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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Mr. Smith Gets a Hustler

Whether I like this movie or not is a different question, the answer to which you will find out towards the end; but what I would like to admit that the plot had interesting twists and turns to it. Unlike the name , the film is actually not bad.

Bobby is a hustler who supports his dysfunctional mother Sheila. He works for a pimp in a bar through whom he gets his clients. Abe a black guy owes $6k to the pimp because his girlfriend flushed all the drugs that he was supposed to sell. The pimp suggests Abe to take up hustling t pay him off. One day a strange guy named Mr Smith comes and gets Bobby. They don't do anything in the hotel and Bobby gets paid. You feel that this is another one film where client falls in love in hustler but I was wrong. A few other times Mr Smith takes Bobby to basketball games and general hanging out. Bobby is confused as to whats going on but goes with it. On the other hand, Abe goes to this guy , a detective , who is looking for Mr Smith and tells Abe that he will get paid good if he can find him where Mr Smith is. Bobby gets comfortable with Mr Smith and they plan to go away from this bad world of hustling. You are still wondering why but then the twist comes that Bobby is Mr Smith's son. Meanwhile, the detective finds out about Mr Smith and kills him. Bobby is so distressed by the whole thing that he deices to pack his bags and leave for good.

The story is simple but interesting. My only problem was very low production values. It looked like an amateur's work. Had it been handled more maturely with more budget, it would have been a different ball game altogether. A little more research would have made the film very interesting. Bobby was very cute but had a weird accent.

All in all, you can watch this independent movie for it has something new story to offer. (6/10)

Monday, February 25, 2008

À toute vitesse (French) [Full Speed]

This film explores relationships in a non linear way through its 4 main characters with friendship, love and sexuality.Based in France, it honestly did not do much for me but was still interesting. I would have loved some more clarified justifications for some of the behaviors.

Samir, a French Arab witnesses the accidental death of the man he loves. Feeling lonely and outsider he moves to a small town in France and encounters a young novelist Quentin celebrating the publication of his first novel with his best friend Jimmy and his girlfriend Julie in a dance bar. Samir and Quentin make eye contact and soon a brief assignation outside the club leads to a kiss that the vulnerable Samir views as a sign of love but that Quentin views as strange but as possible content for his next novel. Quentin loves Julie, Julie loves Quentin, but has an eye on Quentin's best friend Jimmy, a lad faithful to his friendship with Quentin. Samir, longing for a physical relationship and Quentin refusing but gathering information for his novel spent lot of time together. But soon Quentin has enough of Samir and he tells him never to meet him again. Quentin departs for Paris to write, Jimmy and Julie begin a lusty affair, and Samir feels again deserted by a lover. Quentin returns from Paris to discover Julie has found love with Jimmy and while Samir's obsession with Quentin races at the new availability of Quentin as a partner, Quentin is disgusted and returns to his career as a writer in Paris and the story comes to a protracted ending with a series of sad incidents like Jimmy's death. Quentin, the core of each of the love stories remains aloof, dedicated to his growing fame as a writer.

The stories are bound with gender love, homophobia, human frailty and need. The film is more like short stories and loves of various people thrown and woven together.

Not a highly recommended but still a good watch. (5.5/10)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Los Novios Búlgaros (Spanish/Bulgarian) [Bulgarian Lovers]

A different movie that I have seen in the gay genre was refreshing since it told a story something new for me. Talking about the influx of Eastern European men in Spain, this film talks about various issues that deals with the whole thing.

Daniel, a very well off settled architect is a part of wild and promiscuous queeny gay guys in Madrid. The infiltrators from Europe who are all sexy have spiced up their sex life because they are ready for sex with men in return for meal or roof over their head. Daniel is on the lookout for the perfect man: Handsome, muscular, hairy and hung. He finds him in the Bulgarian, Kyril. Kyril has a fiance, Kalina. But Daniel gets so involved with Daniel that he could care less. He takes care of his food, clothes, money etc. Kyril's desire for money and then more money leads him to engage in a number of shady deals including help from Daniel to fix his papers. We all realize that Kyril will do something bad and Daniel will get affected. Matters change when Kalina shows up and she also starts living with them. After sometime they go back to BUlgaria for the wedding. Nothing exciting there. At some point Kyril does something so bad, goes to jail that Daniel ends his relationship with Kyril. But not for long. Several weeks later, bereft, Daniel locates Kyril once again. He loans Kyril a large amount of money and tells him to leave the country. The only caveat is that Daniel asks Kyril to call him "once in a while." Kyril never does, of course.

What was the whole message of the film is a bot unclear. BUt still it was different. Daniel's and Kyril's relationship is fine.

It is for an ok viewing. Nothing great but its different. (5/10)

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Breaking The Cycle

The question haunts me why was this movie made? What was the intention behind this? Was it a soft porn but it cannot be that since the underlying message was that of finding true love.

Story is simple. Jason and Chad are room mates and have hots for each other. But both think that the other person probably would not be interested so they keep their interaction at friendly level. Jason in hooked on to internet chat and hooks up with guys often. On the other Chad thinks that internet is lame and its all about finding true love and right person. On insisting on one of the friends', Chad also tries internet chat room and incidentally ends up chatting to the screen name of Jason. They end up talking about love, affection etc. Finally wen they find out they become lovers.

A pretty lame story. Bad acting, bad directory, purposeless story. The only good thing is soft porn sex scenes between Jason and his hook ups.

Don't waste your time. Can definitely be missed. (2.5/10)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Mostly Unfabulous Social Life of Ethan Green

Another kinda funny confused movie which tackles with one of those common issues with gay. Will I ever be able to find my Mr Right? WHy am I scared of commitment? A light hilarious movie whose whole idea was to just entertain and not make something path breaking.

Ethan Green (a very cute guy) has problems with relationships: he has been in many from Juarez who still lives with Ethan's gay boy loving mother , to previously closeted baseball player Kyle , to Leo his room mate to the very young Punch. Movie starts with how Ethan wants to find this perfect guy , hooks up with Kyle and they have everything is going fine but Ethan being scared dumps Kyle when he asks him to move in. Come in Punch a young 19 year old guy who has hots for Ethan and had hit on him earlier when Ethan was with Kyle. They get together but just strictly for sex. WHen Ethan realizes that Punch might be the guy, Punch dumps Ethan saying Ethan is too immature. Meanwhile his roommate Leo is tying to sell the house in which they all live. Leo and Ethan have a history together. Leo is planning to get married to some Republican guy but he still has feelings for Ethan. The crux of the story revolves around the difficulty of selling Leo's house and the ways in which the various ex-lovers interact provides the somewhat frustrating line of dialogue.

Comic relief is supplied by two elderly gentlemen known as the Hat Sisters as well as the lesbian room mate of Ethan and the real estate woman. Of course we know from the beginning who will end up with whom, but the getting there is fairly fun. The cast obviously has such a good time with the film that they forget to enunciate and so much of the dialogue is swallowed. But they are all fun to watch so it matters little that the superficial aspects of the story remain sub rosa.

A totally harmless funny comic romantic movie. (6.5/10)

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Dorian Blues

15 minutes into the film and I thought Have I seen this film earlier. Surely, I did. But it wasn't bad to see the film again. ITs the usual coming out kind of movie with bitterness in experiences. I mean it does have funny dialogues and is at time touching. I like the bond between 2 brothers and the chemistry they share.

Dorian is sour on the world that doesn't understand him. His family consists of a Nixon loving dad, a confused lost mother, and a brother Nicky (hot! hot!) who is everything Dorian isn't - a jock, a ladies' man, and a happy-go-lucky high schooler. Dorian discovers the reason he doesn't fit in is that he is gay! With his discovery he finds some solace from another edgy gay friend Spooky but still feels he must remain in the closet. Finally he confides in Nicky who surprisingly listens to him and accepts him - just so long as Dorian doesn't act out. But Dorian cant take it anymore and tells his dad who gets so angry that he asks Dorian to leave house. Frustrated, Dorian leaves for New York for college while Nicky wins a sports scholarship to another college. In New York Dorian finds the gay life, feels 'normal' at last, falls in love, confronts rejection and the games people play, and then lives a despondent life until Nicky visits him: Nicky has lost his scholarship. The two brothers make the rounds of Dorian's milieu until they receive a phone call that their father has died. Returning home Dorian must still face his anger at his father, though dead, and it is this anger that his mother (far more sensitive than Dorian ever knew) confronts Dorian and the message of the movie is completed in a very realistic and understanding way. Life's philosophy is not wholly bound to one's sexual preferences. I did not see the end coming up but it all made sense when they showed how similar Dorian was to his dad.

Performance wise everyone was fine. The film could have been more crisp. NIcky was very good looking. Dorian acted a frustrated guy very well. All supporting characters were ok.

You can see it. It wont bore you. (6/10)

Cut Sleeve Boys

Why this title? There was an emperor who woke to find his lover sleeping on his sleeve. To prove his deep love for him , he cut his own sleeve. Since then, gay in Chinese is also known as Cut Sleeve.

The story is simple. Ash and Mel (Chinese) are best friends . A sudden unexpected death of a friend makes him rethink of what they want in life. Mel is the hunky good looking type guy who just likes to play around. Ash is the queeny kinda guy and all he looks for is that perfect guy for him. Comes in Todd who once hooked up with Mel as an opportunity of love. They live together for a while but Mel in his mind is just not ready to get tied up. So he does not reciprocate his feelings at all and ultimately its too late by the time he realizes how much he too loves him. Ash on the other hand, realizes that he would like to cross dress and as a woman she ends up drawing more attention from men. Ash gets attention from Ross who likes him as girl but not as a woman. Towards the final , viewer is made to realize that Ross himself likes to cross dress. Finally they acknowledge their love for each other. Ash gets love and Mel is still single.

Film is hilarious. For a change they show Chinese gay men as being attractive, powerful and stylish, instead of the usual stereotype in this British setup. The jokes are direct and to the point. It also examines the structure of gay relationships in a more subtle way. The 3 way kiss I thought was pretty hot :)

Not bad. A decent entertainer. (6/10)