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Sunday, March 1, 2020

Soul Maid

I normally despise these silly wanna be gay comedies because they are always done so bad. This film was no different in essence but something about the story I found a little interesting. IN fact I caught asking myself, why am I not hating this film. This, by no means, mean that I liked the film. I did not, but I think if a better screenwriter had done something with the story, this had some potential.

Moses lives with his hag Ruth. He works as a underwear clad gay housecleaner being employed by horny gay men. He has been having seizures during which he has a religious "visitation" from the goddess Glintentica. Moses meets David, so called straight guy and they both fall in love. But this in unacceptable to Glintentica. She takes over Moses body and converts him to a straight man. Now Moses is on a mission to convert all gay men to straight. From google search, David figures out a way to get rid of Glintentica. Apparently the reason she is doing this is because she was cursed having a lesbian lover. So, since Moses body has been taken over by her, he should have a secret vagina and if Ruth licks that Vagina, Glintentica will be forced to leave the body. She warns David if that happens, Moses will be a new man and he will not remember who David is, but he is willing to take chances. In the last act of the film, Moses is now working ina coffee shop where David comes to meet him. He acts straight but still feels a connection to David. Tables have now turned to when David had first met Moses.

The movie started awful, with Ruth being totally over the top but as the film progressed, she was fun. The whole idea of Glintentica and taking over bodies etc was totally unbelievable but i think that was the idea of the satire. The whole story behind Glintentica was explained nicely but it was really funny when Ruth says to David that "all this you found through google search?", because that's exactly what I was thinking. There is nothing much to do as far as acting chops are considered but the 2 men looked alright and were decent in the film. The problem is that the film is all over the place. Is it a romantic comedy, is it satire, is it sci-fi or is it a mockery on fanatic religious groups? Oh, and what was it with sponges. That was totally odd and took a good part of the film. The film could have been much better if the direction was something about Moses being a gay house cleaner and his escapades. That would have been funnier.

Its not as bad as some of the recent ones I have seen, but its still pretty bad to not want to waste your time and money on it. (3.5/10)

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