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Thursday, March 26, 2020

Gay Short Films : 71

The Shit!: An Opera (USA)
After taking the biggest sh*t of his life, Frankie is inspired to successfully bottom for the first time. And he calls the famous neighborhood top to do the honors.

Niño pez (Venezuela) [Kid Fish]
When a young boy cant face rejection by his one time male hook-up, he shows his evil side by killing his dog.

Hallelujah (Canada)
A dance performance set in a church in Montreal  to send a message of queer acceptance.

Cock N' Bull 2 (USA)
Wes and Chris, in couples counseling, decide to explore opening the relationship to spice up their sex life, and in the process meet some ver interesting individuals. (The first part was reviewed in the past here)

Adult (Australia)
A string desire to search for his dead son's reality, a mother finds out about the porn star alias that her son was living with.

Inquilinos (Spain) [Tenants]
An older lesbian couple is very excited to see a young gay couple move in next door, except the gay couple thinks of them as snooping old ladies.

Three Times About It (Russia)
A young athlete is concerned about a strange feeling he has for men. Only his close friend understands him and eventually a psychologist helps him open his eyes to himself.

The Things You Think I'm Thinking (Canada)
A black male burn-survivor and amputee goes on a date with a regularly-abled man for the first time since his accident. And he keeps wondering why is this guy with him. Wow!

Bachelor, 38 (UK)
Documentary short telling the story of a gay man and his time in London during the 1960s, when he had met a rich bachelor of 38 years old.

Gloria (Mexico)
Amidst the complex Mexico City, a man drives a public transport bus during daytime and works the night shift impersonating Mexican songstresses in a drag cabaret. Best thing is that he is a straight man with a supporting wife and kids.

Bed Bugs Babies (Canada)
Autobiographical account of meeting a boy when you are worried about bed bugs and the other guy being +

The Day Everything Changes Between Us (USA)
2 boys and a girl living a romantic life together but hiding from the world. They must deal with their uncertain future as one of them doubts threaten to break them apart. An interesting struggle for individuals to find the meaning of love.

Only Once (USA)
A silent film dealing with first love and bullying and not being able to come out.

Onde o céu acerta seus ponteiros (Brazil) [Where The Sky Sets The Clock]
After his mother's passing, Tomas' life turned black and white. Days change when he meets Gabriel, a photographer with a red jacket who helps him see other colors. Poetic and romantic with very few words spoken.

How I Came Out (USA)
A story within a story of a couple of people coming out and them sharing their stories.

Lions in Waiting (Canada)
A minor hockey player finds the courage to accept his sexuality after being hazed by his team members and in turn inspires another teammate to be fearless. This helps him start a new relationship.

Open (Coffee House Chronicles)
A couple dating for a year talks about whether they should open up the relationship or not. I enjoyed the discussion leading to when, what and why to do this.

Military Dog (Taiwan)
New to BDSM, young military officer meets a dom master. One night he can't resist the yearning to be dominated. Given a task to prove his loyalty to the master, can he face the inner desires by overcoming his doubts and fear?

Reunion (Coffee House Chronicles)
Three friends relive college days 10 years ago and some funny secrets are revealed.

Sleep On It (USA)
A quarrel puts things into perspective for a young couple mattress-shopping for their first apartment. I thought this was pretty silly.

Bad Boy on Probation (USA)
Mack gets his "Daddy Scott" to pretend to be his real dad when a probation officer comes for a check in. But Scott gets more than he bargained for.

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