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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Eating Out 3: All You Can Eat

Eating Out 1 was funny and interesting, specially because I watched it at a time when I had not seen many gay films. The second part was a huuuge disappointment. This 3rd in series film is actually decent. It keeps your attention, interest and is also funny in parts.

Tiffany, the ideal fag hag is back. Her friend is now Casey who has just moved to LA. He meets Zack at a LGBT event and instantly takes al iking for him but he is already taken. But Zack breaks up soon. casey finds him online and pretends to be someone else. On Tiffany's insistence he puts up Ryan's profile as his profile. (Ryan is Tiffany's ex and he supposedly does not live in LA anymore). Casey pretending to be hot Ryan flirts with Zack and almost makes him fall in love with him. But enter the real Ryan and the truth comes out. Now Tiffany & Ryan help Casey to win back Zack and in an interesting climax they both declare love for each other.

Story is simple. The movie keeps flowing because of the influx of all hot gay stud men (My nick for chelsea-Queens). Casey is the only lean trim not muscular guy who is in awe of Zack's body. Acting wise everyone is fine. Casey can't act but Tiffany and Ryan are good. Ryan is very hot too . I would doubt if straight man actually has a body and ass like Ryan. lol

Overall a timepass film. No great histrionics. (4.5/10)

Flexing With Monty

If you thought, you had seen bad gay films, wait till you see this one. This one beats all of them. The worse movie made, EVER.

Monty is a bodybuilder. His gym is the very heart of his existence. He is aggressively male, outrageously narcissistic and a bigot. Sharing this strange world is Monty's cerebral and emotionally wounded younger brother, Bertin. One stormy day, the brothers' bizarre but settled lives are suddenly disrupted by the unexpected arrival of Lilith, a Catholic nun collecting contributions for an unusual cause. Lilith's arrival is the catalyst required to generate a momentous change in Bertin's relationship with his brother: a change that results in the astonishing and gruesome downfall of the vainglorious Monty.

Almost 70% of the film focusses on Monty's body building, I dunno why. And the rest is so vague, bizzare, non sensical that I am finding hard to find words to express how bad it really was.

Stay away... Plllleeeeeaaaaasssseee. (0/10)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Boca A Boca (Spanish) [Mouth To Mouth]

This was an alright film. Its again not right to put this film as a gay film but what the hell, it at least gives me a chance to write about something. A film which has Javier Bardem is worth writing about anyways.

A struggling actor Victor Ventura waiting for his break. In the interim he works at a phone sex line. A man named Bill is his regular client who is closeted doctor and married and Victor pretends to be gay. One night Victor decides to meet one of his female callers named Amanda and has a night of passion. As it turns out Amanda says she is married to Bill but Victor thinks he loves her. She asks him to help set up Bill for their divorce and he agrees. The plan is for Victor to seduce Bill into meeting him privately so that when they are alone, some pictures can be taken and divorce would be easy. When Victor and Bill are alone a hitman tries to kill them and it turns out that Amanda is not married to Bill. Both had been set up. And the persn behind all this is Bill's real wife and his close friend.

The film goes through a lot of funny and comedy scenes but overall does not a deep impression on you. Romance between Amanda and Victor seems completely forced. Acting wise of course Javier Bardem was good but thats it. Plot was interesting but after a while it becomes too predictable. As a viewer you know exactly what's going to happen next.

Its strictly a time pass film. Nothing more. (4/10)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Andre's Mother

This film was short and touching. I watched it with my boyfriend and he was really touched by it. The film reminded me of another film that I recently saw in terms of a guy trying to mend relations with the mom of his estranged lover.

Cal is an upcoming writer in New York who falls in love with Andre, an aspiring actor. Andre's mother knowing everything still fails to acknowledge that Andre is gay. When she visits to NY from Texas, Andre has to go for an audition forcing her to spend sometime with Cal. She has a hard time dealing with her son's relationship and lifestyle, despite Cal's efforts to become her friend. Andre's grandmother on the other hand is more accepting but her daughter is intransigent in her disapproval. Andre finally falls prey to Aids which further creates rift between Cal and Andre. It kills Cal to see that Andre's mother still would not acknowledge him and maybe blame him for what happened. After the funeral, an emotional outburst from Cal forces Andre's mother to finally look and accept that her son was different and she needs to appreciate the love he shared.

Decent acting by lead cast, the film focussed very much on its theme. There were no unnecessary side plots. Cal's desperation was very evident in trying to make Andre's mother accept him as well as her own son for what he is. Unfortunately by the time it happens, it is too late.

Heart touching and a warm film. (5.5/10)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

King Size (French)

This is a very nice, cute simple film. They have used an unusual theme and without any drama they have tried to portray a lot. Hd this movie been an American film, it would have been a drama. As an audience you have more fun with the film because this is a musical. Every 5 minute is a song and dance sequence but it kind of fits well even if you dont understand the language. Its a cute film.

Vincent and Nicholas are a happy gay couple who have been together for many years. They meet Gabriel, many years their junior and all 3 of them are completely smitten by each other. After their first night together, they realize there is much more to what just happened. The 3 of them fall in love and decide to be a couple of 3. They ask Gabriel to move in with them. All that they now need is a big king size bed to accommodate all three of them. Initially Vincent's sister doesn't approve f it but seeing that Gabriel although young is completely committed to the relationship gives in and accepts him as a part of their weird trio. One of their girlfriends is also very accommodating of the whole situation. The film ends with everyone being one big happy family and the trio of Vincent, Nicholas and Gabriel living together happy.

Of course the concept of a couple of 3 is weird and out of what I would think, but give this film a chance by not judging it for the theme and you will completely enjoy it. This film brings smile to your face because nothing except the songs are OTT. The sining and dancing add to the flavor of the film. Top that with 3 good looking guys, what do we have to complain about.

This one is a true gay musical. (6/10)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Chicken Tikka Masala (UK)

The movie is fun on first viewing and OTT when you see it the second movie. This is one movie in which one single frame has a very good actor and the completely opposite of a really really bad actor. This is how the cast is spread out in the film.

Jimi is a medical school student who is gay and has a lover Jack and they live with Jack's obese, alcoholic, loose morals aunt Vanessa and her daughter Hannah. Jimi's family is visited by the Patel family from Delhi who bring their beautiful daughter Simran to England to find a husband. Jimi's parents and grandmother trick Jimi into marrying Simran and suddenly announce their engagement and wedding in 7 days. Jimi discovers the plot and is too spineless not to go along with it, a decision which enrages Jack and infuriates Vanessa. Hannah tells a 'little lie' to Simran (that she is Jimi's daughter) and the wedding is off. When Jimi's parents visit Jimi's house they discover the drunken Vanessa. Initially repulsed they ultimately decide to accept Vanessa as their daughter-in-law and decide to get the 2 of them married. Jimi is still too spineless to say anything. Jimi convinces the very reluctant Vanessa to go along with the idea and before long Vanessa is dressed in a sari, prepared for a wedding, and Jimi, terrified at what he is doing just to please his parents, includes Jack as his best man. At the wedding the truth comes out and to Jimi's surprise his family adapts to Jimi's true self and the day is saved by simply being truthful.

One very noticeable thing in the movie is the absolute lack of chemistry between Jimi and Jack. C'mmon you have ben living for 3 years and you dont even give a hug, forget kissing. Zero chemistry. Saeed Jaffrey as Jimi's father is excellent and so is Zohra Sehgal (as always) as grandmother but where did they get the mother from. She had no idea about acting and its very hard to put in words how bad her acting was. Vanessa's character was funny. Supposed to be a funny film, the comic moments in the film were very few and far between. Oh! And how suddenly everything just falls in place and family accepts their son being gay. Only if things were so easy. Give me a break.

Strictly one time watch. Dont even try for a second time. I did and can say from my personal experience. (4.5/10)

Latter Days

Ok, so everyone who watches gay films has definitely hard of this movie. In case you are wondering how come I saw this movie so late, I didn't. I just recently watched it the second time so that now I could review it for my blog as well. Plus it gives me a chance to revisit and see if I still like it as much as I did it in my previous time. This one is still good but after this there have been so many better films that probably this one might not feature in my personal top 10 gay films.

Aaron a hunky Morman missionary moves to West Hollywood in LA to spread the word of God. He along with 3 of his other friends moves into an apartment complex where Christian lives. Christian is sex starved gay hunk whom everyone wants. He has the ideal good looking man. Working as a waiter, he bets with his friends that he can have one of the Morman boys in his bed. Christian lays his eyes on Aaron and aaron is more than ready to oblige. When Aaron helps Christian when he gets hurt, he is ready to get Aaron in bed but Aaron makes him realize the importance of love. He also makes Christian feel that maybe he is very shallow. Christian starts some soul searching and slowly himself starts falling for Aaron. One such day, Aaron's colleagues find the 2 men kissing. This is a disgrace moment for Aaron and his family. He is removed from the mission, sent back home and is excommunicated from the church. BUt before he goes back home, Aaron and Christian give into each other completely to understand and feel what pure love is all about. Aaron's parents are very indifferent to him and when Christian tries to call him, they blame him for doing this to their son. After a failed suicide attempt, Aaron flees to LA to search for Christian. He finally gets a to meet his man and it is then a very very emotional re-union.

The 2 men acted very well. They were definitely good looking and at the same time they had that chemistry among them. You could feel Christian's struggle to understand the real himself and falling in love. At the same time, it kills you to se how even in today's time some of the communities treat you for being gay. The woman playing the restaurant's owner was also pretty good.

Definitely worth a watch. Like I said, its not the best but its still very good. (8/10)

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Once in a while comes an innocent sweet and tender love story that makes your stomach churn but in a good way. You want to get lost in that innocence and wish something you were the character feeling those emotions. Very very few films made me feel that way and this one definitely comes high up in that region. This is a strongly recommended film.

Danny, a gifted young artist is having his first art exhibition. He is looking at his paintings and is remembered of his high school days and his first love Carter. Carter's father and Danny's mother met at a AA meeting. When Carter's father has to go out of town for few days, he asks if Carter can stay at Danny's house. Carter finds some naked men's pictures in Danny's room but is totally cool with it. The boys somehow have an instant connection in terms of friendship. They have the most amazing weekend ever as they were long lost friends. Danny likes to paint and wants to paint Carter. He is totally in awe of him and Carter fools around with Danny very well understanding that he is having an affect on Danny. Things progress and they kiss each other. danny professes his love to Carter but he doesn't think anything of it. When school starts Carter asks Danny to not meet him in school because he doesn't want other students to give him a hard time. Carter is actually a little fucked u kid because of his family situation and is into drugs and everything. Swimming is the only thing that he is absolutely passionate about. They both keep meeting outside school and their love grows. One day school kids end up beating Danny for him being gay. Carter gets angry but cant do anything about it. This is when Danny coms out to his mother and tells her everything. Meanwhile Carter participates in a swimming competition and comes second. This and other things lead to a stroke and he is hospitalized. Ashamed and tired of his life, he ends up committing suicide. Present day, Danny's new boyfriend is tied of always having Carter's ghost presence in their relationship. He wants to save their relationship by doing everything he can to not have Carter between them because people need to move on.

There were so many good things about the movie. Acting as Danny was simply superb. He can get five stars for acting. In fact every single person was very very good. The whole sequence of events where slowly Danny is falling in love with Carter have been handled with emotion, sensitivity and interest at the same time. You can feel exactly what Danny is going through. On the other hand you can also feel Carter's frustration with everything thats going with him. The scene when Danny comes out to his mom is so refreshing. I wish more parents would react in such a positive and supporting way. I liked that Danny was never ashamed of who he was. The scene when Carter visits Danny after he is beaten just makes you cry. All Danny wants Crater is to hold him. So many other scenes and a few after Carter's death just touch to to the core.

Please watch this movie for the sake of love and Danny's acting. I know I want to watch it again with my bf. I bet you would not be disappointed. (9/10)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sitcom (French)

A bizarre, fucked up movie is what I have to say about this film. The film started well but after the whole episode of incest and rat and everything, the film just went complete downhill. I would probably not recommend this film to anyone.

The story is about Jean and his wife with a son Nicholas and daughter Sophie. Two new members in the house, maid Maria and a pet rat brings in series of troubles for the family. One night maid maria is invited by the family for dinner. She arrives with her African husband Abdu. Nicholas has been playing with the rat. After which when he is at dinner, he suddenly declares that he is gay and goes back to the room. Abdu offers to help but we all knew what is going to happen. Soon Nicholas's room is home to a parade of strangers doing who-knows-what. The mother can't understand what's going on. Same night Sophie has an encounter with the rat following which, she jumps out of the window and ends up becoming a bitchy paraplegic. Her boyfriend David is still tryng to make her feel better but to no avail. Things go on. WHen the mother finally is loving to the rat, she gets all crazy and beds her son and everyone in the family knows about it. The father is completely indifferent to all this and doesn't care. The mother goes for a weekend therapy session with kids during which they realize that the root of problem is the rat. They ask Jean to kill him. Jean is meanwhile playing with the rat and cooks him and eats it. When the family comes back, Jean is now turned into a giant rat and attacks the family who finally kill him. Everyone feels much better now. Abdu and Nicholas are a couple and David and Sophie are back to having a normal relationship.

Sitcom takes bits and pieces of a typical sitcom and tries to make ridiculous and disturbing film. Elements like stuffy mother, raunchy maid, bored father etc. It is a satire on family but with a very twisted plot and equally bad ending. Acting from the principal cast was ok but just that itself would not make the viewer like the film. There were so many odd things about the film that it is difficult to even mention.

IFrench films are interesting but this one is a bad film. (1.5/10)

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Boy With the Sun in His Eyes

Please, if this is what some film makers are going to create in the name of art, then please spare me of the horror. This has to be one of the most really bad films I have ever seen. There is absolutely no story and acting is so shoddy and terrible.

John and Kevin are childhood friends. John is gay and Kevin is bisexual who has a girlfriend by the name Solange, a B-movie actress in low-budget Italian horror films who has never met John. After Kevin's unexpected suicide attempt, John gets to meet Solange. Within minutes of meeting him, Solange offers John a job as a production/personal assistant for "The Untourist Guide," a food/lifestyle magazine/show she is planning to do in Europe. Here starts a weird journey where you get to be a part of some really weird parties and John meeting some hot men in Paris and Italy. This continues non stop for a while, till a time John realizes that there is something wrong with Solange and it is she who is weird. Miraculously, she has a change of heart and she comes and confesses to John that she actually killed Kevin because it was his last wish. He was dying of Aids and did not want to die like a dead meat. He also wanted Solange to help John get out of his desk job which she did. And thats it. The film just abruptly ends as it started.

Although mentioned that film is shot in Paris and Italy, I am pretty sure they did not because every scene was inside a hotel room which I must say were so bad and very low on taste. All French and Italians were so fake that you didn't even feel like laughing at the so obvious 'I will fool the audience' scenes.

A bad bad bad film. (0.5/10)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Merci Docteur Rey (French/English)

It will be wrong to say that this is gay themed film. While it is painted on a backdrop about a gay young man, this is a classic murder comedy in the best European tradition. Although set in Paris, the film is primarily in English with French thrown here and there.

Single mother Elisabeth who is a world famous opera singer is having trouble communicating with her only son 23-year old Thomas. Though Elisabeth is based in US, Thomas prefers t live in Paris. Thomas is struggling with his gender identity and spends his time in the sex personals and phone ads. During one such encounters, he witnesses a murder of an old man. It turns out hat the old man was actually his father who left Elisabeth for another man. Troubled at what just happened, he goes to visit a psychiatrist Dr Rey. He mistakes one of her patients Penelope to be the doctor and tells her everything. Penelope who blames herself for sudden death of Dr. Rey in one of her sessions tells the truth to Thomas and they start sharing a bond with each other. Thomas now wants to trace the killer of his father and Penelope needs to come out of the shadow of dubbing for movies in French. Elisabeth is very surprised when Thomas introduces Penelope to her as his fake girlfriend because she thought Thomas might be gay. Anyway towards the end, the mystery behind the murder is solved, what Elisabeth's involvement in the murder was and how when police coms, Thomas creates a fake story around Dr Rey's death and his father's murder and blame them both on each other.

The film is definitely very funny. Everyone has done a good job specially Penelope as a girl who despises divas and can't help but puke when she sees them. The entire story mentioned above has been done in a funny way. You will alway be smiling and cracking at some of the scenes. My only complain is the motive of killing was not very clear and some of the other interactions of the principal characters with each other.

The film as good but not great. (5.5/10)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Shank (UK)

I am not too sure about my feelings for the movie. I should feel bad for the main protagonist but I dont because whatever happened to him was partially because of his own fault. And considering what he had done to others, he received an equally bad result for it.

Cal is a member of a local London gang of happy slappers who hurt anyone who is a little different from them. Cal is secretive about his sexuality, afraid of his friends reactions but at the same time he also is very attracted to his best friend in the gang. H sneaks out and has anonymous sex with men followed by beating them up. One day when his friends are beating a young French gay student Olivier, Cal cannot take it and rescues him. This is not taken kindly by the gang members. Cal then takes shelter with Olivier and they start a relationship which ultimately turns into love. Olivier teaches Cal how to feel comfortable with who he is. But how long can Cal stay away from his gang members. They ultimately get hold of him and torture him and Olivier. Cal's best friend Jonno whom he liked very much ends up raping him because he feels betrayed by Cal. Once the anger is gone, Cal decides he has had enough and gets ready to move to France with Olivier to be what he actually is.

The acting by the principal cast was pretty decent. Why would everyone follow a dumb girl in a gang was beyond my comprehension. And then Cal having a sudden heart change when they were beating Olivier was also a little weird specially when he himself had been beating people for this. Th sexual tension between Cal and Jonno in one of he scenes was one of the better things about the film. The other big problem was the very heavy Bristol accent which was sometimes hard to understand.

Strictly ok affair. (4/10)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Fuera de Carta (Spanish) [Chef's Special]

I think I am starting to like SPanish gay films. One thing that is common in most of the Spanish films I have seen is that they have strong message of love and of family too. I like that fact.

The story is about Maxi who is flamboyantly gay and owner of a restaurant. He is in debt because he is overpaying his staff but he knows one thing he cannot do is fire his staff. He dreams of getting a start from some reputed food critic so that his business starts booming. His Maitre-d' Alex is a sex-starved woman who lives with him. His life take s a spin when his ex wife dies leaving him with his 15 year old son and his 6 year old daughter. Maxi completely freaks out. At the same time, there is a an ex-soccer Argentinean player Horacio who moves in their building. ALex has her eyes on him and Maxi tries to set them up. But it turns out that Horacio likes Maxi but he is not out to anyone and because of his position he cannot tell anyone. They start having an affair. Maxi is still not getting alongwith his kids. They all hate each other. Horacio ends up becoming Maxi's son' soccer coach and so Maxi also starts taking some interest in the game but when the son finds out that they are lovers, he is shattered. Maxi then calls his parents and asks them to take care of his kids for sometime. The kids move with their grandparents but mis Maxi. On the other side Maxi becomes grumpy and misses his kids as well. The day finally arrives when the reputed food critic is visiting the restaurant for evaluation but that is the day it is Maxi's son's birthday. He decides to go met his son rather than wait for the critic. This helps open up the father with his kids and tell them how much he loves them. They all come back to Madrid and now all 4 of them live happily like a family.

The film was definitely very very funny. It also had a lot of Spanish humor which I loved. The characters acted very well though I dont know if it was necessary to make Maxi so flamboyant. That was a little too much. The chemistry and the way Maxi treated his staff was also nice and refreshing. Oh and yes Horacio was HOT! So that definitely helped keep the interest in the film :)

o for it for some light entertainment, some good laughs and some mad cap comedy. (7/10)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Out At The Wedding

Its good to sometimes watch movies without any expectations. Having read the previews, I know this movie was strictly a gay themed movie but then at the same time it kind of is. The main protagonist is pretending to be lesbian and has a gay man as her best friend who i always by her side. I think that qualifies it as a film that I can review here.

Southerner Alex has finally found man of hr dreams Dana, who is half black and half Jewish. Her best friend is her gay pal Jonathan who brings laughter to her life. When he unexpectedly proposes to her the day she’s to leave town for her sister’s wedding, life gets complicated. Having assumed her southern family would never accept her ethnic boyfriend, she’s never told them he exists. In turn, she’s led Dana to believe her entire family is dead. Making an excuse to leave town, she takes Jonathan as her date to the wedding and figures once she gets through the weekend, she’ll come clean to everyone. Back in South Carlina, she deals with her distant father, her overly exuberant sister Jeannie and all the relatives and friends of her past who can’t believe she’s still single. Alex's high school sweetheart misunderstands a conversation with Jonathan and spreads the rumor that Alex is gay. With unexpected support from her family and the closeness, she cannot bring herself to tell the truth to everyone. The 2 sisters actually are coming closer. Alex still hasn't told anyone the truth and now Jeannie wants to visit NY to meet her sister's girlfriend Dana. Jonathan comes up with an idea to hire a 'lesbian'. Things start getting funny and complicated when Jeannie and the hired lesbian have instant connection. They keep flirting with each other which annoys Alex further. Relationships are tested and all lies come out. Alex has to deal with the reality now with her family and Dana and his family. And Jeannie has finally figured out that she is gay and needs to break off her marriage.

Out At The Wedding is about relationships. It’s about the thin line between trust and truth and the incredible comic lengths we go to avoid both. But essentially the film is a love story between two sisters, who desperately want to be friends, but only know how to be family. We also have a side story about Jonathan and his gay lover and how Jonathan tries every trick to make his boyfriend loose weight. It is cute. This film definitely was funny and everyone acted pretty well. Of course, the hired lesbian had all the mannerism of a typical lesbian but as film makers, we still haven't come out of showing the stereotypical.

Good time pass. Definitely worth a watch. (6.5/10)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Lucky Bastard

This is one of the weirder movies I have seen in the recent times. It wont be right to say that the film was bad. It was just odd with a very confusing plot in which the characters were not developed enough to justify their actions in the movie.

Architect and restorer Rusty lives with his boyfriend in a hotel. When his boyfriend leaves town for work for a couple of days, he has a chance encounter with Denny in a convenient store and brings him back to his room. Very soon he realizes that Rusty is positive and crystal meth addict. He keeps pushing Rusty for money so that he can buy drugs. They both keep telling each other how much they like each other (they have been together barely few hours). Ultimately Rusty gives in but we can see that things are not working out between them. After a few physical sessions, their chemistry is fading. Rusty soon realizes that Denny cannot stop his drugs and hustling habits. He asks him to leave. Meanwhile his boyfriend comes back and sees everything. Rusty apologizes for everything saying Denny got him confused and made him realize how much Rusty actually loves his boyfriend and wants to spend his life with him.

This film was actally a waste of time. The only good thing about the film was the 2 good looking men and some steaming scenes between them. Apart from them, it is really hard to sit through the movie. I really did not understand what was the director's intention behind the film (show bad effects of drugs, love of life, HIV or what). The script is shallow and we know nothing is going to work out with a drug addled hustler and a successful architect long term. The emotional core doesn't really work, because we're smarter than the characters are acting.

Don't waste your time. Watch it only if there is nothing better to do. (3/10)

Monday, January 4, 2010

Make The Yuletide Gay

Make the Yuletide Gay is a kindhearted and very low impact coming out tale with only the slightest bit of angst getting in the way of the feel good vibe. If only every gay person could have it this easy when it's time to confront the parents with the truth of the matter.

Heading home for Christmas break, college senior Olaf, kisses his boyfriend Nathan goodbye and heads off. But Nathan, abandoned by his rich jet-setting parents at the last minute, decides to follow Gunn home and share Christmas with his family. But what Nathan does not know is that Olaf is not out to his family. In fact, Olaf actually stops at a rest stop to change clothes and hair to 'straighten' himself up for his family. At home Olaf is greeted by her overtly zeal mother who is always giggly and wants Olaf to meet with some nice neighborhood girl and date. She keeps bringing up this topic. His father is a college professor and stoner of 40 years who has so baked his brain that he can hardly remember his name or speak a complete sentence. When Nathan arrives, he is ok to pretend to be straight but as the days go by, he begins to resent to lie. He can't understand why Olaf cannot come out to his parents who are full of life and love. Olaf's reason is that he cannot afford to loose his parents love. Love wins and on Christmas day, Olaf finally comes out to his parents. After a stunned silence, there is big surprise when Olaf's father gives money to his mother saying he lost the bet. Apparently the parents had known for a long long time and were just waiting for Olaf to tell them. Finally everyone gets their love and they can be who they actually are and want to be.

The mother was a little annoying at first with constant giggles but her character kind of grows on you. By the end, I loved her antics and her while personality. She was so full of life. Every family should have such a character. The father was also korky in a weird way. The boys Olaf and Nathan had a decent chemistry and some of the dialogues were so double meaning but when at the end everything comes out, you can't even imagine how embarrassing things could be if it happened with someone in real life.

Its funny and naughty. (5.5/10)