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Monday, November 10, 2008

On the Other Hand, Death

The more I watch films in this series, the more I like them. Initially I thought that I like these because they have something new to offer but they actually really have very novel stories to tell.

This mystery series starts with a woman (a secret undercover agent) arguing with Donald Strachey on how Strachey almost busted her undercover mission. In his defense, he says that he was just following her because her husband had hired him to follow her, to which she dismisses that she doesn't have a husband. He promises to get back to her when he has more details. Meanwhile here is this elderly lesbian couple who live in this small town. One of them teaches in the school. The parents now want the couple out of the town because they think that their presence if being avery bad influence on the kids and the lady is trying to make kids queer. There house is attacked by unknown. The couple have a friend Andrew, who is an old student of theirs. Andrew was Tim's ex, so Tim requests Donald to see if he can help. Donald feels something fishy about Andrew. His fears are confirmed when Andrew once tries to kiss Strachey. Anyway, the mystery continues and in the end it is revealed that the undercover agent, Andrew and a couple other people were involved in all this because of real estate. Some high profile real estate company wanted the couple to sell heir house and leave but they wouldn't because of which the company was not able to make the money that they could. A always every thing's well in the end.

I still like the chemistry between Tim and Donald very much. The small arguments that they have and how they make up for each other makes for a very sweet viewing. I must admit that this one was the least liked for me in the whole series but that was because the story was little too complicated. But I would any day like to watch more of the drama and case solving mysteries. Strachey's assistant has a good comic timing too. Andrew was very good looking.

Strachey is good. His chemistry is good. (6/10)

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