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Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Young The Gay and The Restless

Not until I read a couple of reviews online did I realize that this movie was supposed to b a spoof on how the daily soaps are directed with sudden breaks, quick scenes between characters that flash on and off the screen, actors that are attractive despite being unable to demonstrate even the basics of the art of acting; situations over the top just to keep the plot from sinking into the absurd.

The story of the film is simple. Millionaire victoria Gaylord is celebrating her 10th anniversary with Francis Gaylord. She is throwing a big party but is at the same time struggling with her illness. She faints at the party which is later cancelled. Francis calls Dr Bender who starts arguing to him about her best interestes. Victoria's adopted daughter Cynthia comes in to visit with her homophobic husband Philip, who all he does is work out in the gym. Philip does not want to go because he does not want to get hit on by Nicholas, Cynthia's brother. Victoria has had strained relationship with her mom for a while. Victoria has another adopted son Josh who is having an affair with Victoria. Meanwhile there is also the housekeep Andrew, a flirty gay boy who is dealing with his ex, a couple of new prospects and a Asian girl who wants to be Andrew's first 'try it once' woman. Last we see nurse Jones coming in, a black girl who was abandoned by Victoria 15 years ago because she was jealous of her. Victoria has had affair with the doctor and so has Jones. Jones shoots Victoria and Philip in turn shoots Jones. Nicholas meanwhile is trying to understand why Philip is homophobic and later finds out that he was molested when he was young by Philip. Turns out Philip also molested Nicholas and Josh as well. Philip in the end turns up having sex with Nichlas. Eventually everyone is after Victoria's money. Film ends with Dr putting Victoria's brian in Jones body and family members getting a shock.

Plot sounds complicated but it was not. It seemed everyone was having affair with everyone and was being molested. It was the weirdest family relation. Performance wise I think everyone was supposed to be over the top which believe me they were right on it. You would be like 'What the hell is going on?' Victoria was most dramatic. I am still not sure whether her character was supposed to be that of a tranny or not! The boys were good looking to hot. The direction was dramatic. I was wondering at times if this was supposed to be spoof. If yes, then on what. I only found out later.

SOme spoofs fall flat. You dont laugh at all but you dont get bored either. (4.5/10)

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Clandestinos (Spanish)

I can makeup my mind whether I liked this movie or not. Actually I did not like the movie but to what extent I did not like it, I am not sure. Hopefully by the time I am done with writing this review, I would know.

Xabi, Driss and Joel run away from a jail for minors. They are all 17 year olds. They travel to Madrid. Xabi is looking for his friend Lika, a very old man. Their relationship is not very clear. He just keeps referring to him as a friend. On their trip to Madrid, they meet 2 girls. Joel hooks up with one of them and on reaching Madrid starts living with them. The other fatty girl likes Driss, an Arab guy but he wants to help Xabi with his search for his friend. Xabi hooks up with an old cop and steals his pistl. He wants to become a terrorist because we figure that this is what Lika was doing. Lika and Xabi were actually in a relationship which breaks when Xabi finds out that Lika is training for terrorism. Xabi wants to please Lika , so he tries to make a bomb and create a scene in Madrid. WIh Driss's help they do a bomb blast in Madrid. Somehow the faty figures out that Xabi and Driss had a hand in this and informs the police. Police asks them for details. They give in and are put in jail. The cop with whom Xabi hooked up gets involved with him and takes care of him. The girls visit the boys in jail.

Apart from the fact that Xabi was gay and was involved with an old man, there is nothing remotely gay about this movie. Xabi liking men does not bring any different angle in the story. The performances were strictly ok. The teen guys were good looking and acted ok. A carefree attitude by teens was a little disturbing.

Nothing great but not awfully bad. I managed to sit through. (4/10)

Friday, July 25, 2008

The World Unseen (South Africa / UK)

I am so glad I saw this film. I am not a big fan of films based on lesbian theme but I had to definitely watch this one because of the fact that it had Indian actors and somehow the synopsis sounded interesting. And true to all of these things, this film turned out to be my favorite among all the films that I saw in the festival.

The fim is set in South Africa in 50s when apartheid was at its peak. The story primarily revolve around an Indian family. Omar is married to Miriam. They move from Cape Town to suburbs because situation is not very good in the city because of discrimination and other things. Omar is not he best husband. He is cheating on Miriam with his brother's wife and Miriam knows it but doesn't do anything about it. They have 3 kids. Miriam is silently observing and accepting everything. On the other hand we have Amina, another Indian girl who i a trend setter. She wears pants, runs a cafe with black and indian people an raises her voice for injustice. She is hired by Omar to work on his backyard and we see how sparks fly between Miriam and Amina. Amina sees that Miriam accepts anything without complain and tries to make her realize that she is an individual who needs to do what she wants. Ultimately the relationship in terms of respect and love for each other grows between these two women and a journey begins when Miriam starts working in Amina's cafe.

Story sounds simple but the direction was simply fabulous. There were a few hilarious scenes when Miriam tries to get back to her husband in front of people. Miriam played by Lisa Ray was fabulous. She was in skin of her character. Th best part of the film was that it had a solid base of emotions. There was no nudity or anything. Completely full of emotions and very good characterization, this film touched me very much. I loved each and every single minute and will watch it again. Love was never so innocent and pure in GLBT world.

Very strongly recommended. (8.5/10)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Lost Coast

The same thing happens so many times. The film's synopsis makes you so excited about the film that after when you have actually seen the film, its nothing but a major disappointment.

This film is a story of high school friends, Mark, Jasper, and Lily, who reunite one Halloween for a night of good cheer. Memories of an unspoken sexual past between the two boys come back to haunt them as night turns to day and each must confront his or her own fears and beliefs. What may have been typical teen experimentation at the time is now an obstacle to continued friendship. They are joined by Mark's friend Caleb. Jasper is a quiet guy and we are watching the film through his perspective where he is writing a letter to his fiance about what happened the halloween night. So when they have had enough of the maddening crowd, they try to walk to less secluded place where they could go to some house party or something. Mark has strong feelings for Jasper because a year ago him and Jasper had made out and they have a sexual history behind them. Delivering deep, understated performances, the ensemble cast brings the inner lives of each character to the surface. They end up walking all night ending up on a beach. Their inner conflicts play with themselves and hidden truths come out. $ individuals trying to find their own identity in the world. Frustrated Jeremy sensing all the sexual tension give Mark a jerk off and just leaves disgusted in the end.

It was weird film. I did not understand the whole point of the film. The chemistry or relationship between the 2 friends was never completely justified. I was very lost and bored in the film. I have nothing more to say.

I am not going to watch this film again. (3/10)

My Last Ten Hours With You (Australia) (Short Film)

Another short feature and another impressive direction. Although I might not totally buy into the concept.

Mark And Jeremy are a couple. Mark is soon moving to US from Australia and they have just 10 more hour to send with each other and then quite possibly break up for life. The film shows heir interaction in their hot apartment, time spent with friends, trying to please each other by having sex, doing crazy things. Jeremy is very upset that Mark is leaving him and Mark is upset by antics that Jeremy is playing to amuse him. Soon its time for Mark to go. But within these 10 hours itself things have change so much that they probably would have broken up anyways.

See the story does not make too much sense. It was all about interaction between a couple before they part their way. This was just one another facet of the society. I applaud director but I dont agree with the whole thing. Little more description and characterization would have helped.

A decent watch. A new experiment. (4.5/10)

Kompisar (Swedish) [Flatmates] (Short film)

The good thing about this festival is that I am getting to watch these short films which I would have neevr thouht of watching but its good fun. This Norwegian film was no less interesting.

Friends Hampus (straight) and Bjorn (gay) move into their new flat as roommates and celebrate by having a playful romp on the couch . They are very comfortable with each other and viewer gets confused that maybe both are gay. At night , Hampus wants to o out to pick girls but when Bjorn refuses , he offers to go to a gay bar with him but still gets rejected. Bored alone Bjorn leaves a funny and playful message to Hampus. Soon Hampus starts bringing a girlfriend home and things are not same now. Several nights later, Hampus comes home piss drunk and opts to sleep in Bjorn's bed. Bjorn slips in as well and ends up jerking off his friend. We have realized by then that Bjorn has secret desires for Hampus. Needles to say that a wonderful friendship that existed goes wrong by Hampus declaring in the end that he thinks it is not working between them.

A simple story told in a short time. It can be easily made into an interesting film. Characters did their part well and we the closeness that the two friends shared was good. BUt I kind of missed the point of the movie. Does every gay man want to sleep with their straight friend? Can a gay man not be friends with a straight person? I guess a full fledged feature could answer these questions.

Pretty decent for a short film. (6/10)

Monday, July 21, 2008

Dog Tags

I went for this movie at the very last minute. There were Sold Out boards everywhere. I got in after I finally got the ticket and boy was I disappointed. The theatre had quite a few seats empty and the film was at least not my cup of tea.

Abandoned by his father and raised by his single mother, Debbie, Nate Merritt joins the Marines to support his soon-to-be fiancée, Trish. While on leave in Palm Springs he meets Andy, a magnetic, seemingly free-spirited young gay man with dreams of escaping to the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. Andy has still not gotten over his ex-love and he looks for him in every single guy he meets. Though the bond between the two men is initially platonic, the nature of their relationship unavoidably shifts into something physical and intimate. It turns out that Andy has a baby boy and its time that Andy accepts his responsibility. Nate has always wanted to know about his father but always got weird answers from his mother. Unexpectedly, by delving deeply within himself, Nate also uncovers the identity of the father he never knew and he gets a shock. His role model for life was totally not what he expected.

Decent performances was the only saving grace. The film was way too dark for me. The director in QnA later told that the film was a slice of his life where he did not have love of his father and how he had to go through hardships but still the movie did not evoke any emotions from me. Why the title? Because turns out that in the end Nate and his real father woe the similar dog tags. At least thats the reason I would like to think.

Can be avoided. Very disappointing.(3/10)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Clapham Junction (UK)

The drama takes place over 24 or so hours in the life of 7 (or maybe 8) gay or bisexual men and youths. Different story lines are juggled and the various characters find their lives engaging with others - often by the most spurious and improbable of coincidences. I will try to sum up what I remember.

Will and Gavin are getting married after gay marriages became legal. Their waiter Alfie gets Will's attention and Will tries to get in his pants. Will resists but doesn't wrk. WIll gives him his number and his ring. That night Alfie goes to a bar. Terry hits on him but Alfie ignores him. Later that night Terry goes with a guy but ends up hitting and beating him bad. 14 year old Theo who is just discovering his sexuality is waiting for his parents to go to a party so that he can masturbate while watching his neighbor Tim whom he has occasionally seen in the library. Tim is rumored to be a pedophile. Robin, a screenwriter being rejected an offer of a gay film goes to a public bathroom where he s flashed and propositioned by another man but some other guys interrupt him. Robin later meets the man at a party where Theo's parents are also invited. The other guy actually finished his job in the bathroom with another man and he later saw some gay bashers running after Alfie. Alfie is killed. Robin asks the guy to come clean but he refuses fearing his social status. When Alfie was dying, Terry look the ring from him. During one of his encounters, he gets beaten up badly and lands up to a doctor who is Gavin. Gavin sees the ring and realizes that Will is not being honest. Theo finally meets Tim. They have a rough animal sex. Oh! meanwhile there is also clips of this lower class black boy learning violin but always living in fear that he will be bashed by other street smart ghettos and the film actually ends with pieces of the violin.

The story is confusing but it was interesting how small pieces were interconnected to each other. I found the whole thing very fascinating. The intimate scene between Theo and Tim is easily the best scene in the film. There is so much tension in the scene that you can actually feel it. The film was not perfect. There were lots of questions unanswered but I guess the whole point of the film was just to show that how still homophobia exists in the people's mind and how some people still lead double lives. I struggled a little bit with the thick british accent but it was ok.

Very much recommended for lovers of good cinema. (7/10)

Reine Geschmacksache (German) [Fashion Victims]

A comic flare in the movies is always welcome. But sometimes title of the film gets misleading. You might expect something totally different after reading the title of the movie, but you dont get it. That does not mean the film does not deliver. Its gives you more than what you expected. Its funny, its lovable, its something you can identify with.

Wolfgang is a 50 something salesman who's is arrogant, self absorbed, humorless and very inattentive and insensitive to his wife Erika and his son Karsten. When he's caught driving with a suspended license, Wolfgang abruptly cancels the planned study-abroad trip Karsten had saved for, demanding the boy instead spend the next weeks chauffeuring him around to his appointments as a women's clothing sales rep. The clothes he sells are suddenly being edged out by cheap and more fashionable clothes being sold by a rival salesman, Steven. By sheer coincidence, Karsten and Steve meet and sparks fly with both unknown of their relation with Wolfgang. Erika meanwhile is tired of her husband's male bashing and considers filing for divorce after discussing with her friend Miss Brigitta. All this while, we are told that, Wolfgang is under major financial crisis, they are almost broke but he does not tell anyone. He decimates his son's college fund, calls Erika a "stupid cow", insults his own customers' looks when they start buying Steven's wears maybe some of "Fashion Victims" are almost too cruel to be funny. Identities are revealed and after initial friction, things seem to settle, when Steven ultimately moves out of the picture and the family reunites.

Scenes between Steven and Karsten are sexy and erotic to a certain extent. Wolfgang is funny and the whole way he handles his customer in frustration is handled very well. There is no over-drama and the whole reunion is very poignant and simple Characters are very identifiable with and you are really looking forward to whats next. I thought performance by everyone was very cute. Steven was damn sexy. Miss Brigitta was funny too.

Overall , a very enjoyable fun movie. Must watch. (7.5/10)

Café com Leite (Brazil - Portugese) [You, Me & Him] (Short film)

I am starting to like this whole concept of short movies. Sometimes they turn out to be better stories maybe because of the sheer fact that the director doesn't try to stretch out things beyond a certain point.

Danilo and Marcus are boyfriends and one day Danilo asks Marcus to move in with him as soon as he leaves his parents house. Wen he reaches home, his parents are dead and he nw has the sole responsibility of his younger brother Lucas. It seems Danilo had no idea about what Lucas likes and what he doesn't. He starts trying his best to be a father figure to him. Now that he has so much responsibility, he spends more time with Lucas and less time with Marcus. Marcos occasionally joins Danilo and Lucas but always feel that Lucas comes in between them though he understands the intentions of the small kid. One day Marcos picks up Lucas from chool and they chi chat. Lucas tells him that he likes Marcos and he knows he is Danilo's boyfriend. Earlier Danilo and Marcos had planned to go for a holiday but now because of Lucas Danilo cant go. In the end, Marcos decides to go by himself and the film ends with Lucas and Danilo bonding.

I thought the whole premise of the film was very interesting. How sudden responsibilities can make you grow up. Sometimes there are certain things that you take for granted and family is so much important. All 3 characters in the film grow to and get used to the new situation and maybe hopefully start to live together. I personally liked bonding scenes between Danilo and his young brother Lucas.

Another one of the good short film. (7/10)

Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Houseboy

From the previews that I read, this one seemed to be an interesting film, but somehow I was not able to identify with the film. At the end of the film, the question that I had in my mind was what was the exact story that the director was wanting to tell. Somehow I think thats where the director missed the pulse of the audience.

Ricky is a houseboy with a couple Simon and DJ. Its been a year since he has been with the couple. The couple leaves for Christmas to visit their family and Ricky is left alone. We soon realize that Ricky is very alone in his life. Ever since he came out to his mom, his family does not want to have anything to do with him. Its christmas week , with celebrations all over and Rick is all alone. He decided to commit suicide and leave his body for Simon and Dj as a gift. During this period, he has a few sexual encounters with about 3-4 people. After sex, he asks everyone of them that would they care or do anything if they know that Ricky would commit suicide on christmas eve. Everyone just snugs him away saying that he is a psycho. One day he meets Blake , son of a lesbian couple and they end up talking to each other. They meet once more after that. Rick is about to take his life on Christmas eve, but decides against it. Blake visits him with food saying that there is no way he will leave his friend alone on christmas eve. One of Ricky's hookup also turns up to check up on him. Ricky realizes that killing himself is not a solution. He will someday find someone who will love him for what he is.

The story is simple but it was stretched a bit. All Ricky's sexual encounters were with hot men. They all had a character sketch and were somehow connected to plot. There was a lot of nudity and titillating sex and gorgeous male bodies. Ricky acted well but there was soul missing in the film, at least for me. The only lesson that I got was that suicide is not the solution to everything.

Very strictly, just an ok film. (4.5/10)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Chuecatown (Spanish) [Boystown]

One of my friends had seen this movie and he was praising this movie endless so obviously my expectations from the movie had raised quite a bit. And thats where the problem started. Going into a movie with lots of expectations just kills it. I wished I had not heard about the movie. I am pretty sure I would have liked it much better.

A real estate agent is looking to buy property in boystown and is trying to make the area as most beautiful , posh and liveable area. He knows these kind of areas are big hit specially with gay couples. To do this he has to buy certain apartments which actually belong to old ladies. He gives them a good price option but none of them want to sell their home. So he starts killing the old ladies. Meanwhile there is this odd couple Ray and Leo. They are awkward, not physically fit, never care about their appearance, maybe dumb but are very happy with themselves. Their neighbor gets killed by the real estate agent and Rey and Leo are prime suspects specially after the cops find that the old lady had left her aptt for Leo. Leo calls his mother (who is a bitch with a capital B) to live in this new aptt. But the kind of woman she is, she wants to stay with the boys. Her and Rey dont get along at all and there are constant fights. At some point the agent tries to kill Leo's mother but fails. He then realizes that Ray and Leo are fighting so he tries to woo Ray so that he can get in their lives and kill the old lady to sieze the apartment. In the end all goes well and everything is exposed.

Te story sounds boring but it is hilarious. The odd couple are so good. The bst thing about them is that they are not perfect. They are the average next door guys. They are fat, they are nerdy, fashionless but are fun. Their chemistry and love is amazing. The mother is hilarious. Oh! we also have this mother son detectives looking into the case who add to the humour. The film is with good production values. gives you good entertainment with some really witty dialogues. My favourite was Leo's mother and all her dialogues. She was superb.

I guess after all the film was not that bad. Watch it. (6.5/10)

Monday, July 14, 2008

Between Love and Goodbye

I am so glad I am watching these films in the film festival. So many new concepts and ideas and the fact that they are actually executed well makes me feel so good and happy. I sometimes feel that I should somehow be a part of all this. The film is a modern day gay drama about falling in and out of love. Sometimes you can think that everything is going in favor of you until some unseen forces come to destroy your life.

Kyle and Marcel fall in love the instant they see each other. They are so perfect for each other. Since they cannot marry and live together legally, the french Marcel gets married to his lesbian friend Sara so that he can live with Kyle. Everything seems to be just so perfect and then enters April, Kyle's sister ( a transsexual and a prostitute). She has instant disliking for Marcel and soon we realize that her aim is to break this wonderful love that Kyle and Marcel share. She starts poisoning their life slowly and methodically. Marcel can clearly see what an why April is ding but all Kyle sees his April , his sister, his family. He does not want to choose between Marcel and April. But Marcel wants Kyle to ask his April to move out so that they can spend more time together. After a series of misunderstandings, finally April succeeds. She now id Cole because her breasts are not adjusting with her body. Kyle and Marcel decide to breakup and then starts the fight about the NY apartment. Clearly Cole does what he can best to fill in Kyle's mind with everything negative about Marcel just so that he can win. This leas even to the extent that Cole reports about the fake wedding that Marcel and Sara took. Immigration one day is finally taking Marcel away when Kyle suddenly realizes what a big mistake he did. He runs after him but its to late and tragedy strikes. The end is left for the viewers imagination.

I actually really liked the film. There were so many bits and pieces that seemed so real and slice of life. The constant fights, saying sorry to each other, making up soon, having fun and sex, hanging out with friends etc. It was good. Guy who played April/Cole was good. He was very convincing. You cant help but hate him. He was that god. Other characters acted well too. It showed how the couple gets trapped between the emotions of love and goodbye.

I can definitely see this movie again. (7/10)

Antarctica (Israel - Hebrew)

So my tryst with the film festival continues with this film. I liked the film but it still bothers me that why was the film named so. Except for a reference when one of the characters mentions that she wants to go to Antarctica, there was nothing else about it. Anyways, I should stop caring and rather write about the film.

The film starts with a guy bringing different men every night in his apartment. Every man has shown to be with some peculiar features. After first five minutes the film moves 3 years and starts showing life of few people in the city of Tel Aviv some of whom eventually turn out to be men whom this character sleeps with. Omer, a young guy soon to turn 30 works as a librarian and is looking for his love. He meets Danny for a blind date which goes well but he thinks that Danny is too young for him. Danny lives with Ronen, his ex-boyfriend who is a journalist and often visits the library. Omer and Ronen have noticed each other. Then we have Shirley, Omer's little sister. Aside from being Omer's greatest annoyance, she is in an unconventional relationship with, Michal, owner of the city's hippest coffeehouse and her boss. She breaks u her wedding with Michal at the last moment because she wants to travel the world specially Antarctica. Omer's best friend goes on a date with Ronen and have god time and sex. One day in library Ronen invite Omer to go with him to a meeting They realize that they have lots in common with each other but cant do anything about it. Finally the day comes when Omer's mother invites Omer, Shirley, Michal and Omer's friend for his birthday. His friend invites along Ronen and thats where Omer and Ronen realize that they are meant for each other. There are some side stories about Danny, his 3 year old hook up and now his dance instructor and about a crazy writer who believes that aliens talk to her. The film ends with how some people win their love and how some people are just left alone.

The performances in the film were really good. I thought it was something different but the only problem was there were too many characters and their relationship with each other became confusing after a certain point. Ronen was very hot loking and Omer was like the boy next door. I thought he was cute to. The film was with good production values. Its hard to point any flaws in the movie but at the same time it did not make me clap for it.

Another time, another day, I might watch it again. (6/10)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild

Another Gay Movie was one of the funniest movies I had seen with a buddy of mine. Wen I saw about the sequel, my curiosity was sky rocket but I was a little disappointed. Firstly I saw it in the film festival and the projector there is just not good. Secondly this time the performances and even the story idea seemed a little too over the top.

Andy, Nico, Jarod and Griff are back and ready for action in a big way with a sun- and fun-drenched excursion to Ft. Lauderdale for Spring Break. After a bumpy ride, they eventually reach and start enjoying vacation. They enter the Gay gone wild contest which obviously is about who gets laid the most. Griff and Jarod are struggling with their relationship and are not sure whether they should enter the contest or not. They decide that they should but eventually turns out that they can't. Andy wants to get laid desperately but ends up meeting this hot Cuban guy who is full of love and romance instead. Nico is just not getting anyone's attention but is trying to fit in. Ok ok this sounds boring but its not. All this is handled in a very funny, in your face typical gay fashion. The boys soon realize that the goal of getting the most "action" over the course of their vacation is fraught with obstacles including wet "package" contests, slip n' slide gay shuffleboard, an evil gay clique and even genital crabs! The film has loads of sex sequences, over the top gay dialogues and lots of raunchiness for gay men. But eventually it fails to impress the fun and freshness of the first part. Nico on the final day announces how he is proud of what he is and asks everyone who is not hot to come out. All kinds of non sexy men come out and eventually Nico turns out to be a winner. Andy gets together with his Cuban boyfriend.

I think I was watching too many movies plus the expectations were a little high and so I was disappointed. Another day and time I might have liked it but not this time. Acting was good by everyone. The most exciting part for me was when a couple of cast members came up to he stage after the screening and talked about the film.

Not great as first one but not a whimper either. (5/10)

Vier Fenster (German) [Four Windows]

I am still confused whether I liked or not liked the movie. It was a good concept. Even the acting was not bad. The execution was very very different and at some places the film just dragged on and on. I am usually open to new ways of film making but this one was a little too different.

The story is about a family and on day in particular in their lives and how they are not what their family thinks. The son has to appear for an exam which he does not. Instead he wanders around after meeting his friends and ends up going to some sex booth where he encounters some guy. The guy seduces the son but eventually leaves him high and dry. This frustrates the son and this is his story. Then we see how the father (a cop) is sitting at the train station talking to his daughter. Next he helps a woman with her luggage to her apartment and they try and start seducing but mid way the father just gives up and leaves. The audience in the meantime is very confused. The story of the mother is that of a very sexually frustrated woman. She tries to seduce janitor of their building and is fighting hr own battles. The daughter meanwhile has something else totally different going on. She is frustrated for something and asks all old men in the train to fuck her and beat her. The family unites for diner at a restaurant to celebrate the son's exam which they dont even know he has taken. The mother tell everyone that the daughter is pregnant and their toast. Her boyfriend is also there. But the daughter is very sad. y subtle hints, we realize that the girl was pregnated by the father. In the end hey jut show how her boyfriend calls her and tells her how much he loves her and hence the story of the family is done.

The performances were ok but I dont understand the whole point behind the movie. Understood that it was a slice of life of chaacters of a family but there still has to be some point in the end which was just not there in the film. The film's execution was very confusing and to an extent boring. My friend who went with me did not understand the movie at all. So that sums it up all.

It was ok for me but I would not watch it again. (3.5/10)

Mulligans (Canada)

My first film in the Philadelphia GL film festival and I am so glad I started the festival with this film. There are always expectations when one watches a film and it definitely turns out to be a pleasant experience sometimes. For records, Mulligans is a term in golf when a second chance is given. And the film is based around this statement.

One summer Tyler brings home his best buddy Chase for the summer. He has his parents Nathan and Stacey and a very young sister Birdy. Both Nathan and Stacey are young. We are told that Tyler was from a teen pregnancy. Chase and Tyler are best of buddies and love hanging out. They are here to work for summers in the golf course and Chase gets a warm reception at Tyler's house. We feel that there is some sort of tension going on between Stacey and Nathan but never know exactly what because they are always in the process of depicting a perfect family portrayal. This is till the time Chase comes out to Tyler. After the initial shock that Tyler has, he tries to reason it and still agrees to be the best friend of Chase after he discusses with his dad Nathan. One weekend Stacey, Birdy and Tyler go to their grandma's house. Nathan invites Chase for dinner and he looks very upset. He starts crying and just says 'I think'. Chase stops him and says 'I know'. They have a short affair. Affair is wrong word since they genuinely felt for each other. But soon things come out in open. STacey finds out and confronts Nathan. Turns out that she always suspected he was gay. Nathan reasons that this is the first time that he has ever been with a man and the reason he is with their is because he genuinely loves his wife and kids. Eventually Tyler also finds ou. After lots of tribulations, Chase leaves for college after Tyler forgives him and Nathan decided to take sometime off from his family, to sort his own issues and then see what can comes up.

I have not mentioned Birdy a lot in the film but she was the best. She was so damn funny. Her scenes were the best. The portrayal of Nathan was very believable and so was Chase's and Tyler's. The confusions that Tyler goes through, first for his friend and then for his father were acted beautifully. All the main characters were superb. The location was fantastic and beautiful. A very very high quality product.

I loved the film and I am sure you too will. (8/10)

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Starcrossed (Short Film)

Its time I think to start reviewing some short films. My first short film barely lasting 13 minutes, but it was very impressive. The story is simple, well edited and to the point.

Darren and Connor are 2 star crossed lovers bound by blood. They are brothers. Right from first scene where Darren saves Connor in swimming pool as a kid, we realize that they share a special relationship. Film progresses to present day and the boys find themselves struggling for emotions and love they feel for each other. They realize that the world is never going to understand the love that they share. The ending just breaks your heart. Their parents find out and Daren and Connor run away form home. They know they can't live without each other and the world would never understand their relationship. They commit suicide. I guess the message that the director tried to tell was that love can come in the most unexpected ways. Connor and Darren love story is sweet, tender and sad, oh so sad, but not a bad kind of sadness. One might be putt off by the idea of incest but if you need to be open minded and try to appreciate the love when you feel it. Honest acting, it never felt amateurish. I had no idea short films could be this interesting. Now I wish someone would make a feature version of this.

Definitely worth a watch. I am glad this was my first short gay film. (7/10)