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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Relax... It's Just Sex!

Relax!! Its not a movie about graphic sex. It may start with that but the movie has much more to it. It has comedy, satire, issues, friendship and yes, a tear here and there. Overall it s a very good movie to watch.

The movie is around a group of friends headed by Tara (whom everyone knows as gossip monger or local newspaper if you may). She is Vincey's fag hag who is single and is desperately looking for love and thinks that the next man whom he hooks up with is going to be his boyfriend. Sarina and Megan are lesbian couple who separate after Megan has a straight encounter with Sarina's second cousin. Sarina then movies in with another butch lesbian who always had hots for her and she thinks that her love will rekindle. Tara' boyfriend Gus is also apart of this group and is completely comfortable with everything. His brother Javi has just found out he is HIV positive. His friends are all supportive of it and he moves in with his new lover. Oh! then we also have this perfect gay couple who are always happy in harmony that it disturbs people how can they be so perfect and always happy. The movie with all parallel stories. Tara is trying to have a baby with Gus who desperately wants to go and explore world and re invent himself. She gets pregnant but Gus by then has left. The butch lesbian is desperately seeking Sarina's love who ultimately recognizes her sincerity and loves her back. Javi is struggling with his lover and his positive status. Vincey is gay bashed once and since his friends can't stop talking about it, he goes into reclusion and channels his energy in writing and becomes successful writer. He visits back months later when Tara loses her baby into her seventh month and this incident brings all the friends back together.

The soul of the film is Tara who's one liner 'I am going o tell you but you have to swear you are not going to tell anyone' is hilarious because everyone nows about it. Every issue in the film has been brilliantly handled whether it is bashing, friendship, miscarriage etc. All the characters have done pretty good job in the film.

I loved it. I can see myself watching the fim again at some other point. (7.5/10)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I Think I Do

Its finally so good to see a few likable gay movies. I had been thirsty to watch them after a series of really bad films. This one is exactly what I look forward from a film. A little bit of love, comedy, romance and madness and this film fit the bill perfectly.

Six university housemates are brought together after a gap of few years for a wedding. Bob and Brendan have been best of buddies. Bob had huge crush on Brendan which a few girlfriends knew. Bob now has a soap opera star Sterling as a boyfriend who is visiting with him. Sterling likes the idea of wedding, getting settled and theme parties. Brendan is now a teacher in Boston who has come out to their friend Eric but no one else. Sara, who had crush on Brendan is hoping to unite back with him and get laid. Brendan is not sure how he feels about Bob now. Meanwhile, the bride Carol is totally not bothered by her wedding. Her mom is doing al the planning. She is so carefree that she invites all the friends for a after party in their wedding suite. Brandon and Bob who still still have a spark left end up sleeping together in both ways. Ultimately after a series of funny incidents, everyone finds out about this. Sterling forgives Bob and they try to work it out but the passion between Bob and Brendan is very strong. Viewer is ket in suspense till end as to who will end up being with whom but of course in the end its Brendan and Bob. The last scene in the train is so cute.

There are many things about this movie that work. Everyone is very natural in their acting. The bond of friendship is very evident and out there. It makes you wish you had such a group of friends who really dont care who is gay who is straight. Brendan was really cute. Bob acted his part of confusion between the 2 men very well. All other supporting friends were also very good.

I can see myself watching this movie again and again over a period of time. (7/10)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Open Cam

I now seriously need to rethink my whole strategy of gay films. Of late, barring a few films here and there, most of the gay films that I have seen are nothing but a major disappointment. Needless to say that this film just adds to that list.

A young artist Manny spends a lot of his time on internet chat with webcam when he is not working or hanging with friends, keeping his physical encounters anonymous to avoid personal disappointment. On the Internet chat line (using 'open camera') some murders are captured and a detective Hamilton takes over the investigation. The detective and Manny had a fling a few weeks back. When Manny's friends (or ex tricks) begin to fall victim to the serial killer on the Internet, Hamilton moves in with Manny to protect him, and it is in this living situation (a very physical arrangement) that the serial killer is finally caught on camera and in person. Who it turns out was dramatic, stupid and just stupid again. I mean common guys grow up. And to top all that Manny ends up with his best friend with whom he had absolutely no chemistry whatsoever. Just because the friend liked him doesn't mean that Manny has to also like him. Its just bizarre.

Except the fact that lead characters were good looking, well built, their acting skills left a lot to be desired. And what was that with the music just playing in the background like moising overriding even the conversations that people were having, specially in the first few minutes of the film. Other thing was nudity which clearly was there just for soft porn reasons. I am gay but I do like decent gay cinema not just random sex scenes thrown in here and there

Utter time waste in the name of gay thriller. (2/10)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Were The World Mine

Finally a funny and a very interesting film. When I found out that the film was sort f musical, I had my reservations, but they turned out to be totally wrong. The music was just perfect amount and it represented a state of mind or action and gelled perfectly well with the mood of the film. More on that later.

Timothy is an openly gay student who is picked upon by everyone in the school Rugby team. As part of annual drama festival, all students are made to mandatorily participate in the Shakespeare's Midnight's Summer Dream play. The drama teacher is this mysterious lady whom we dont know anything about. The play has a fairy named Puck can sprinkle a magic elixir into someone's eyes, causing that person to fall madly in love with the first person they lay eyes on. When Timothy is practicing for the play, he somehow tries to understand a very deep meaning of the Shakespearean English and manages to make such a elixir. He accidentally tries it on his straight friend who immediately falls in love with him. He then puts to on all the play members which ends up in Jonathan (the hottest player) falling for Timothy. The fun goes on and on when he sprinkles it n various people in the town. Other who are normal can't figure out what's going on and are very confused. Finally when they witness the play in action, things become clear. The effect of the elixir wears off but people realize that how important is love and in the end Jonathan also realizes that he truly loves Timothy.

The film had so many funny moments without even trying to be funny. It had songs which carried the story forward. I loved it. The picturization, cinematography everything was beautiful. And hey I am not complaining about all the eye candy you get watching all rugby team boys. Both lead men were hot and acted pretty well. One thing you have to do is not try and analyze the film. You have to watch it while believing in everything that is going on and you are bound to enjoy the film

Its hard to explain why this film is so cool. You have to watch it and experience it and I hope you will like it. (7.5/10)

Gay In Amsterdam (Dutch)

A catchy title and a decent looking starcast. Its been awhile since I watched a foreign language film and that why I picked up this one having no faintest idea what it was about. It was different, weird, over the top at times. In short bad

Max and Pascal are a couple living together in Amsterdam. Max is a successful TV producer and Pascal is a soap star and a wannabe Hollywood Actor. Apparently Max had once cheated on Pascal but they are still living together trying to work it out. Enters an American named Guy who is publishing a book on gays and their relationship is again tested. Max and Guy are very attracted to each other and on Max's and Pascals 3 year anniversary, they end up kissing and making out. Pascal freaks out and asks Max to leave. Later Max realizes that guy is just a random guy who all he wants is sex and fun and nothing else. Max realizes his fault and goes back to Pascal.

His film is as predictable and cliched as it can get. Pascal hag fag hag who helps in. Max is a little suffocated by continuous affection and i love you from Pascal. He needs his breathing space which he doesn't get. Oh! and then there is side story of this homeless guy whom Max's production company is filming trying to turn his life. Now that whole thing had nothing to do with the film. But it was just there.

A terrible boring film with very very few moments. (3/10)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sun Kissed

If someone tells me hat this one was supposed to be artistic, then that is crap. What use is the art if at every 5 minutes in the film, the where is completely confused as to where the film is going (present, past, future). While watching you can try so hard to analyze hat this might be something that protagonist is thinking but still the movie just ends and you are still left with your questions and no answers.

Teddy, a budding novelist, has traded the big city for his professor's desert home in California to work on completing his first novel. There he meets Leo, the estate's handsome young caretaker who shows Teddy the ropes of living in the arid wilderness. Teddy is instantly smitten by Leo's sexy and casual demeanor. He stats falling for him. Considering the fact that the two men are all alone in middle of nowhere, its not long before that Teddy seduces him and they end up in bed together. Here starts al the confusion. We suddenly see that Teddy has finished his book and has disappeared because Leo probably feels guilty. Next thing we know is Leo got the book published and is married to a woman. At the same time, we also see that probably he is cheating on his wife with other men and ends up being with Leo and they eventually fall in love. But in al this, Leo keeps hallucinating that someone killed his wife. Its hard to predict or think what was the exact nature of Leo's past, his present and his hallucinations. I was so confused by the end movie finished.

Leo was cute. Thats good but what pisses me off is the fact that it could have been a great potential about 2 men meeting, eventually being friends or falling in love etc but the director unnecessarily had to create these odd situations which made no sense. Personally I would avoid it. (2.5/10)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Nous ├ętions un seul homme (French) [We Were One Man]

Sometimes there are very good intentions behind making a certain film, people do a good job of acting, the premise is good but even then the end product leaves out that something extra special that could have alleviated the films ranking to a better status. This film can be counted as one of those films. Everything going for the film is good, different and humane but there is something about he way it is handled that leaves us asking for more.

Time is World War 2. A frenchman Guy lives all by himself in woods and has a very vague history. He says he has been raised by cows. He has a girlfriend Jenine but for the larger part of it, he is very weird, his activities are weird and involve him and only him. He one day finds a wounded German soldier Rolf, whom he takes home and nurses. Rolf recovers, but Guy won't let him leave, trailing him, grabbing him, challenging him to feats of strength. Rolf stays, and a friendship develops between them. Guy tells Jenine about Rolf, but they must keep him hidden or risk punishment as collaborators. Guy and Rolf become very good friends You see how the bond develops between them when they do various stupid things together in the woods. You feel though that Rolf feels something more than just a friendship for Guy but clearly Guy has a girlfriend. But we also see how possessive Guy is about Rolf and he cannot bear the fact that Rolf gives more attention to the do than Guy and so he kills the dog. Essentially it is weird. At one point, the friendship does take a sexual turn which is witnessed by Jenine but she is very cool with it because she loves Guy and knows that Rolf makes him happy. Ultimately tragedy takes over when Rolf is found out and he has to leave and Guy cannot do anything about it.

It is a twisted, brave film that looks at a man-man relationship through new eyes. Guy acted very well showing all nuisances of weirdness in its behavior. The parts of the film were slow and confusing but they were necessary to how the male bonding. It is definitely not a typical watch. Its gruesome, earthy, sometimes sadistic too.

I thought it was ok. You might like it or simply hate it. (5/10)