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Friday, October 17, 2008

Dona Herlinda and Her Son (Spanish)

Another Spanish movie, which before it started, I thought would be interesting with an interesting title like this. After watching the movie, I realized that it was interesting in bits and parts but the main crux was somehow lost on the movie.

Dona Herlinda is this rich woman whose son Rodolfo is a doctor and is a closet gay. Though there have been instances when Dona realizes that Rodolfo is gay and has seen him fooling around with his ex boyfriends but purposely ignores everything. Rodolfo is in love with Ramon and they go out together often. Dona likes Ramon and enjoys his company. Dona is desperately trying to fix Rodolfo with a girl though she knows that there is something special between the 2 men. After months, Dona invites Ramon to live with them. Initially hesitant, he moves in because his place is rally small. Slowly he realizes that his moving in was more for Dona Herlinda's company rather than him being with Rodolfo. Slowly Rodolfo starts getting cozy with this girl Olga whom Dona wants Rodolfo to marry. Giving into his mother's wish Rodolfo decides to marry Olga. Ramon is heartbroken but he deeply loves Rodolfo and so does Rodolfo. He learns to live with it. Rodolfo and Olga move out of the mother's house and Ramon still stays back with Dona Herlinda. The life goes on. the couple has baby. Rodolfo and Ramon occasionally have their flings and they are still in love with each other. Rodolfo and Olga are living happy. And Dona Herlinda has got another son in form of Ramon even after Rodolfo has moved out after marriage.

It was interesting to see how like most moms, even after watching Rodolfo and Ramon making out, she completely ignores it hoping that Rodolfo will someday marry and have kids too. But it was heartwarming to see that she was very loving and caring for Ramon as well. Although there was a selfish motive behind all that because she never wanted to left alone by herself. And the way they ended left me asking for more. Why does Ramon deal with all this. Its not common to see someone love the other person as much as to sacrifice his own love and personal wishes. Although I must admit, it was something very nice.

An overall decent exposure and this film with a tighter screenplay can be made into a very well feature. (6/10)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Straight Men and the Men Who Love Them 2

A collection of 9 short stories. But this time its the story about straight men who end up having sex with another men.

"Tease" - A guy strips when no one i at work
"Subconsious" - A bad break up leads a man to tap into his subconcious and the way he really feels.
"Courtship at the Office" - Crossed wires lead to unexpected results when a business man confesses his affection to an associate.
"Midnight Snack" - A shocking short film. A couple celebrating their anniversary meet a filmmaker at a bar. Soon the film producer will find out that there is more than meets the eye when he finds out the couple's hidden agenda.
"Thirteen or so Minutes" - 2 guys wake up in the morning embarrassed by what happened last night since they are straight. They talk and end up confessing they loved it and would love to continue the relationship.
"The House of Adam" - The original short describes the initial relationship between Adam, a small town country restaurant worker and the relationship he develops with the son of the restautant's owner.
"Confidences" - Wedding invitations are about to be mailed when Casey abruptly calls off the wedding sending her fiance, Clay, into a tailspin. Clay's best friend Reggie (a black guy) breaches the sanctity of their friendship to bring Clay face to face with what his 'business as usual' approach toward Casey has fostered and what he must do to correct it.
"Soldier's Choice" - A dark romance about a Marine's clumsy first date. On vacation in New York City, Marine John private meets a handsome but lonely Chelsea boy named Damon. Damon assumes the Marine just wants sex but when John proposes they go out on a real "date" Damon begins to think perhaps he has finally found the man of his dreams. When the boys get caught up in a moment of passion John must choose between his devotion to the Marine Corps and his desire for love and companionship.
"Reunited" - Two childhood friends are reunited under extreme circumstances.

Out of all these films, there were only 2 shorts worth talking about : House of Adam and !3 minutes or so. Rest all were useless. My stars are only for these 2 stories. (4/10)


A very interesting film that makes a spoof on the whole invent of reality television. I wouldn't have been surprised that if this idea was picked up and they actually made a reality show out of it.

A new reality show requires a straight man to pretend to be gay and marry a gay man. He has to convince everyone and have his family over for the ceremony. All this in a week's time. Enters Malcolm, the straight man, a wannabe actor/model who wants money. When he meets the potential gay guy Spencer, he doesn't think much except that Spencer is this typical flamboyant gay guy who wears garish flaming clothes. But both of them have to go through it. Malcolm first invites his best friend Bradley who is completely blown over by the fact that Malcolm is gay and just cant believe it. Spencer's girlfriend comes and starts hitting all over Bradley. Malcolm invites his parents and a whole series of funny incidents happen when he tries to convince his ultra conservative parents that he is gay. Spencer's family turns out to be typical southerners. They have their own way of looking at things. It seems everything is fine and everyone is convinced when at the time of wedding Bradley decided to come out that he is gay and has always had crush on Malcolm but now since he is marrying Spencer , he is happy for him. Spencer realizes that they should not make fun of marriage even if they dont believe in the institution. Malcolm tells the reality to everyone and still they end up winning the money because as per show the condition was to bring their family to the wedding.

The performance is good by everyone involved. The entire film is as if you are watching a reality show. Where they show incidents and then interviews by individual members. In between all this you see the hilarious host who seems like a ghost and comes out of nowhere.

The film was a decent attempt at spoofing the reality tv and could be an ok time pass movie. (4.5/10)