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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Parting Glances

Saw this movie few weeks ago and completely forgot to review it here. SO here it goes. Although I have seen the movie a couple of times, it still can be ranked a one of the better movies amongst a whole bunch of crap that is out here.

Michael and Robert are a gay couple living in New York. Robert is about to move t Africa for 2 years for work assignment. This is causing a bit of rift between the couple because Michael doesn't want him to go but he has to deal with the reality. One of their closest friends throws n a surprise party for the couple. Quite a good section of the film is spent in introducing the new characters in the arty and how the couple goes about making new friends. In the process Michael also discovers what is the real reason behind Robert taking up the job. We are also introduced to Nick who is Michael's bestest friend and they used to date years ago. Nick is now living with Aids and Michael takes care of him as and whenever it is possible. It is sometimes to th extent that Michael keeps Nick's priorities and wishes over Robert's wishes. This also starts to become the bone of contention between the couple. Complications arise when it appears that Micheal is still in love with Nick and is questioning his relationship "aka Marriage" with Robert. Also Michael has captured the eyes of a Columbia student who works at a nearby record store who is very persistent. Robert in the meantime is showing signs of jealousy towards Nick because of his closeness with Michael. Of course all's well that ends well. Michale keeps friendship over everything when he charters a special plane to go to fire island because Nick told him that he is going to end his life. Although all he really wanted was to spend time with him. Robert meanwhile is thoroughly confused and decides to not go only to come back and see how Michael is ready to do anything for Nick.

Michael and Robert are both very cute and have acted very well. They have a certain chemistry that as a couple they share. It wasn't very clear why Michael and Nick still had that connection. Agreed that it was because of friendship but giving it precedence over lover was something out of my mind. It also gives a little bit of insight into the whole AIDS epidemic and how people in 80s were dealing with it.

Definitely a nice watch. (6.5/10)

Un amour à taire (French) [A Love To Hide]

Set in 1942, at the time of rise of Nazis in Germany and France, this is a beautiful and poignant film that encourages you to wait for the arrival of the hero and the redemption of the evil only for neither to happen. Marvelous acting and a story that spans a few years, it is an emotional roller coaster that leaves you sad and shocked to see the kinds of ordeal gays had to go through during those years.

Jean works at his fathers laundry service and they serve all people include Nazi in Germany. Jean is his father's idol and his brother Jacques is in jail for a year for trafficking. Enter Sara, a Jewish girl who is running for her life since her entire family is killed. She is Jean's childhood friend and somehow managed to run and come to Paris. Jean takes her in, gives her a job in the laundry, and arranges for her to live with Jean's lover of four years Philippe. Jean and Philippe understand the dangers of hiding a Jew: Philippe also understands the conflict of Jean's love for Sarah, platonic but real, and fears Sarah's injured feelings discovering Jean is gay. But the three become closely bonded. After jacques is released, he falls in love with Sara but is thwarted by Sarah's continued love for Jean, rebuffing Jacques' advances. Jacques informs on Jean to prove to his parents that golden boy Jean is in fact gay; Jean is arrested but the arrest turns to horror when his sexuality is discovered and he is beaten and sent to jails and eventually the concentration camp in Dachau, brandished with the pink triangle forced upon gays the way the yellow star was forced upon Jews to segregate them and mark them for extermination. The manner in which each of the family members deals with Jean's crisis forms the dénouement of the film: Philippe is exterminated, Sarah and Jacques marry and have a son named Jean, and the parents alter their views of the idiosyncrasies of their children when Jean is released at the end of the war a lobotomized zombie. The ending is breathless and difficult to watch.

It is definitely a sad film with a sad ending but it is something that we all need to see and know and understand and feel the pains and plights of homosexuals during those years and the kind of hardships that they had to bear. In our age today, we complain of various things but we forget to thank that we still have things far better and easy for us in today's times compared to what they would have been many years ago. Definitely worth a watch although it can use some editing. It is way too long.

Thanks for this film. We need to watch it. (7.5/10)

Metrosexuality (UK)

Metrosexuality is a British television drama, which aired on Channel 4 in 1999. The show, a short run series in six episodes, depicts the interactions of a racially and sexually diverse group of friends and family living in London.

Kwame is seventeen; sexy and unswervingly straight with his hormones raging like a forest fire. He has gay dads who are now divorced. The story revolves around these characters. One of his best friend, a young twink i madly in love with his dad. His other dad now has a new boyfriend but Kwame wants both his dads to get back together. His other friend is a big romantic who is in love with a bear and has proposed to him 4 times overtime to be rejected. Then there is the family counsellor who feels love lost between her and her husband and decides to move in with her girlfriend's rick millionaire father. There are other characters also in the mix who lend supporting roles to each of these creatures. The feature focusses on the days and problems and issues of these people but keeping focus mainly on love, respect, family bonding and of course metrosexuality.

You could sometimes think that the acting is OTT but trust me, t works big time for these characters. They are supposed to b ethis way and yes I enjoyed watching them. The music was god too and somehow fit well into the whole schema of things. SOmetimes in our life we have to find true love ourselves by making mistakes and learning from them.

Its a good timepass and you will enjoy it. (6/10)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Aaron... Albeit a Sex Hero

Oh My God!! This was such a baaaaad film and what is even more surprising are the reviews that you get to read online say on imdb or tla website. This film is unbelievingly bad.

Aaron is a tour guide in Texas and is having a bad day. He wants to quit his job and join another one but his boss wont give a good recommendation. On his last tour, there is a new bus driver and Aaron and him dont start on a good note. Aaron finds him hot but gets the idea that Jesus, the driver is against homosexuals. In the night, he sees some illegal activity going on in the tour bus and dashes for run because now his life is in danger. Most of the rest of the movie is in jungle him trying to save himself. Later Jesus tells him that he is an undercover agent and is trying to nab his tour owner for illegal activities. The two men also get involved in hot steamy sex whenever they can get time because they are so attracted to each other. In the end towards the morning, everything is fine and bad guys are caught.

This story could have been told n half hour but was stretched beyond belief. Acting was good but thats it. A weird name for a film and just unnecessary sex scenes between the two leads. Your life is in danger and all you think is sex, it just doesn't make any sense. All the old ladies in the tour were annoying.

Completely avoidable. I wasted my time. You please don't. (1/10)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

In My Life (Filipino)

Having watched a couple of Flipino gay movies, I kind of like their style of humour and the stories that they present. Family values are high, comic timings are good and they just generally focus on keeping the viewers entertained. This film also did the same for me. Its not as great as say a 'Manay Po' but this one still has its moments. The film although could be edited to reduce some of the really emotional scenes.

Shirley, a librarian in Philippines is a single mom who is very dominating. One of her daughters already moved to Australia, her son i sin NY and other daughter lives with her. She wants her mom to sell their property so that the daughter can have better life for her kids. This makes Shirley mad and upset and she suddenly decides to go to NY and stay with her son Matt. Matt is gay and lives with his boyfriend Noel who is trying to find a girl to marry him so that his stay in US can become official. Shirley although knows everything but still doesn't like Noel. She wants to control Matt and his life to. Matt is super busy and in all these times Noel gives Shirley company with each and every thing she wants to do but she is never happy. Matt finds out he has some cancer and needs to undergo surgery for that and he doesn't want to tell his mom. When Shirley ultimately finds out, she blames Noel for all that. Time passes and there is a huge gap. Matt wants Shirley to marry Noel for citizenship because apparently she was born in Hawaii but she refuses. When Matt meets with an accident and dies and Shirley still tries to control his funeral process, Noel looses it and completely backlashes Shirley for all she has been doing. This helps Shirley understand and retrospect why she has become this person and why is she doing this. She repents, asks forgiveness to her children and ultimately marries Noel who is now all alone after Matt's death.

There were lot of beautiful things about the movie. Noel and Matt as a couple, Noel's parents and their health issues, how everyone need to survive on their own in NYC, Shirley trying out different jobs in the city and many many other short and sweet moments. Acting wise everyone was good. Although what didn't make sense to me was why would Matt keep asking Noel to accompany her mother in everything she does. Understand he is busy but still, she is his mom.

Sweet and cute movie. (6.5/10)


Sometimes intentions behind a movie are sincere but somehow somewhere the soul goes missing. Something similar I think happened to this film. The film could have been a simple love story, but somewhere it wasn't made very evident of what the problems between the couple were, why would they not work it out and what was it that made the 2 guys attracted towards each other.

Set in Redwoods, Everett and Miles have a comfortable, non-passionate 7 year old relationship. Together they are raising Billy, a learning disabled boy, who takes up much of the loving and attention in their home. On one weekend, Miles and Billy go off to visit the grandparents and leave Everett to work in peace because that is what Everett wants to do. He wants some time alone by himself. There isn't even a kiss shared between the two men before the departure. Shortly after they leave, Chase, a wanderer and a writer stops his car at Everett’s house and asks for directions since he is lost. There is an instant connection between the two men. And then while antique store hunting with his Mom, the two men run into each other again and the flirtation is official. Despite Everett's reticence and clumsiness, Chase persists and their love blossoms quickly. Its a small town and soon Everett's mom finds out. His family knows that they their son is not happy but they also tell him that sometimes they need to things work out. Everett gives in and him and Chase have emotional and physical connection. Its time for Miles and Billy to be back and this is when Everett leaves home for a few days because he needs time to think and gather his thoughts. Chase is leaving town. They meet one last time. Few years ahead, we now see that Miles and Everett are together very loving for one another and still taking care of Billy. Chase has dies and his sister comes to visit them with a gift from Chase to Everett.

Both Everett and Chase acted very well. You could connect to their characters at some point but like I mentioned earlier, the inherent soul of the characters they portrayed was missing. I preferred Everett's acting because you could feel he was confused between the new found passion & connection that he feels with Chase and the love and responsibility that he has towards Miles and Billy. It was a sweet cute love story which could very well have been a story of a regular straight couple as well.

Definitely not a waste of time. Can be watched. (6/10)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Reception

This film is a very low budget film mad with just 4 characters and their personal interactions with each other. The movie covers a lot of issues like race, alcoholism, homosexuality, AIDS, hate, pride, and defeat. A lot of people think it was a good movie but either I missed the pint but I didn't find anything extra-ordinary in the movie. Is my taste changing?

Jeannette is an aging divorced French 'writer' who has moved to upstate New York to a beautiful home to drink, lives with an HIV-positive African American painter Martin, a disillusioned gay man who has retreated from the artistic and emotional pains of Paris. The two care for each other. Into this snowy scenery enters Jeannette's daughter Sierra, whom she has not seen in years having left her with her father at the time of an early divorce. She comes with her African American husband Andrew, a law student from a wealthy family. Jeannette demands they stay until the weekend when Jeannette will throw a big reception party for the newly wedded couple. At a dinner party for a 'potential lover' for Jeannette all of the underpinnings of the drama become evident. Nothing is as it seems: every character has secrets. Andrew is actually ay from a poor family who is just pretending. Sierra needs to be married to get her grandmother's money. Jeannette and Martin have their own issues.

I think that the movie's pace was a little too slow for my taste. It is more like a half an hour story which has ben stretched to a full length feature film. But at least the director tried to attempt something refreshing from he story point. Martin acted well. Unfortunately the same can't be said about Jeannette or Andrew. Sierra was ok. I just don't have too much other than that director tried to portray issues like gay love, living with HIV, alcoholism, dysfunctional mother/daughter relationships, deception, greed, lust, desperation.

Strictly ok. Not for my taste. (3/10)

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Get Your Stuff

Watched this movie second time today. Its a cute premise and interesting story which I remember I thought great things about after first viewing. BUt after watching films like Patrick 1,5; this film takes a few points down but still is one of the entertaining films that you can watch one evening.

Phil and Eric are a gay couple of 6 years who have applied for adoption. While they wait for adoption approval, they are approved for foster parenting in the meantime for 2 grown up kids. After coaxing and a little blackmail, hey agree to keep the 2 boys just for one day. 8 year old TJ is hopeful that if they behave nice, these guys might keep them but elder Brian knows the reality. He wants nothing to do with Phil and Eric until their case worker, Gloria, talks them into working the couple to make themselves more appealing. One day after another leads to a few days like that. Phil who is a counsellor is more accommodating of this change but Eric feels loss of their privacy. Time passes and enter kids mom who is another messed up alcoholic person. Phil wants to help her and Brian who at age 12 might be an alcoholic both but Eric has had enough. He leaves the house and goes. Phil focusses his energies into improving life of the kids and the mom. At some point they realize that maybe because of them Eric left and the kid's mom tells Phil how to win him back. Of course things start getting better and the couple now wants to adopt these kids rather than adopting a baby.

Acting by everyone is good. Chemistry between the couple is good But the fact that Eric just randomly leaves and philanders with some random waiter and lives with him is very odd. The kids act nice but sometimes too much like an adult. I thought case worker Gloria in her short part was good specially when she kind of blackmails the couple to foster parent the boys. The film is mostly feel good and entertaining. Nothing earth shattering about it.

Nice and feel good watch. (6/10)

Thursday, December 10, 2009


This is a metaphorical story about people's dreams as they search for themselves and some meaning to life. Unfortunately, not much of those metaphors were interesting enough to hold my attention. It seems like people enjoyed this movie but for me, it didn't do much.

Its Christmas Eve and John, a male prostitute has a plan for Christmas which also happens to be his birthday. He wants to make enough money so that he can stay in a luxurious hotel for one night. John works on a street in Santa Monica Blvd in LA trying to make money. One of his close associates is a friend of his barely 18 who left home because he was gay. Interestingly John is not gay. He has a girlfriend. Throughout the film we meet his clients, his friends, his enemies, and we are a voyeur to the problems he faces in his line of work. He's a likeable chap. In al this he also has a $300 dollar loan that he has to pay back to a drug dealer. The film continues to show us what happens in the life of John in that one day. The day is sooooo long in the film, yet John's shortage of the stuff keeps up the tension and sympathy, especially as he allows himself to take bigger risks, and the viewer knows it, as the camera indicates visual clues as to his possible next chapter in the day.

David Arquette plays the character of John with total honestly. I think I was able to watch the film only because of that. Otherwise the film had not much to offer. The character of his young gay friend was also not clearly sketched. He liked John but John had no feelings for him. And randomly there were a lot of characters being introduced which would affect the flow.

Way below average for my taste. (2.5/10)

Simon (Dutch-Netherlands)

Another one of those movies wherein the first few minutes, you are not too sure about what this might turn out to be, but towards the finale leaves with you nothing but pleasant memories. Wonderful acting by principal cast and a beautiful story-line helps this movie capture audience interest for the entire duration.

Simon is a drug dealing, swearing, unemployed guy, who cheats on his girlfriend. Yet, you cannot dislike him! He is charismatic, funny, good at heart and completely original. His friendship with Camiel is somehow weird and odd. Through circumstances they meet and strike a friendship. Simon knows right from the start that Camiel is gay. Simon has a girl and a daughter from his ex-Thai wife and he goes once in a year to meet them in Thailand. Simon has another best friend and his wife who works with him and also now has a full time girlfriend. Simon and Camiel share great chemistry but Sion doesn't leave a chance to make gay jokes on Camiel but thats because it is the way Simon is. Once when mistakenly Camiel ends up having a casual fling with his girlfriend, their friendship turns sour and they part ways. They meet again after 14 years and life continues from here. His grown up daughter and son now live with him. His girl-friend ended up marrying his arch rival. But his other best friend is still with him. To top it all SImon now has brain cancer and there is no cure. Camiel on the other hand is also in a relationship for few years and is on the verge of making it official. When Simon is back in his life, his priorities and energies suddenly get all attentive to his family. Movie takes leaps and bounds here. Since there is no cure for his cancer, SImon decided to go for euthanasia (suicide mercy killing). He wants to do it 3 days after Camiel gets married to his partner. As his last wish , he asks Camiel and his partner to adopt his kids. Finally Simon bids goodbye to his life smiling and joking exactly the way he led his whole life.

It is very refreshing to see such great friendship between a straight and a gay character with any sexual tension between them. They are just friends irrespective of who they are. Simon Interactions between Simon's kids and Camiel, specially his daughter is very refreshing. In fact the chemistry between every single character is very endearing. Even though the movie handles delicate and tough subjects you don't ever have the feeling you're watching a tough and heavy movie.

Must watch. A beautiful, tender, funny and enjoyable experience. (7.5/10)

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Trage Liefde (Dutch) [Lazy Love]

Sometimes there are films that have nothing spectacular about it but they still manage to leave some kind of impression on you. This movie specifically was slow, had very little dialogues but somehow just the interaction within the principal characters and the way story unfolded with minimalist drama and stuff immediately caught my attention. And to top that, a very handsome lead actor only makes the proceedings spicier.

Felix lives with is grandmother and work as a waiter/cleaner in a restaurant. His mother died young and he never knew his father. At some point he realized that his parents had a very small (2 month) fling which resulted in his birth. The father Johan , who runs a jazz cafe has absolutely no idea about even the existence of his son. Felix wants something from life, He wants love , longing and wants to identify himself. He starts frequently visiting the cafe but for inexplicable reasons Johan is always mean to him. W find out that Johan used to have a boyfriend who does many years ago and ever since Johan has never had any serious relationship with anyone because he was very much in love with him. He just meets with a hustler for regular sex. He mistakes Felix's frequent visits as sexual interest and at some point he gives in. Felix wants to understand the man better so without saying a word he gives in ad they get physically sexual. Felix immediately throws up afterwards and runs away. Johan realizes Felix is to young and comes to tell him he can't do this. Felix hits him in return. And before going on his year long road trip, he makes one final stop at the cafe ( I think to tell his father) but goes back after he sees him happily playing with the neighbors daughter and sees him actually being capable of being a father himself.

The story unfolds layer by ayer and it is never mentioned in so many words that Felix and Johan are father-son. But as audience you realize it. You may also get disgusted by the thought but from Felix's point of view, he is looking for love from his father. He is not gay but gives in just to be close to his father. He wants to know him better. The director has captured moments from the daily lives of two men who may appear trivial at first glance but who give the characters depth and substance.

A short film of less than an hour but strong enough to leave an impression. (7/10)

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Another one of those really bizarre movies. Well it was actually a mocumentary style film rather than being a full fledged feature film but it still failed to hold my interest. Parts of it were funny but overall the film did not leave any big time impression on me.

Espionage, the first action show to feature a lead gay character, is hotter than ever as it enters its fifth season. And then, tragedy strikes: Lance Hardcastle, the popular star, meets an untimely death! Faced with finding a replacement, the network selects a complete unknown, Kerry Mitchell, chiefly because Kerry is openly gay. Kerry is suddenly whisked into a world of press junkets and photo shoots, and he is even followed around by a documentary film crew. But, Kerry is hiding a big secret that might very well change everything. The story unfolds with interviews and snippets from various people involved in the entire sequence: the make up man, the publicist, the producers, models, advocate, sponsors, lesbians etc.

Anyway, dont waste your time on this one either. Its 3 in a row for me now. (1.5/10)


This one was a completely messed up film and it didn't take me more than half an hour to completely breeze through the film and denounce it outrightly. It became so hard to bear the film and the ridiculousness that was going on in the film.

Shiner describes sado-masochistic love relationships. Three couples who are deeply in love explore consensual abuse as a means by which to express the depths of their passion. The heterosexual couple are never really developed and they ultimately disappear. Despite they're fleeting attempts at some pain/pleasure play, nothing much happens and they are utterly forgettable. Then there are the gay bashing buddies whose leader gets sexual satisfaction before he bashes. Eventually, the lead basher discovers a rare sexual thrill in getting beat up, and the two "straight" pals become almost gay partners in their bizarre quest for sexual fulfillment through beating each other up (more often than not in the nude). Then finally there is a washed-up 3rd rate boxer with a timid male admirer. God knows what happens with them because by this time, there is no way I could have handled any more of this film.

Don't even try. (0.5/10)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


The movie could have had potential considering the movie was backed by not one but four different Chicago based gay directors. The pretext of a single gay man working for one of those big city services that sends guys out to clean your apartment wearing just their underwear could be used to make helluva funny story but unfortunately thats not the case here.

Moses cleans houses in his underwear for a living. He practices yoga, meditates and has images of Hindu gods and goddeses on his walls. He's a peculiar guy with just one problem - temporal lobe epilepsy. Moses gets seizures where he has religious visions. The first one he gets is that of a sexy guy named David who will be the love of his life. They can't have sex until he's ready - and he's not yet. And this is shown through some weird art form made on walls by sponge. Weird huh!!! The second vision is much more complex. It's from a spirit called Glintentica who is planning her second coming to earth. When Moses meets David the man of his dreams, Glintentica is intent on taking over David's soul, forcing and compelling him to abandon David, and ultimately assuring the entire gay population becomes forever extinct. She does that by first making David flirt and get physical with his girl roommate Ruth. Ruth and David are both confused as to what's happening. With the help of a Priest, Ruth, along with David, search to find the key that will destroy Glintentica forever, and send her back to her origins.

Trust me the film is as weird as mentioned above. None of it made any sense. And by the way, don't go by the cover of dvd. There is no such hot man in the film. Its purely a marketing gimmick.

Complete waste of time. (1/10)

Monday, November 30, 2009

Der bewegte Mann (German) [Maybe... Maybe Not]

This film was different. It was a different kind of comedy film where emotions also played a strong part. It is also a bot different from the regular gay films that you get to see. So anything that somewhat different and is done good, I appreciate it.

Axel's girlfriend of 3 years Doro catches him redhanded having sex with some random woman. She throws him out of the house. None of Axel's ex-girlfriends help him live with them even thouh he is so good looking. Certain events bring him to a discussion group of men which is also attended by a gay guy Walter who proposes to Alex that he can live with him. In a drunk state Axel thinks that Walter wants him for physical reasons, he decides to stay with Walter's friend Norbert. He is happy because of course Norbert likes him. Norbert is the kind of guy who falls in love with anyone and likes the idea of relationship. He helps Axel with everything but Axel makes clear that he is not gay although he doesn't mind getting naked in front of Norbert getting his hopes up. When Doro finds that she is pregnant and decides to get Axel back. She finds him in her own bed with unsightly Norbert, disturbingly naked, in the middle of a very inept seduction. Despite this awkward reunion, Axel and Doro get married. Axel unceremoniously drops Norbert because his wife is 'allergic to gays'. Axel stays away from Norbert until he misses some friendly moments with him. He is not very sexually active with Doro because of her pregnancy but is very horny. When he meets his ex-college friend, they decide to hook up and Axel asks for Norberts place. When Doro suspects something, the comedy of errors start where Doro suspecting Axel to be gay while reality is different. The ending has a nice feeling and suggests some reconciliation between Norbert and Axel. It's way too little, too late.

The movie was funny mostly and has its moments. Axel was really very hot. Gays can so drool over him. Acting wise also everything was pretty cool. Overall I enjoyed the film because it was funny, realistic, something you could relate to. It doesn't bore you.

Try it, you wont be disappointed. (6.5/10)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Get Real (UK)

I remembered seeing this movie but had to watch it again for 2 reasons. One of the members in his comments asked me to watch it and second it gives me an opportunity to write my blog on it. Going in with hih expectations, I must say that I wasn't disappointed at all.

"Get Real" is the story about a 16-year old gay teenager named Steven Carter who has known about himself since he was 11-years old and is perfectly fine with it. Although he is dying to be accepted for who he is and not for who he pretends to be, he is afraid to tell his peers and his parents about his true nature. Only his best friend Linda knows and is worried about Steven, due to his sexual adventures at a gay men's restroom in a park. But one day, he unexpectedly has an encounter with the "straight" high school jock John Dixon who kind of snubs it off. But Dixon can't hold any longer and cries for Carter's help in getting him out of the confusion that he is living with. They both start having an affair. Actually they love each other. Carter definitely does and so does Dixon but its just difficult for Dixon to prove it because he is very scared about anyone finding out and moreover he has a reputation in school about being the hottest and the best guy. Their passionate affair continuos until Carter can't hold back any longer pretending to be someone he is not and also because Dixon can never accept him in public. In school annual function, he comes out openly, apologizes to his parents. The last scene takes my breath away. Now both Carter and Dixon know, they cant be together but they both love each other very very much. Carter says to Dixon 'Be Happy' and just walks away. Simple but effectively beautiful.

The film can be old but they don't loose charm. For some people even after all these years, coming out is not easy wherever that maybe. This films tells us a story from a very emotional and romantic point of view. Brilliant performances by lead actors. Special mention for the girl playing Carter's friend Linda. She is great. The movie captures the excruciating paranoia of a situation in which there's nowhere the lovers can be alone except in each other's homes on the rare occasions their parents are out. The first kiss of the couple probably will take you back in the memories of your first kiss.

Must watch. (8.5/10)

Under The Gaydar

This is one of those really stupid movies. Director and Producer are torn between whether to make an issue based film, comic film or just generally have his money put into something because he has nothing better to do with it.

Darren and Ryan have been friends for a while. They have found out a way to get more girls. They pretend to be gay and they have been succeeding in getting more girls this way. Darren takes it so far that he even has his distraught parents believing his sexual identity lie. Mom and dad hire a girl Ashley who has made a business out of "turning gay boys straight." So she goes after Darren, and is surprised at how easy her money seems to be this time. But complications crop up like his pretend gay boyfriend who may not be acting so much, and a whole string of ex-gay clients who have an obsession with the high-priced gay boy turner. In fact it turns out that Ryan has been one of her clients who she turned straight but suddenly now he has feelings for Darren proving once gay is always gay. Ryan tries to prove his point and make him see straight. Its too late but by then both Ashley and Darren have fallen for each other. All's well that ends well.

I'm not sure whether to laugh or be offended by this film. It's not funny, and in the end that makes it offensive and not all that interesting. It is poorly acted, badly edited, and has a story that makes little sense. If it had been handled with smarts, the film could have been dangerous and edgy. But thanks to some major bungling, it is limp and ineffective.

I would not recommend it al all. (2/10)

Friday, November 20, 2009

Another Country (UK)

Having read good reviews about his fim, I was quite keen on watching this one. But I guess these are the kind of films which I personally dont like. IN some way, shape or form, I have been unable to identify myself with these films. And considering the fact that the film is set in 30's and talks about Communism and Marxism, It all goes above my head.

Films is set in a London boarding school. Among other things, the film focuses on 2 main characters who happen to be friend and room mates. Tommy sticks to his ideals and believes in Marx and Stalin. Guy is gay, in love with a younger pal who is forever ready to rebel against the rigid rules of the institution. The film shows the rigid, archaically proper British schools for young men where class is paramount in importance, rank reigns, and medieval views of sexuality and out of line thought are treated with public corporal punishment and (worst of all!) the inability to rise in the ranks of the 'important' lads. Throughout the film there is a powerful parallel between Guy's striving to become the head of the class being thwarted by his pursuing is passion for his love of men, and the 'religious zeal' approach of Tommy's absorption in Marxism. Many incidents keep happening which never got my interest until when Guy's sexual tryst with James Harcourt is 'discovered', Guy is beaten in front of his compatriots, prompting him to see (with Tommy in agreement) the dead-end of British society and leave the remnants of a once glorious empire behind.

The acting was very well but like I mentioned before I personally could not relate to the film. The surroundings were beautiful and visuals striking but thats it.

Dont go on my review. Take your on call. The ratings are my personal view. (2.5/10)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Galazio Forema (Greek) [True Blue]

I think there are very few gay themed films that have come from Greece. After initial expectations, it just started sliding down and by the end of the film it was nothing but a disappointment. I think the intentions were fine but the execution not so great.

The fifties. A widow is raising her three children but has a soft spot for her only son Giorgos. The first signs of the son’s ‘peculiarity’ appear early on. The father does not like the behavior of the son but dies soon. His passion for dancing leads him to Paris to work as a dancer in some cheap gay club and his passions to bisexual relationships which involve a so called marriage to some girl whom he pays some money. His relationship to the girl is not very clear because he sleeps with her and also with other men at the same time. Time moves on and we are in eighties. Giorgos has failed big time as an artist and is earning nothing. He moves back with his mother, doesn't do any work, expects his mother to take care of him and his random partners that he keeps bringing home. His sisters try to talk him out of this but to no avail. They all fight like cats and dogs. Further deterioration of his relationship with his mother lead him to extreme decisions: streetwalking on Syngrou Avenue, working as a dancer in a transvestite club, prison, a sex change operation. His mother has a hard time keeping up with the changes in his life. The happiness he dreams of does not come. The end is tragically liberating.

Like I mentioned earlier, it was a loud and a very odd film. The performances were good in parts and very over the top at other times. The relationship between the family members is also very odd. But culturally I can understand why a mother will do all what she does for her son even though she knows that his action are literally eating her up.

The film was dark and not my come up of tea. But then there are sides of every coin. (3/10)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Available Men (Short Films collection)

Another in series of short films, the title of this dvd is based on the first short story itself.

"Available Men" - A desperate Hollywood agent named Rob goes to an L.A. hotel to meet Stephen, a young writer with a hot new screenplay. Meanwhile, a mild mannered artist named Steve goes to the same hotel to meet a shy young accountant named Rob on a blind date. Mistaken identities and what follows.

"Straight Boys" - Ben thinks he’s found true love in his straight college roommate Morgan who also loves him but is straight. Being honest with Morgan may be Ben’s straightest path to happiness, regardless of the outcome. My favourite among all

"Hello, Thanks" - Andy is having quite a year in the personal ads. Its an amusing and bittersweet look at the fine art of writing personal ads to summarize yourself and attract others.

"Tumbleweed Town" - In this animated cowboy tale, Todd hitchhikes through the Texas desert seeking true love.

"Irene Williams: Queen of Lincoln Road" - This is an entertaining portait of a extraordinary Miami Beach old lady with unique fashion style and flare and her friendship with a gay man.

"Sissy French Fry" - The annual student body president election at the wildly eclectic and diverse West Beach High School pits the quirky, much-beloved incumbent Sissy Frenchfry against a handsome, charismatic and socially intolerant transfer student with a devious plan to restore the status quo.

"The Underminer" - The lead actor plays both roles in the short film about those masters of passive-aggression who spin their friends into self-doubt and panic with every encounter.

Except for the first two stories, rest two were total time pass and no good at all. But then the first and second were really really good from acting, direction and story concept. Watch those two and avoid others. (4.5/10)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lokas (Spanish/Mexico and Chile)

I usually like these kind of films; a mix between comic, interest, a bit of romance and here and there awkward situations. This mix pretty much makes a viewable experience for me. This movie has most of it but some kind of zing was missing. Something that will hold on to your mind even after the movie is finished.

Charly lives with his 9-10 year old son Pedro alone after his wife passed away. After a series of run-ins with the law when he has to spend few nights in jail, he is packed from Mexico city by his mother to go and live with his father whom he hasn't seen in last 38 years. Both Charly and Pedro dont know what to expect. When they reach, they meet papa Mario who is now out and openly faming gay and has a living partner Flavio who is more Charly's age. Viewers by now know that CHarly is homophobic but Pedro is cool with everything. Charly tries to explain him that they are just friends and working on a play together but Pedro knows that they are gay and are a couple and he likes that fact. Because of his past, no one will give Charly a job until Flavio arranges for a job for him in a gay bar with the condition that he has to act gay. Charly has no choice but to agree. Charly struggles through gay attention in the bar and at the same time gets hots for the manager Liliana working in the bar who thinks of him as a god friend. They even have sex one night when they are drunk and want to experiment. Not giving into the owner's advances, Charly's secret is soon out and he then decides to leave his father's house because he is still homophobic. Pedro is sad and he ends up jumping in the river. Charly and Mario save him and hence their bond increases. The film then ends with Charly being very friendly with Flavio, Mario like a family. Liliana coms back and asks for forgiveness and Pedro introduces everyone to his girlfriend.

The ending of the film seemed pretty rushed to me. But the fun part was they showed how gays are treated and looked upon as in Mexico. The other thing was showing typical flaming characteristics of gays. In other areas, chemistry between Mario and Flavio was fun with constant love-hate relationship. Pedro was very funny too specially when he actually understands what's going on but Charly tries to bluff him with random stories. Acting by everyone was on spot and professional. A proper and more thought of ending would have taken the film to a higher level. (Trivia: Lokas is the bar where Charly works)

Definitely worth a watch. You wont be bored for sure. (6.5/10)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

And, There You Are

This one was just an ordinary movie. What was new and interesting for me the whole southern accent which kept me going through the movie. After a while, the stories got repetitive. The end was very much expected.

Ray is a successful businessman who is rich and runs a furniture business. He has always been attracted only to straight men and thats the reason he visits his shrink often to just go through his tribulations. The movie essentially walks us through some of the straight men he has ben with and how and why they left him. First is a drunk straight men who when he realizes what he did in the night just leaves. Second , another guy whom he makes work at his store but who ultimately uses him just for money and luxury an dhis always busy with his girlfriend. Ray soon comes to senses and asks him to leave. Next is another hottie whom he meets outside a store and they are going good until during one filming commercial, they reveal their sexual status and it infuriates him and leaves. Next Ray meets a waiter named Brian. Brian loves what Ray does to him but also loves his girlfriend. After a series of going back and forth between Ray and girlfriend, ray had enough of Brian and he doesn't want to have anything to do with him. ALthough you now that Brian cares for Ray just because he excites him sexually. Finally Ray meets another waiter who eventually turns out to be the man he was looking for.

This quirky slice of life comedy, based on actual events, is packed with great characters, sexy men and even a few girls. There's always another man around the next corner, and Ray turns lots of corners. Acting was pretty lame and you can tell they were not seasoned actors or maybe not a seasoned director. And honestly men were not even that good looking. What I failed to understand is the point of lusting for straight men and then getting frustrated if they go to girls. Hello!! thy are straight and men goto girls.

A time pass movie. Could be avoided. (3/10)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Yong jiu ju liu (Hong Kong) [Permanent Residence]

I cant decide whether I liked the movie or not. Actually I did like the movie but its kinda hard to decide to what extent. The movie was very touching and emotional in parts but hen there were scenes which were just unnecessary and thy were just dragging the film specially towards the end.

Ivan has had a tough childhood. He was brought up by his grandmother and they both shared a great bond until is parents decide to move to Hong Kong. The grandmother believed in astrology and as per a prediction Ivan wont live beyond 30. Ivan starts working in a software industry very early in life and is a very hard working guy. On a talk show he makes friends with Josh, a student from Tel Aviv who questions Ivan' sexuality. They become friends 'with benefits' and share great chemistry but Josh keeps reminding Ivan that he is just a friend. Ivan one day meets a guy called Windsor in a gym. They both hit off instantly. But soon Ivan realizes that Windsor is straight, he doesn't know what to do. Even Windsor likes Ivan just not sexually. They decide to continue their friendship against all odds and Ivan would not leave a chance to try and get Windsor to get physical with him. Their chemistry is exactly like a gay couple and they do everything together except having sex. Windsor also has a girlfriend in China. Time passes on. They have fights, they get back together but once their fight gets serious. This is the time when Windsor's mom gets really sick and Ivan takes care of her like a dutiful son and everyone knows that Windsor and Ivan are great friends. Eventually they both go on their paths. Ivan moves to Australia and becomes successful film maker. After years he meets Windsor again and again proposes to him. Windsor says that Ivan is the love of his life but not in a way that Ivan wants him to be. Windsor is very affected by al this and he eventually commits suicide. Ivan realizes that he will have to live and maybe die all alone. In his big mansion, he has coffins in every room which he thinks of as his permanent residence and during very late years of his life (in his 80s), he just lies down and wants to die.

Like I mentioned the movie was very touching in some parts. Very well directed. The relationship between the protagonists was established really well although its very very hard to imagine such a closeness between a straight man and a gay man specially when you are naked with each other so many times. There is lot f nudity in the film which I dont mind because the boys are cute. Acting wise they are nice. Friendship between Ivan and Josh is also shown from a very deep level. The film talks heavily sub consciously a lot about friendship and loneliness at the same time.

By the tim I wrote this piece, I figured out what I thought of the movie in totality. Definitely worth watching once. (6/10)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Homo Father (Polish)

It was a different movie, in the sense that by the end of the movie I was questioning about the theme of the movie. Was it about gay love, parenting, social stigma, gay bashing or something completely different. There is something inherently wrong with a film if the audience has to question the very basics of the film. The film might not be bad in itself but still.

Gabriel and Robert are a couple living together for years. They have a lovely relationship. Robert is not out to his family but Gabi is in your face gay and wants Robert to be comfortable with what he is. Robert is in the process of finding a job but him being gay comes out and he has to quit. In the meantime, an old friend of their Natalie shows u with a young girl Amelie and tells Gabi that he is her father and she wants him to take care of her. Because of his job and constant bickering by Gabi and now Amelie, Robert loses control and hits Gabi. He leaves home but misses him and wants to come back. he is gay bashed on his way and Robert realizes how much he also loves him and misses him. Natalie comes back to get Amelie saying she misses her.

A small simple film of less than an hour, you can se that the film really did not have a point to make. Interactions between Robert and Gabi were very real though. Specially when they fight and keep moving from one room to another is very sweet. Did I mention that Robert I think was very very good looking with his glasses and stubble. Acting overall was good. Film hardly leaves an impact on you.

Neither good nor bad. (4/10)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Big Eden

I have seen this film 2 times before and was itching to watch it for the 3rd time for a few reasons. One I wanted to see it with my boyfriend and secondly so that I can review it on my blog because this one happens to be my al time favorite gay film in all the years I have been following gay cinema. People will say that Brokeback Mountain beats all films but I think either you haven't seen this film or you are not as romantic as I am.

Henry is a successful artist in Manhattan. When his grandfather has a heart attack, he comes back to his hometown 'Big Eden' where everyone has missed him. The community in the city is a very close knit community and it is ok be gay. No one judges you for that. Al characters are very 'normal', they dont involve in gay bashing, people dont go to gay clubs and everyone just loves everyone. Grace is one such elder woman who has high regards to Henry's grandfather and teaches in school. She knows Henry is gay and keeps telling him to tell his grandfather Sam about it but he is not sure about it. When Henry comes to Big Eden he finds out that his school friend Dean is also back in town who is now separated from his wife and has 2 kids. Henry had huge crush on Dean and had to go through years of therapy to get over him. Its been 18 years since these close friends saw each other. They both are very happy to see each other and clearly Henry still has some feelings for him. Then there is this store in the town run by Pike. There are some 7 lazy people who are always sitting there. When Grace first introduces Pike to Henry, we se that Pike gets very uncomfortable. We dont understand why. But slowly things start to unfold. Pike is assigned the task to deliver home cooked food by some lady to Henry's house because they can't cook. But he never stays back for dinner even after constant requests by both Henry and Sam. When he realizes that they are getting tired of that food, he learns to cook and cooks an amazing meal every day for them without they realizing where it is coming from. After a few events, we realize that actually Pike is deeply in love with Henry and all he wants is for things to be nice for Henry. Henry slowly realizes this and like Pike too but is struggling with his passion for Dean which is slowly fizzing out. Both Henry and Pike are shy in professing their liking for each other. Things change when grandfather Sam dies. Henry is depressed that he was never able to come clean to his grandfather and that now there is no reason he should stay back there. But clearly every single member f the town loves him and wants him to stay back. Henry indirectly professes his liking to Pike but also tells him that he is leaving back to NY. It breaks Pike'e heart but in the end Henry realizes that he has been running away from the happiness and people that he was always wanted to something that he doesn't even like. The ending of the movie is beautiful.

There are so many things that are notable about the movie. There are no stereotypical gay characters. It could be the story of any person and in this case the character just happens to be gay. Pike's reaction for his love is something we have not witnessed before. He loves Henry so much that just the thought of being close to him or talk to him scares him to death. You realize this beauty when you watch the film. The friendship between Dean and Henry is also beautiful. Dean wants to do and be everything that Henry wants him to be (even including kissing Henry) just so that he can be friends with him as they used to be. He considers him as family. The interactions betwen the supporting cast, the family atmosphere, the love, the caring, elderly people helping Pike to cook to impress Henry, old lady trying to set up Henry with first girl and then boy after she realizes he is gay. Even watching the 3rd time, the scene between Henry and grandpa when he asks whether he wants to tell him something still breaks my heart and I cry every time when he says that I didn't raise you to be ashamed of anything. I am getting choked even while writing this. Each character was so normal, so not gay but so lovable and someone you would want to be. Everyone wishes to be loved the way people in the community loved each other. And the best part is they never ever mention the word gay in the film. Its all subdued and understood.

I think I need to stop now. I can go on and on about this one. If you have not seen this one yet, do it NOW. Make it your first priority. EXTRAORDINARY for a gay film. (9.5/10)


The story of this film is actually very simple but I guess that the beauty of this film. Sweet and simple yet very identifiable, believable and enjoyable. I didn't remember much of the film since the last time I saw it except the fact that I liked it. Watching it again helps me to review it on my blog and also see whether I still think the same about the movie or not.

Gabriel is an aspiring musician who wants to write musicals. His best pal is his girlfriend Tori whom he has known for ages, who is annoying, pushing but someone whom you can never move on from. One night Gabriel meets Mark, a journalism student who works as go go boy to earn money and he does have a hot body to prove it. They decide to have a hook up and go back to Gabriel's place but Tori is there getting her printouts done. Gabriel and Mark sit their uncomfortable trying to ignore Tori and doing small talk unconsciously they are getting to know each other better. By the time Tori leaves, Gabriel's room mate walks in with his girlfriend and demands the room to that they can be together. Mark and Gabriel have to go out. They keep looking for a place to go and have some fun. They goto a club hoping to meet Gabriel's friend for his appt key but that plan also fails. The whole night keeps passing along between them trying to make out but in the process getting to know each other as person before they consummate. The night includes some unpleasant events too when a drag queen tries to tell Gabriel that Mark is nothing but hart breaker but ultimately things fall in place.

Like I mentioned the story is simple but the way it has been told is still very refreshing even after years of the release of the film. Acting by Gabriel (extremely cute and boyish with dimples), Tori (superb performance) and Mark (hot body) is all good. They all do their parts very convincingly and act very well and natural. The two main figures are surrounded with a bevy of offbeat, slightly quirky characters who make up Gabe and Mark's worlds in the form of best friends, roommates, former lovers, business associates etc which makes it very believable.

Despite the emphasis on sex and one night stands, Trick is really a delightful romantic comedy which you will enjoy. (7.5/10)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Art of Being Straight

This is one of those films which was made just for the heck of it. The producer and director just randomly thought, why don't we make a movie and there; a script was ready without giving much thought into it. The film just doesn't strike a chord with you at any level.

John has always been a womanizer. Having broken up with his girlfriend, he moves form NY to LA with his old friend who lives with his friends. Crashing on his buddy Andy's couch is a comforting return to the college patterns of partying, womanizing and trash talk with the guys. He reconnects with his old friend Maddy who introduces him to her lesbian lover. An aspiring photographer, John takes an entry-level position at an ad agency, determined to prove himself. Things get a little confusing when Paul, a successful executive at the firm, takes a special interest in John, and when John ends up in Paul's bed, his world is turned completely upside down. H doesn't understand what is going on with him. He still is fascinated by girls. On the other hand, Maddy gets really close with her newly moved in neighbor and starts questioning her own sexuality. She tries to get sexual with him but son realizes that she is really gay. Meanwhile, John tells his best friend Andy that he slept with a guy but he is not sure what to take of it. Andy's reaction is very normal and nothing extraordinary. The film ends with all friends just sitting and chit chatting.

You are left with the question whether John is straight, gay or bisexual. Everyone can have their own interpretation and I think that was the idea behind vague ending. By the way, the circle of friends did not look at all straight. Anyone who see them would think they are gay. Like I mentioned I dont think there was definite purpose behind the film. Even the idea of exploring one's sexuality has been done to death and this one brings nothing special to the audience.

Can be avoided. (3.5/10)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Avril (French)

Let me clarify some things first. This is not a gay film. One of the main characters happens to be gay. Thats about it. The film does not focus on his sexuality nor does it judge him or people around him by it. Even though the character is gay, it is shown as if it is absolutely normal and that no more value should be given to the gay aspect.

Avril is an orphan girl who has grown up with nuns in a remote village. She is very fond of painting but can't pursue her passion because of her surroundings. The head sister decides that now she needs to give herself completely to lord and as part of the process she will have to live in seclusion for 2 weeks but one other nun who has always looked out for Avril tells her that wen the church found her, she also had a brother who was given to an orphanage and maybe during these 2 weeks Avril should go look for him and then decide what she wants to do with her life. She runs from there and meet a very helpful man Pierre who helps her find her brother. She meets her brother David and his boyfriend Jim at a beach where they have been vacationing. After knowing the truth David and Avril want to know more about each other and spend time with each other. Avril slowly comes out of the shell with support from David, his lover and Pierre who likes her but would not do anything to ruin whats between them. He even pursues her to paint more. We slowly see Avril's growth from a shy church girl who is scared of water to eventually going nude in ocean but there is nothing vulgar about it. The scene shows her coming out of the shell she has been living. Towards the end of 2 weeks she comes back to her church with the 3 men. The good sister meets them again and we are tld a secret that she happens to be the mom of both the kids and why it happened what happened. When the head nun finds out she gets crazy and attempts to kill the serious nurse thereby injuring Avrill who ultimately gets well. In the process the kids and the mother get closer and Avril finds love in Pierre.

Like I mentioned before, My favorite part was not putting gayness or David being gay anything special or out of normal. You would assume that a church girl would be shocked to find her brother gay but her reaction is very normal to meet his lover. Even Pierre's equation with Avril and the 2 men is very heartening. It feels warm to see that things can be normal if you try to portray them that way. The film is little slow but it grows on you. There is a warmth , a coolness , a certain 'thehraav' about it which is instantly likable.

I loved the movie and if you by now know the kind of movies I like, you would like this too except dont expect any cheap gay stuff. This one is for emotions. (6/10)

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Venkovský ucitel (Czech) [The Country Teacher]

There was something raw, real,fascinating, natural about this movie that I loved. It was not filmy or made up any away. It was very real, the actors were real, story was real, it was different but nice different. With a completely original story line and direction, this movie is worth a watch.

Peter, a gay schoolteacher from from an elite school in capital to tach in the country because he felt dominated by his mother in school. Later we find out that he also broke up with his boyfriend whom he actually never loved. So basically he is trying to run from everything and everyone. Peter who is always depressed soon meets Marie, a farm working widow who has had her troubles in life and her teenage son Lada who is young and beautiful but lives in guilty complex because he thinks he is not smart. He has a girlfriend who comes to visit him every weekend from the city. Together Marie and Lada run a dairy farm. Everyone is frank and open and there is nothing hidden. Marie once shows some interest in Peter but is quickly brushed off. Peter starts getting crush on pretty Lada. He starts teaching him to help him grow hi confidence but one such night he cant control himself and ends up physically playing with the boy. This has a huge very negative affect on the boy's mind. Realizing his mistake soon Peter goes to their house to ask for forgiveness but Lada doesn't want to listen. Since Marie forgive Peter, Lada can't take anymore and runs away from home. His girlfriend refuses to take him in and hence he just wanders around in the city. By now Peter is filled with guilt and the only way out is he dedicates himself to Marie in helping with her farm. He comes back one day but wants to return seeing that Peter is still there but Marie makes him realize that it is important to forgive and let the teacher repent for all mistakes he has done. After few thoughts and situations, Lada gives in. True to the statement "Everybody needs somebody".

There were so many small nuisances in the movie that make it stand out. The interaction between Peter with his parents specially with his father. You gasp in disbelief when Peter comes on to the teenage boy but after all he is human too. Peter plays his part of beaten depressed teacher and later a man filled with guilt very well. Lada as the teenage boy was good too and so was Marie. It looked as if she had been working on the farm for forever. It was so real. Talking about real, the fact that the movie actually showed a calf birth full on was unbelievable.

You have to watch this movie. Different story and marvellous direction. (7/10)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

En Forelskelse (Danish) [Awakening]

This film was actually a short film (about 40-45 minutes) long but it was still beautiful to hold your attention and pass on a message. A sexual awakening of sorts for a young teenage boy.

16 year old Carsten has just started dating Melissa. He is introduced to her parents who have an instant liking for him and they welcome him very warmly in their house. There is a warmth and tension that Carsten finds in her father. On a weekend trip to their summer house, Carsten cant control and ends up kissing her father who returns the favour but quickly backs off. There is then a strange tension between them. Carsten is confused and visits Melissa's house when he knows only her father would be there at home. after initial awkwardness, he starts crying because he is truly confused as to what is wrong with him and he can't figure out. The father gives him his shoulder and empathizes with him and soon they are making out. They are disturbed by Melissa and the mother but no one sees anything. Unable to deal with lies anymore Carsten tells Melissa that he has been with a man and they break up. Carsten then wants to be with her father but he refuses since he has a family and everything. Ev though you can see how much he wants to and is attracted to and likes Carsten. This is a sort of awakening for Carsten who realizes that he might be gay and would never be able to get together with his first love.

Except for the length of this short, it was almost like a full length feature film. The direction was very sensitive and the way the closeness between the 2 actors was portrayed was again shown with great sensitivity without making fun or mockery of anyone. Its time directors made more sensitive films for the gay community and ive us something meaningful to watch rather than all that gay crap that is out there.

This one is a worth watch. (6.5/10)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cachorro (Spanish/French) [Bear Cub]

I have to say it right away because I can't wait for the end of the post. I loved this movie even though it was my second time. Having a teenage nephew myself and how much I love him, I mostly empathized in the movie with the relationship that uncle and the nephew shared with one another. This is one of those feel good, entertaining but message driven film at the same time which leave you with no complains.

Pedro, a gay bear has avery active social and sexual life which includes parting, drugs, sex etc. One day he finds himself taking care of his 9 year old nephew Bernardo because his sister (a totally mentally fucked up and unstable woman) wants to go for a trip to India with her boyfriend. Initially both the people are reluctant of each other but soon grow into each other's company. Pedro tries to straighten his life a little bit but Bernardo understand everything. He is ok with his uncle being gay. You hart goes out for the kid when he prepares meals for his uncle because his mom asked him to take care of his uncle during his short stay. Soon the sister is put in jail for drugs in India and it seems like it will be more like a long term arrangement between Pedro and Bernardo. Enter Bernardo's grandmother who never had an opportunity to visit him because his mother wouldn't want him to. By now Bernardo doesn't like her at all. Pedro has constructed a new room for him in his house and they both are living very happy. It includes They hanging out with Pedro's friends and everything. The grandmother then decides to take leal action when Bernardo and Pedro dont want him to spend time with her. She digs out Pedro's history where we find out he is positive. They make n arrangement wherein Bernardo is sent to boarding school. Life goes on. Pedro gets sick, is in hospital, grandmother tells Bernardo the truth but he already knew it and blames his grandmother for Pedro's sickness and wishes she was dead. Things dont change too much. Uncle and nephew keep in touch through letters. Eventually few years later, grandmother dies and Pdro and Bernardo and reunited.

Oh my god!! there were so many emotional moments for me in the film. The kid making meal, his crying when he has to leave Pedro, his outburst at his grandma when she tells Pedro is sick really made me cry. On the other hand scenes where Bernardo would hang out with Pedro's friends and you see all these Spanish bear gay man being nice to kid but at the same time leading their own life made me fel lad that maybe someday there is hope for al of us gays out there to live a normal life. The kid was great when it came to acting and so was Pedro. The film doesn't show bears as any different from your regular muscular beefy queens.

I love it and if you like my kind of film, you will love it too. (7.5/10)

A River Made To Drown In

This is one of those films for which after watching I can't decide whether I liked the film or not. There were parts of it that were really interesting (longing for love in your last days) and then parts that were really boring (the theatricality by the lead actor) that overall it leaves just an average impression. Plus with the setting of the film, it is more suited for maybe a play rather than a film.

Allen is a struggling artist who is having an affair with Eva, a wealthy woman who owns a gallery store. He is soon given a surprise visit by Thaddeus, and old man. Not instantly but later you find out that Allen was one of Thaddeus' lover from the days when Allen used to hustle on the road. Thaddeus confines to Allen that he is dying of Aids and wants to spend few days with him. He asks Allen to find Jamie, another hustler on the road whom he loved and whom he thinks he could have passed on the disease to. After initial apprehensions, he agrees and finds Jamie but he refuses to visit Thaddeus. Meanwhile Eva finds out truth about Allen's past which brings a strain in their relationship. In pursuit of finding himself, Jamie and happiness, Allen starts working back on the streets not for money but for love which is now missing since Eva ha left but which h still longs for. Thaddeus tells Allen that he has split all his property between him and Jamie and he really needs to see Jamie. Finally Jamie gives in but he knows that Thaddeus is broke and he has no money to offer. Thaddeus dies and the movie ends with Allen finding inspiration in Jamie for his art.

Let talk about performances: Thaddeus was over the top but maybe thats what his character is required to do. His makeup was perfect. One look and you could tell he is gay. Rest everyone was ok. Allen was not that handsome that everyone will want him. His personality was confused in the film but that actually suited him. The photography of the film was dark most of the times, not liked by viewers by suited for the story.

And while writing this piece, I decided whether I liked it or not. (4/10)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Eating Out

I know I reviewed the sequel first but I had to watch this one again before I could review it. I clearly remember it was my first few gay films that I started watching it and I really liked it but since then (4 years) I have seen so many more better films and crap films as well, for this one I dont know for sure what I thought of it the second time I saw.

After being dumped by girlfriend Tiffany, caleb is sad and mentions to his gay roommate Kyle that is he was gay he could score with women. We are then in a party where fag hag Gwen dumps another guy who tells her he us gay. Her room mate is hot Mark whom Kyle always has an eye on. Caleb likes Gwen, so Kyle says Caleb is gay and Gwen is immediately in him and introduces him to Mark. Kyle figures that Caleb can use Marc to get to Gwen, while Kyle uses Caleb to get to Marc. Also, Tiffani lives next door to Gwen and Marc so seeing Caleb date Marc would make her crazy. After their first date when Caleb and Mark come back home. Caleb is freaked out but Gwen calls them and she seduces him verbally on phone. Mark takes advantage of the situation and gives him a blow job while he is on phone with Gwen. Kyle is very furious when he finds out about this. Meanwhile at some point Caleb also ends up having sex with Gwen. This is followed by a very awkward dinner with Caleb's parents where after initial confusions, things become clear. Gwen goes to Caleb and Mark realizes that its not just physical beauty but nice little things that matter and he gets interested in Kyle.

Interesting story but acting is sooooo over the top, you can't even start mentioning it. Caleb was very underplayed. Gwen was plain stupid and irritating, Mark was so full of himself and Kyle was a typical fag. Tiffany's character of kinky girlfriend was interesting. I gues syou would like the film was frankness, male nudity (full frontal) if you haven't seen many gay films.

If you regularly watch gay films, you might not like it very much and think its stupid. (4/10)

Hijras - The Third Gender (Documentary)

This is a documentary film which tries to educate people and enlighten them on the social outcaste, trials and the plight of hijras that they face in the Indian society. This documentary focusses on interviews, stories and other talks with hijras, social workers on how the life can be improved.

Most hijras are genetically born as men, but believe they are women within. The rest are hermaphrodites with some abnormality in genitalia. For those born men, becoming a hijra is a painful process that involves removing the entire genitalia in a secret ceremony that is often undergone without any anesthetic.
Currently, most hijras have only three ways in which they can make a living: prostitution, begging, and as performing shamans removing bad luck and/or spells from suspicious Indian households. Sex work is one of the only options for hijras because there are few employment opportunities available to them. Hijras are most commonly seen knocking on car windows, begging for money at stoplights. Although hijras are feared for their dissimilarities, they are also revered for their alleged mystical abilities. Most Indian families seek their blessings during any auspicious ceremony such as a birth, a wedding, or the building of a new house.

Very informative and interesting. Something different. (6.5/10)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Searching 4 Sandip

Zero expectations from the film led me to completely like this film that I saw in the recently concluded film festival in NYC. Made in a documentary style, this film was unexpectedly funny with real love and emotions.

The film starts with Australian girl Poppy looking for love after her break up. She turns to internet like most other people and find an Indian girl named Sandip. Incidentally Sandip lives with her Sikh parents and her younger sisters in UK and is not out to anyone. The film then explores their journey (which is true) right from their first meeting in Malaysia where they had decided to take a trip together. After their first holiday, Poppy is not content with anymore long distance stuff and decides to move to Uk hoping that Sandip would be there to help her out. Things are not so smooth as expected. By the time Sandip comes out to her family, she is forced to choose between family and Poppy. She choses Poppy, moves out of her house and they start living together. As expected things slowly come around and everything's well that ends well.

The most emotional core of the movie works because of Sandip's relations with her family. It breaks your heart to see that she has to make a choice. As the two main characters fight for their relationship, it seems ever more remarkable that they found each other online, in the absence of real physical contact. In fact, as the film progresses, the couple’s unconventional meeting fades into the background; they have proven (at least to each other) that such encounters can bear the weight of a fruitful relationship.

I lved it for its simplicity and for it was so natural. (6.5/10)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Poco più di un anno fa (Italian) [Adored: Diary of a Male Porn Star]

Sometimes a film can spring surprise. You read that its about the life of a porn start and you already make up your mind but wait till you actually see the film. It is definitely a good film and worth watch.

The film begins in 2014 with some documentary film makers trying to find details about a porn star Riki who did in 2002. They are trying to get information from Federico who we later find out wis Riki's brother. The movie then goes in flashback. Riki and Federico were born in a rich wealthy family In France but after his mother died, Riki fled home to go to Rome. Since then him and federico had no connection. Their father has now died and Riki comes back home. Federico learns that their fathers estate is in debt and that actually they are not as rich. He also has an ex-wife and a child. Federico wants to learn more about his brother so he decides to go to Rome with him. He sees that his brother makes very good money but doesn't know what he does. Incidentally one day he finds out his brother's picture in a porn magazine and confronts Riki. Riki confesses that he works in gay porn industry and is gay. He is supposedly the best in business and gets paid well. Awkward at first, Federico wants to know more about his brother and meets his friends, his colleagues, watches his shoot etc. The two brothers bond big time without judging each other. With a turn of events, a child comes in Riki's life who he wants to adopt but when the court finds out about his job, they refuse. Riki and the child were so close to each other that it breaks his heart and there his downfall starts. Meanwhile, federico reconciles with his wife and works with her to pay back his father's debt. Depression grips Riki and ultimately he commits suicide. Circa back to 2014, we realize that the person making the documentary is the same little boy whom Riki wanted to adopt.

Very touching and interesting film, this film shows relationships and emotions from a different angle. The bond that the 2 brothers share, a husband getting back to his wife admitting to all his faults, the bond between a gay guy and a child knowing each other very well and the friendship that all these people share with each other. There are few places where it gets tears to your eyes and gleam too when you se the 2 brothers sharing such an amazing bond with each other.

Must watch. This is good. (7.5/10)

I Can't Think Straight

You definitely would not have seen many reviews on lesbian themed movies and the reason is because I rarely watch them. But this one I had to. It had Indian connection to it and to watch gorgeous Lisa Ray in her second film as a lesbian would be interesting.

In the upper echelons of traditional Middle Eastern society, Reema and Omar prepare for the marriage of their daughter Tala. But back at work in London, Tala encounters Leyla, a young British Indian woman who is dating Tala's best friend Ali. Tala sees something unique in the artless, clumsy, sensitive Leyla who secretly works to become a writer. Leyla had always suspected of herself being a lesbian but had been fighting against it by trying t date men but ever since she met Tala, she can't help it. On a trip to Oford, the 2 women end up sleeping with each other. Leyla want some meaning to their relationship but Tala is not so sure considering she is already getting married soon. Leyla comes back home and comes out to her family who of course react very strongly but supportive at the same time. Tala is still confused about the whole thing and ultimately calls off her wedding. She now has to woo Leyla back but she wont hear anything because Tala doesn't have the courage to come out to her family. Of course in the end everything is fine. Tala comes out and her and Leyla share a beautiful relationship.

Lisa Ray as Tala plays her role very beautifully. Sheetal Seth on the other hand acts her part equally convincing as the confused modern girl who ultimately wants to be true to herself and her family. What I liked the best about the film was that it wasn't overdramatic. In fact it seemed funny at times without making fun of anyone. The music was good too. Overall thumbs up for the film.

Watch it. You wont be disappointed. (6.5/10)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


The title of this film is totally appropriate because this film actually goes nowhere. Nowhere constantly introduces kinky and eccentric characters, each and every one of them suffering from modern diseases and problems like drugs, eating disorders, nymphomania, hallucinations, aggression and even suicide! Araki even touches the more daily problems like popularity and faithfulness.

Nowhere chronicles a day (and night) in the lives of a group of 20 or more alienated Los Angeles teenagers in their personal lives of despair, alienation, failing relationships and more. Centering on one 18-year-old named Dark, an alienated UCLA film student; his bisexual African-American girlfriend Mel; her purple-haired, acid-tongued lesbian girlfriend Lucifer; Dark's homosexual classmate Montgomery; and Montgomery's poetess friend Alyssa. Other characters include Dark's friend, a queer industrial rock star named Cowboy; his drug-addicted lover and band mate Bart; the local drug dealer Handjob and his live-in S&M girls Kris and Kozzy; the metal-mouthed, wise-cracking intellectual Dingbat; her older brother Duckey, the bulimic Egg; Alyssa's self-destructive twin brother Shad and his girlfriend Lilith; Mel's little brother Zero and his blond girlfriend Zoe, plus a Teen Idol so famous that no one needs to utter his name, a trio of Atari gang members, nattering Valley girls, scary drag queens, a pragmatic party, and a mysterious alien from outer space that only Dark sees.

All the characters are curiously bisexual, which does nothing to serve the narrative except to throw a few predictability curve balls into the narrative drive. This film definitely beats stereotypes and maybe it does depict the way teens and young were being sucked by all the drug and sex but even then it doesn't justify to make a film which has absolutely no purpose in life.

Dont watch it. Save time, money and brain. (1/10)

10 Attitudes

Sometimes I wish I had completely forgotten what films I have seen but not reviewed because that would save me the pain of having to watch a trash movie 2 times. A horrible acting job by the lead character who all h does is complaining and whining, this can be in my list of top 10 unbearable movies.

Josh is a thirties-something gay caterer in a long-term relationship of 10 years when he realizes that his boyfriend has been cheating on him. Devastated and disillusioned, Josh wants to leave West Hollywood and return to Cleveland, but his closest friend Brandon (supports him by promising to arrange ten dates within a weeks' time. Brandon bets Jason will find a new love and remain in West Hollywood. If no new love is found, Jason will return home. Josh begins his arranged dating with 10 of some of the most diverse types everyone who has played the dating game has encountered. None of the 10 "attitudes" works out and Jason is about to depart for Cleveland when things change. He mets a old school buddy who comes out to him saying he is gay. Incidentally this same guy had bullied Josh a lot in school and made his life miserable. He apologizes for what he had been doing and they then have an instant connection and they take the same train ride together to Cleveland.

I have seen low budget movies but some of them have been good but this was outrightly bad and atrocious from production to direction to acting to stereotypes. Gosh!! Where do I stop. Not to mention all the loop holes in the plot.Do yourself a favour and save your money. (except for a few eye candy and thats why the rating)

Completely avoidable. (1.5/10)