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Monday, November 10, 2008

29th & Gay

Another one in the series of films that I had seen earlier but never reviewed and hence I didn't remember whether I have seen it or not. Struggles of a soon approaching 30 year old gay guy who hasn't found a boyfriend yet forms the crux of the story of this film.

Its James' 29th birthday and he is still single. He is a struggling actor. So pretty much his career is zero and he has nothing good to do. He lives with his friend Roxy, another confused girl. He also has his best friend Brandon. James is upset that he has turned 29 and is still single and doesn't know what's wrong. He forms the typical picture of a gay man who thinks he is the best but fails to understand what's wrong with him and why cant he meet anyone. He ha a crush on Andy, a guy who works in the nearby coffee shop but he knows that Andy probably doesn't even know of his existence. James' parent are very open and supportive and they also dont know how to help. The movie drags along with various different club scenes, James trying to meet guys and failing etc. The only best moment if the film is the last 10 minutes when Andy approaches him. Starting here, it is heartening to see the tension and awkwardness that both James and Andy share. Both dont know hoe to approach the other person and hat to do. By the way Andy is this totally hot and sexy guy. The film ends with how James is trying to overcome his under-confidence and asks Andy out on a date. I loved when Andy says that 'So are you' in reference to the fact that James is very cute.

A very ordinary film but I guess most gay men might be able to relate with it sine most of us find it really difficult to find a true boyfriend although we might keep pretending that we just want to be single and explore. As I mentioned earlier, best thing is that an ordinary guy like James could able to manage to get a hottie like Andy. Most gay men would want to know how to do that. lol

Just an ok movie with last 10-15 minutes good and rest of it is average. (5.5/10)

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