized. The truth then comes out that Karen is HIV positive and got it through her boyfriend. After a slurry of emotions, Karen's family comes to term with it, nurses her till the time she finally gives up and dies. A strange strong bond had developed between the 2 protagonists. Karen shared with McClain the story of when everyone in the town had refused to bury her boyfriend who was dying of AIDS, the LGBT community came forward to help and teaching McClain martial arts was her way of returning favor back to community.

It is truly an amazing and touching film. Although made on a very low budget, the film looks pretty true by heart. Problems aren't completely solved here. But The Sensei gives us an idea of where we can start. Acting is alright although the family of martial art reactions were a little incomprehensible to me.

A good and decent watch. (5/10)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tout contre Léo (French) [Close To Leo]

This was such a good film to watch. It has been along time since I saw the family bond, interactions and closeness amongst members of the family and how they are so protective of each other. It was very very heartening to see pure brotherly love without any sexual tension or anything despite the amount of nudity involved. It was all very pure. The movie basically is through eyes of Marcel.

Marcel 11 is the youngest of 4 brothers Leo, Tristan and Pierrot. The parents are also young and they are all a very close knit family. Each is fairly open and accepting of Leo’s homosexuality and one night they learn that Leo is HIV positive. Worried that Marcel is too young to deal with this devastating news, he’s omitted from the family discussions of Leo’s HIV status. But one night after dinner Marcel overhears talk about Leo’s health, and the news comes as a bombshell. Family continues to pretend everything is fine but Marcel knows and wants the truth to come out but no one is able to do this. Leo is increasingly getting frustrated with his situation and wants to goto Paris to rekindle his romance with an ex-boyfriend. He takes Leo with him. Marcel hears from Leo that Leo is indeed very sick and very gay. After a while Marcel is able to figure out that that Leo is also very unhappy with his situation and with taking his meds. Leo's hope of getting love back in life is dashed down when the other guy had moved with someone else. Leo sends back Marcel home on train asking him to take care of everyone in family. The film then ends with Leo's funeral.

Like I mentioned this film shows very good family bonding. It is filled with touching, hugs, kisses, sharing beds (non-sexually), and apparent good humor. The warmth and love between father with kids and wife, beauty of brotherly love and dignity that Leo and Marcel bring to this film is pure joy to watch.

Strongly recommended for pure love, bond, family and crisis. (7.5/10)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Gay Short Films : 01

Twilight Of The Gods (Maori/English)
It's the story of a native hunter who nurses a wounded western soldier back to health. The two characters don't share a language or culture, but they form a bond. The hunter nurses the soldier back to life & love but eventually gets killed. (4/10)

Sidste Kys (Danish) [The Last Kiss]
A man is talking to his lover who is leaving him to go because he thinks it is not working. The guy is losing it as he cannot understand what has gone wrong. At the end of 4 minute film you find that the dude was not talking to his love, rather his cock. The end shocks you. (6/10)

Baije-me Se For Capaz (Portuguese) [Kiss Me If You Can]
Set in Sao Paolo, two friends wonder when will they ever find true love. They both ultimately find love. One through his dreams and other through a guy following him and then ultimately falling for him. (5.5/10)

A Boy Named Cocoy (Philippines)
Young man arrives to Manila to find a work. There he meets another boy who helps him and takes him in. Slowly he realizes that this guy is gay and maybe helping him for sex. This breaks his heart and illusion. He picks up a fight with him but feels obligated to return the favour. So he allows him to get physical with him and then leaves soon after because he is not gay and can't deal with the situation. Alrght but real bd print that I saw. (3.5/10)

Mga Lalaki Sa Dilim (Philippines)
Will you pay for sex? Will you pay for love? This video captures some moments in a male hooker's night from the time he waits for a client to every kind of service he gives them, for a price. But can one get it for free? What if two hookers fall for each other? Who will be the client and who will be the hooker? A lot of sex, and sometimes love, happens in the stillness of the night. (0.5/10)

Mivtzah YY (Hebrew) [Operation YY]
Ron, at 22, still lives with his parents. He barely knows the daylight hours and his nights are divided between his job as editor of wedding videos, chats on the Internet and futuristic fantasies. One night all the elements he toys with converge and, for the first time in his life, Ron is willing to risk an in-person human interaction. (4.5/10)

Fresa Y Chocolate (Spanish-Cuba) [Strawberry and Chocolate]

This movie is set in Havana. This movie is about accepting difference and learning to appreciate other points of view and other ways of life. It's not really a movie about gay men. Its about friendship that takes you beyond sexuality.

Diego, a gay activist has huge crush on David, a young Communist party member who is very straight. He lures him into going to his apartment for some pictures but nothing materializes. David realizes that Diego is gay and leaves soon. On his room mates insistence that he might find something with Diego which could hep them in communism, David reluctantly go back there. He makes it very clear that he does not want sex and rather just wants to have friendship with him. Diego accepts it. Diego is smart, knows a lot about art and culture, and teaches these things to his friend. The friendship between David and Nancy, one of Diego's friends, grows as well and they make love at the end of the movie. But, Diego is in trouble after sending a letter that ridicules the government for not accepting his art exhibition and, for this reason, the government kicks him out and he has to leave the country. The movie ends with a touching hug between Diego and David.

There are two themes that clearly exist in this movie: friendship and tolerance. True friendship can only exist when two people accept each other as they are; not only physically, but on the inside as well. The characters are well drawn and it shows that friendship can occur between a gay and a straight man.

An alright film to watch. Plot was good but something special was missing for me. (5.5/10)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Juste une Question d'Amour (French) [Just a Question of Love]

I saw this movie again primarily for 2 reasons. First of course I had to put it on my blog, second because I remembered that it was one of the best movies I had seen. After having seen so many of gay movies over past few years, I still like it; maybe not as much as I did the first time but still one of the very good films made.

Laurent lives with his parents. His cousin recently died of HIV and he was gay. His uncle's family totally despised him and that is the reason Laurent is afraid to come out to his parents. He lives with his girlfriend Carole who is happy to pose as her girlfriend for the parents sake. Because of all this , his grade in school is getting low. They are so poor that e is instructed to do an internship in field agriculture to raise his academic standing under his tutor Cédric. He lives an openly gay life with his warmly understanding and loving mother Emma in a garden setting that also serves as Cédric's agricultural research lab. Though instantly attracted to each other, Laurent maintains his closeted life until Cédric reveals his affection: the two become happy, passionate lovers. All goes well until Cédric insists that Laurent be in an open relationship, a state that would demand that Laurent inform his parents of his preferences. Laurent fears that he will be treated like his cousin so he is afraid to tell his parents because they mean so much to him. This is when Emma thinks to interfere and she goes and tells Laurent's parents. How the parents deal with this trauma, how Laurent in the end becomes comfortable in who he is and still manages to keep his parents love is worth watching and heart rendering.

The relationship between the 2 guys is so loving and refreshing, it reminds you of your love. As a viewer you feel as if you're right there, actually sharing their fun, excitement and joy in discovering sex and love with each other. Needless to say that they are easy on eyes too. The film still strike a chord after 2nd viewing. Even the parents are very real I love the scene when Emma walks in unannounced on the boys and Cedric is all too cool about it.

Definitely worth a watch. One of the good ones. (8/10)