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Monday, March 30, 2020

Un Robio (Spanish) [The Blonde One]

I should have known this while I was watching this film, but as soon as the credits rolled in at the end and I saw Marco Berger's name as the director, I exclaimed 'I knew it!'. Throughout the film i kept getting these vibes That this is so much like the films he makes and sure enough I wasn't wrong. Its surprising how you can start predicting the film-maker based on the kind of films they make. And if you have been a regular to my blog, I have mostly enjoyed all of his films and the underlying theme in all his films is the sexual tension he builds up. We have seen that in so many of his previous films and you wonder what he will do next but again, he brings us something new and fresh which you cannot take your eyes off.

Gabriel and Juan work together in a wood factory. When a housemate leaves, Juan invites Gabo, that blonde guy, to rent on the rooms in his inherited flat in Buenos Aires. Gabo is incredible shy and barely speaks anything but is very easily taken in by Juan's group of friends who regularly stop by to drink beer, hang out and watch TV. Gabo has an attraction towards Juan and he feels that Juan keeps teasing him. Juan has a girlfriend who keeps going in and out and Gabe has a 10 year old daughter living with her grandparents whom he meets every weekend. After creating plenty of scenes of sexual tension , the avalanche happens and the 2 guys have sex. After initial dismissal as just another event by Juan, the 2 men start coming one step closer to each other physically emotionally. Although Juan doesn't give up his lifestyle along with occasional flings with his girlfriend. Like a puppy Gabe is always ready whenever Juan makes a move but it feels Juan is using him. Juan feels bad but eventually tells Gabe that he wants a family for himself and there is now ay he can imagine a life for good with Gabe.

The build up of sexual tension takes forever. The charged gazes that the 2 men share, the lusty looks, its unbelievable the kind of atmosphere they create. I mean you can cut the tension with a knife. The kind of attention that the two leading men hold on the audience in unbelievable. Gabo has barely any dialogues to speak in the movie, but man o man, can he speak volumes through his eyes! What an incredible performance. The way he looks longingly towards Juan, he is trying to hide his desires, his attraction, and his guilt about his daughter. He is clearly craving for touch and love which he gets from Juan but he also takes it away every-time as easily as he gives it to Gabo. The internalized emotions displayed by Gabo is something only an expert actor and a very talented director can bring. The very first scene when Gabo dares to touch Juan while clearly Juan wants it too is electrifying to say the least. And this leaves us with Juan. Another amazing performance. A bisexual man, trying to keep his options open clearly feels lot more connected to Gabo than anyone else, but will never be ready to face the social wrath. He would rather have a family and kids and continue to explore his sexuality on the side, which eventually a brave Gabo refuses to at the end. The scene at the end when Gabo actually talks to his daughter about Juan was so heart touching. Something that he was fearing throughout his life is taken away by just one smile from his daughter and it feels as of all the burden on Gabo's head is taken away. There are some issues of course with constant repeated scenes with their circle of friends where nothing much happens. I understand they were probably to show the relationship between the two guys is evolving with time and how they treat other in public v/s alone but I think it got too much after a while. A lot pf those scenes can be trimmed which will make this film so much better than it already is.

Another great movie added to the repertoire of Marco Bergen as a director. I love his films. You have to be patient but watch them with feelings and you will be amazed how close they hit you as a viewer. (7/10)

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Gay Short Films : 71

The Shit!: An Opera (USA)
After taking the biggest sh*t of his life, Frankie is inspired to successfully bottom for the first time. And he calls the famous neighborhood top to do the honors.

Niño pez (Venezuela) [Kid Fish]
When a young boy cant face rejection by his one time male hook-up, he shows his evil side by killing his dog.

Hallelujah (Canada)
A dance performance set in a church in Montreal  to send a message of queer acceptance.

Cock N' Bull 2 (USA)
Wes and Chris, in couples counseling, decide to explore opening the relationship to spice up their sex life, and in the process meet some ver interesting individuals. (The first part was reviewed in the past here)

Adult (Australia)
A string desire to search for his dead son's reality, a mother finds out about the porn star alias that her son was living with.

Inquilinos (Spain) [Tenants]
An older lesbian couple is very excited to see a young gay couple move in next door, except the gay couple thinks of them as snooping old ladies.

Three Times About It (Russia)
A young athlete is concerned about a strange feeling he has for men. Only his close friend understands him and eventually a psychologist helps him open his eyes to himself.

The Things You Think I'm Thinking (Canada)
A black male burn-survivor and amputee goes on a date with a regularly-abled man for the first time since his accident. And he keeps wondering why is this guy with him. Wow!

Bachelor, 38 (UK)
Documentary short telling the story of a gay man and his time in London during the 1960s, when he had met a rich bachelor of 38 years old.

Gloria (Mexico)
Amidst the complex Mexico City, a man drives a public transport bus during daytime and works the night shift impersonating Mexican songstresses in a drag cabaret. Best thing is that he is a straight man with a supporting wife and kids.

Bed Bugs Babies (Canada)
Autobiographical account of meeting a boy when you are worried about bed bugs and the other guy being +

The Day Everything Changes Between Us (USA)
2 boys and a girl living a romantic life together but hiding from the world. They must deal with their uncertain future as one of them doubts threaten to break them apart. An interesting struggle for individuals to find the meaning of love.

Only Once (USA)
A silent film dealing with first love and bullying and not being able to come out.

Onde o céu acerta seus ponteiros (Brazil) [Where The Sky Sets The Clock]
After his mother's passing, Tomas' life turned black and white. Days change when he meets Gabriel, a photographer with a red jacket who helps him see other colors. Poetic and romantic with very few words spoken.

How I Came Out (USA)
A story within a story of a couple of people coming out and them sharing their stories.

Lions in Waiting (Canada)
A minor hockey player finds the courage to accept his sexuality after being hazed by his team members and in turn inspires another teammate to be fearless. This helps him start a new relationship.

Open (Coffee House Chronicles)
A couple dating for a year talks about whether they should open up the relationship or not. I enjoyed the discussion leading to when, what and why to do this.

Military Dog (Taiwan)
New to BDSM, young military officer meets a dom master. One night he can't resist the yearning to be dominated. Given a task to prove his loyalty to the master, can he face the inner desires by overcoming his doubts and fear?

Reunion (Coffee House Chronicles)
Three friends relive college days 10 years ago and some funny secrets are revealed.

Sleep On It (USA)
A quarrel puts things into perspective for a young couple mattress-shopping for their first apartment. I thought this was pretty silly.

Bad Boy on Probation (USA)
Mack gets his "Daddy Scott" to pretend to be his real dad when a probation officer comes for a check in. But Scott gets more than he bargained for.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Dew (Thai)

This film is set in two different eras which give us a glimpse of what time were like in Thailand during both years. This film is interesting with a novel plot but sadly there are quite a few misses in the screenplay and direction and the message doesn't come across as strongly as it should have and it could have. Thankfully very charming and beautiful actors save the face with their good emotional acting making this film poignant. Had this been done well, it could have turned out so much better.

The film starts in 1996 in a small town in Thailand where Dew has recently moved to. He meets a fellow schoolmate Pob who is a couple of years senior to him. Soon their friendship grows and they both realize that there is more to it and a romance blossoms. But because of the day and time, their secret is out soon and it impacts both of them. Pob's family is very strict and of Chinese origin and his father disowns him when he realizes that despite warnings Pob continues to love Dew. Dew is lot more in love and constantly keeps asking Pob to run away. But when the opportunity to flee away from the small town comes, Dew is emotionally blackmailed by his mother to stay put and not leave her alone. 22 years later in present time, we see that Pob comes to his town with his life as a school teacher in the same school he used to study. Apparently his business in Bangkok tanked and this brings him back. The principal assigns him to deal with a high school girl who is a problem child. Pob finds a strange connection with her and every time he is with her, she reminds him of Dew. We are then told that Dew passed away long time back (and Pob knew about this since he visited his hometown 2 years after he ran away) and now Pob wonders if this girl is reincarnation of Dew, to which the girl just laughs off. But soon memories keep coming back to her and she also realizes that there is a past connection. Of course this closeness affects Pob's married life and the girl's lovelife but once you get pass the age difference, Pob is able to freely express his love for the girl and in his mind be once again close to Dew, the love of his life.

As an individual we will all question the appropriateness of things that happened in the film, so lets leave that aside for now. Giving it a benefit of doubt, my concerns are around the continuity. Within the first era, the scenes would go back and forth. We never are told why do the boys fight for the first time and why the disconnect. Some random scenes keep coming at regular intervals. There is no mention of Dew and Pob going on a trip but suddenly its on a similar trip with the girl in present day that Pob realizes the truth. There are many such instances where I thought that the continuity of the film was severely compromised. We see a lot of scenes only towards the end of the film and by that time the 2 hour film has already started to test your patience. From the acting perspective, almost everyone does a decent job but its the older Pob that steals the show completely. He is charming, very good looking and a man who has love his childhood love and is looking for a closure. The younger boys were both quite above average. With some better screenplay, this film could have been a great film.

There is pain, romance, grief, gender, love but somehow it just gets lost in the proceedings and it failed to connect with my heart. And for films like these, if your heart doesn't connect to the characters, its hard to appreciate them. (6/10)

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Vampire Boys 2: The New Brood

As if the original film wasn't bad film, the makers had the audacity to come up with a sequel of theis film. You can imagine how bad the film was when none of the original actors are retained for the sequel. I doubt that there was any other reason for this film except to show some hot bodied men naked, in full glory with some penis shots. Add to this a lit bot of romance, blood, vampire, a quick and easy film is made.

Caleb is now living with Jasin and even though Tara was not the chosen one , she is also with them along with Jasin's entourage. Enter Demetrius, another vampire who is looking to build an army. We soon find out the reaosn for that is to get rid of Jasin. Demetrius was Jasin's master's original chosen one who left him for a new chosen one and this has caused a lot of anger within him. And he now just wants to destroy Jasin and his coven making a new brood for himself. He comes up with a plan to convert Tara against Jasin. He partially succeeds in this but plans change and Demetrius is unable to kill Jasin even after a fight. The extras in the coven for Demetrius die and Caleb and Jasin live happily ever after. There is a scope for further extension when they show Demetrius is a love and he and Tara actually are in love.

As I mentioned, from a story perspective, the movie is as dumb as the prequel. There wers o many new faces all with very similar-ish features and bodies that it was becoming difficult to keep a track of who's who. I personally didn't understand the whole story of the gym owner who was also secretly a gym owner and had given up on the vampire activities to live a simple life. How and why was he arm twisted by Demetrius into helping him share the gym space. It was all too vague. Jasin's mild mannerism and talking very slowly in every single scene gets annoying after a point. I wonder if the actors are former porn stars because literally there is noting for them to do in the film.

Watch the film only if you liked the first one. And if you did, I am so judging you right now. (3/10)

Monday, March 23, 2020

Everything's Gonna Be Okay (Web Series)

OMG! When I found that Josh Thomas is coming up with his next show, I was crazy excited. Afterall, 'Please Like Me' is one of the best shows that is out there. His quirky sense of humor, the sharp and witty dialogues and how every scenes feels real and human and not acting is his distinct charm and I could not wait to watch the 10 episodes of this series that are available of 'Freeform', a platform that, to be honest, I had not heard of till now.

Nicholas, a 20-something Australian, is visiting his father in America and his 2 half-sisters. The night before he is supposed to go back, he meets a boy named Alex and sparks fly. The next day he is told by his father that he is cancer and is about to die and so he will need to take care of his sisters. The series, essentially then, follows the siblings on how all of them deal with the grief and learn to be there for each other, care for each other, be there for each other and most importantly for Nicholas on how to balance being a cool brother and being a parent. The elder sister 17ish Matilda is autistic and wants to experiment with sex. She has her own sets of issues and then we have the younger Genevieve, who is dealing with all her insecurities. And in between we see the budding romance and relationship between Nicholas and Alex and how they both navigate through the entire situation. The y love, they fight, they drive each other crazy but the end they both the kind of moments we all want in our life.

As the previous show, this series is not dramatic at all. The show is more interested in the weirder, funnier, more real moments that can happen in between life’s seemingly biggest events than drawing out unnecessary drama. The series is not solely gay focussed. Equal importance is given to all the three characters. Matilda and Genevieve are each navigating teen girlhood in vastly different ways; Matilda’s extremely confident and itching to experience life whereas Genevieve is far more tentative than her sister. And in between these two, we have Nicholas trying to learn to be a parent while making sure he doesn't lose sight of who he really is and make sure his relationship with Alex works out. I have to say that Alex was my most favorite character in the show. Its hard for any other actor to stand in front of Josh Thomas (Nicholas) but Alex is so damn charming. They have one of the most beautiful chemistries I have seen on TV. They are funny, they have an easy rhythm, with very slice of life kinda events that give us a glimpse of what kind of relationship they share. This is the kind where you tell each other honestly what you are feeling and communicate. The two sisters form a very strong aspect of the show and the show also deals with issues of suicide, rape etc through some segments. I feel bad to say that I wish there was lot more of Nicholas and Alex and less of the sisters but thats purely me being selfish being gay. Matilda and Genevieve's stories add warmth and soul to the whole show. I am not sure of I like the ending of the show where Matilda is not very sure to continue her dreams of studying and living in New York and they decide to come back. I wish there was something more concrete and a better closure.

The show is a bit shy of being awesome like 'Please Like Me' but it is still a pretty good show. The short 20 minute episodes keep it light, easy and breezy to watch. Thankfully the show ditches sadness and tragedy and instead uses humor to show how we all eventually learn to navigate through life figuring it out while making sure that family stays the most important thing for us. (7/10)

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Vampire Boys

As you can imagine , when there is a gay vampire horror film; your expectations are already very very low. And so were mine. I was fully expecting to see something stupidly ridiculous where I will be constantly rolling my eyes and cursing the makers. But I have to say, this film wasn't as bad as I imagined it to be in my mind. This is not to say that it was good by any means but sometimes its all about expectations.

Caleb has moved to California to attend college and is staying with Paul, an attractive college guy whom he met online. Soon after arriving Caleb starts getting this visions about a guy Jasin and so does Jasin about Caleb. Jasin and Caleb meet at school, and the attraction between them is instantaneous. The reality is that Jasin is the head of vampire group with 3 other folks. And according to the prophecy, Jasin must choose an eternal companion before his 100th anniversary as a vampire, or he and the entire group will die. The group thinks that the girl Tara is the one but Jasin's heart feels it is Caleb. When Caleb is told of the truth, he freaks out but eventually gives in to Jasin's demand of giving up this life to be with him forever as a vampire.

The intention, maybe, of the makers is right, but the script is a major letdown and it feels that these guys had no budget whatsoever. Unnecessary shirtless scenes to cater to the primary gay audience is clearly seen. With vampires you would think blood and action and both are missing here. Although there are a couple of hissing scenes between Jasin and his friend and if anything, I was just laughing at them, which is not what the intent was. The lead actors thankfully have charisma and look cute and can act alright, but sadly that's not enough. The direction is strictly ok and there is way too much seriousness into everything. And the whole Paul getting killed by other vampires never came up again. How could Caleb be so insensitive towards a guy who let him stay for free and helped him in every way (unless he was also eventually supposed to be a creep himself).

If vampire stories are your thing, feel free to check it out. With a run time of just over an hour, this film is not half as bad as some of the atrocities I have seen and reviewed on my blog. But maybe it really helped me to keep my expectations very very low. (4/10)

Friday, March 20, 2020

You're Killing Me

This film was a interesting mix of thriller and comedy. Done well with some good production budget and actors this film could have done wonders. But with a simple story of one killing after the other, the proceeding start to become monotonous and after a while you lose complete interest.

Joe is dating Adam for a week and when Adam insists that he will do anything to have sex with Joe, Joe's inner demons come out and he kills Adam while Adam was watching online videos of George & his friend. Next day he meets George at a parking lot and they are both smitten by each other. Joe talks honestly about killing his ex bf but George thinks thats sweet and that he has a good sense of humor. Even when most of his friends say that Joe is weird, he says Joe is gorgeous. Joe then goes on to kill his own parents when they dont behave nicely to George and eventually George's best girlfriend and her lover because he was flirting with George. All the while Joe is never joking and he keeps telling the truth to George but he never takes him seriously. Things get really out of hand when finally they all realize what the truth all along is and eventually after a ridiculous comedy of errors, Joe is taken in my the police but still George and Joe keep in touch through video chats.

As I mentioned above this film was an interesting mix of comedy and thriller and done right it could have been a game changer but sadly it stays just a mediocre average film. After a while the constant videos of George and his friend became annoying and unnecessary additions that were just increasing the runtime of the film which is already getting repetitive with one murder after the other. And guess what murders keep happening and no police or anyone ever shows up. How does Joe get rid of the bodies is never shown. He just keeps murdering and gets away with it. The one scene that I generally found funny was the scene when Joe takes George to meet his parents and the entire mother sequence. The acting was strictly ok and so was the direction given the genre of the film. The big letdown os from the script itself.

Besides that it was a campy thriller comedy and not to be taken seriously at all on the face value. Only then you will be able to manage to sit through the film. (5/10)

Thursday, March 19, 2020

What's The Matter With Gerald

This film, according to me, fall in the "wtf is the film trying to say" category. There are scenes that go on forever, a wafer thin plot and a dragged uninteresting direction that doesn't hold any interest at all for the viewers. I am really amazed at the glaring reviews that this film has online.

Gerald is a 30-something gay man, whose father pays for everything and who has never worked in his life. He lives with his partner of 10 years. Every morning he wakes up with some sort of pain and builds up all kinds of medical conditions in his mind. On the advice of a friend he consults an energy healer. a foul-mouthed, chain-smoking jeweler, and is shocked when the gemstones she sells him magically ease his pain. This unexpected stroke of luck prompts Gerald to reexamine his life in new and unexpected ways, taking him out of a well-established rut and leading him to wonder whether he can make the necessary changes to be more fulfilled. These include meeting a new neighbor and visits from his past boyfriends as ghosts. He breaks up with his boyfriend and starts a new life.

The story was just so random. Even though I saw the film, I still don't understand what was the real problem with Gerald. Was his lack of confidence, self-respect, mother, or something else? There is absolutely no chemistry whatsoever between his husband and him and the actors seem pretty wooden to me. As an actor, I think Gerald does a decent job but thats all lost in the weird storyline and no character development at all. What is the real problem with him was never addressed and I still keep repeating the title. Not only is whats the matter with Gerald, but also What's the matter with people wanting to make a movie on this odd subject. The mother in another annoying character with this fake madeup accent that makes no sense. A lot of people online say that this movie was funny. I didn't even smile even for a second in the entire film and am amazed at what kind of things people laugh at these days.

Do not waste your time. Completely avoidable. (2/10)

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Naked Dragon

There are not many gay thrillers out there, so I was actually looking forward to seeing this film, but I felt very let down. They underplayed the thriller part and instead focused more on the gay relationship. Normally I wont complain about such a thing, but the whole culmination of the serial killer angle was so sudden and random, that its hard to digest.

David Harris is a black cop with LAPD and is secretly gay. One day he is called in a murder scene where the body is mutiliated. The case is taken over by FBI because it apparently falls in a similar pattern of other murders that have happened in recent past. Enter Robert, a psychic, brought in by FBI to help them nab the killer. His psychic powers are actually psychology and behavioral analysis; and very soon he figures that David is gay and makes a move on him. They very soon start a secret relationship while one after the other more and more bodies start showing up. The victims are mostly gay asian men. Robert tells David that this reported killer has murdered 20 victims in 20 days in 2 different cities. Robert and David alongwith 2 FBI detectives keep looking for the killer and during the process Robert keeps getting in dangerous situations because he feels that the killer is somewhere close and is playing a cat and mouse game. After almost risking his life twice, the FBI finally catches the killer and David kills him in an encounter to save Robert's life and the two men profess their love for each other.

The story is simple yet the characters have no graph at all to them. We know nothing about the lives of David and Robert. They just randomly meet and very quickly start this passionate romantic relationship. This feels a little odd. Also the serial killer angle and the romance didn't go much hand in hand. We are never told why the killer is killing, how he is killing, psychic behind it or other reasons. They just magically find the killer using a psychic and bravo, he is dead. Its too just too convenient of an ending. If the focus was more on the gay relationship, even in that we see three full on sex scenes between them but nothing much besides that. I think the movie was made on a very low budget because we never see the murders or the bodies and never media presence. You can tell the budget was tight. The performances were also strictly average. Almost every character talks slow. The urgency when a murder happens is never felt. It felt more like a stage play acting rather than a film. The 2 leads however were both alright looking but had no chemistry at all. There is just not enough conflict here. The cop is closeted gay but why in closet. None of his team members or anyone else ever makes a gay joke or comment, so why leave it like that. Many more questions like this still linger in my mind and I feel a bit cheated by the sudden ending of the film.

It feels movie was shot while actors were just reading through the lines and rehearsing and that was then decided as a final product. Disappointing. (3.5/10)

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Hoan Doi Thanh Xuan (Series) (Vietnamese) [Comet, I Love You]

Yet another one of those silly Asian BL drama. I want to like it and enjoy it and i can see why locals would enjoy it. It is kind of silly and funny in a weird sort of way. I am sure I would have enjoyed these series a lot when i was much younger, but at this stage, when good cinema and series are abundantly and easily available, its hard to dismiss and over the top series like this.

A young teenage girl is the daughter of school headmaster. One night she dreams that a boy is stealing her boyfriend, who is the very handsome yet brat Duong Lam. Next day , a young boy from the village named Van Thanh is introduced to her classroom as a new student. He had already met Duong Lam earlier. When she reaches home, she finds out that he is her distant cousin and her being a queen bee and diva can't digest this. Moreover, for some reason Duong Lam takes a liking for Van Thanh. Circumstances keep throwing these two boys together and Duong plays with his heart but we find out only in the end that he is actually serious. We find out who is the ghost boy whom Van Thanh keeps meeting. Apparently he was bullied by Duong's father to an extent that he committed suicide. And now with the comet crossing out earth's atmosphere, it is the right time to take revenge. Silliness continues and the series end in sort of a cliffhanger (maybe season 2).

This is the main story which could easily have been finished in maybe 3-4 episodes. There was actually no reason to have 13 episodes of about 15 minutes each, but then thats just my opinion. Maybe on a different day and in a different mood, I would have enjoyed it more. Every episode has about 5 minutes or so, where the 2 teachers of the school get in an interesting banter. Then we have the girls gang, who are there to make Van Thanh's life miserable, we have Duong's gang of bullies within which it turns out that one of them is also gay and may have feelings for Duong. So many such smaller tertiary storylines keep running in parallel.

Luckily the lead boys are good to look at and also actually act quite decent, so it wasn't very terrible to get through the whole thing. (5/10)

Monday, March 2, 2020

Ce qu’on a (French/English) [What We Have]

I think this film is supposed to b a tragic film, but its never made amply clear on where the tragedy is stemming from and what really happened (both in the past and why the repercussions in the future). Our hero is not right in the head. He is fragile and we see glimpses of the reasons but its never made obvious to us. I do like movies where sometimes its left to audiences to interpret heir own version but in this case, I don't. think it worked as well as the makers hoped it would.

Maurice has relocated from Paris to North Bay. He is running from his past, we don't know what exactly. He lands an acting gig in a french play. Maurice is a strange and quiet expat, refusing to socialize with his fellow actors at the small theatre company where he plays the role of a minister. He is fine having random hook-ups but just a mere thought of feelings scare him off. To pay for his basic needs he is looking to teach french and finds a student in Alan, a talented teenage struggling with his sexuality. Alan is a troubled teenage, being bullied at school and its only with him that Maurice can smile, laugh, joke and becomes altogether another kind of man. The theatre owner turns out to be the man whom Maurice kicked out of his home one night, but he still wants more from Maurice, but he has issues. Drawn to protect and defend Allan from the bullying that he faces at school for being gay, their student-teacher relationship is soon complicated when Allan falls in love with Maurice, in turn triggering Maurice's own repressed memories of childhood sexual abuse. And the film ends ambiguously with Maurice confiding in the the theatre owner who he is now starting to warm up.

The story is simple. We see all kinds of images in flashback that Maurice sees but its not clear until the very end what exactly happened. You can tell his parents came from a theatre background but thats it. The student-teacher relationship was shown well, but I can't understand how in this day and age, someone can constantly keep bullying a kid and the swimming coach does nothing about it. Thankfully, nothing in the film is over the top. Even when Maurice hits the bully, its done with restraint. The performances are very nuanced and restrained from everyone. Maurice, Allan, the theatre owner have all done their job right and given their best shot to the film. But its the screenplay that could have been better. The film seamlessly keeps going between English and French and I liked that aspect. It somehow worked well.

Its a decent film but a little ambiguity killed it. I wished the reasons were made very evident and then personally I would have been able to connect with the film a lot better. Not a bad film by any means. (6/10)

Sunday, March 1, 2020

Soul Maid

I normally despise these silly wanna be gay comedies because they are always done so bad. This film was no different in essence but something about the story I found a little interesting. IN fact I caught asking myself, why am I not hating this film. This, by no means, mean that I liked the film. I did not, but I think if a better screenwriter had done something with the story, this had some potential.

Moses lives with his hag Ruth. He works as a underwear clad gay housecleaner being employed by horny gay men. He has been having seizures during which he has a religious "visitation" from the goddess Glintentica. Moses meets David, so called straight guy and they both fall in love. But this in unacceptable to Glintentica. She takes over Moses body and converts him to a straight man. Now Moses is on a mission to convert all gay men to straight. From google search, David figures out a way to get rid of Glintentica. Apparently the reason she is doing this is because she was cursed having a lesbian lover. So, since Moses body has been taken over by her, he should have a secret vagina and if Ruth licks that Vagina, Glintentica will be forced to leave the body. She warns David if that happens, Moses will be a new man and he will not remember who David is, but he is willing to take chances. In the last act of the film, Moses is now working ina coffee shop where David comes to meet him. He acts straight but still feels a connection to David. Tables have now turned to when David had first met Moses.

The movie started awful, with Ruth being totally over the top but as the film progressed, she was fun. The whole idea of Glintentica and taking over bodies etc was totally unbelievable but i think that was the idea of the satire. The whole story behind Glintentica was explained nicely but it was really funny when Ruth says to David that "all this you found through google search?", because that's exactly what I was thinking. There is nothing much to do as far as acting chops are considered but the 2 men looked alright and were decent in the film. The problem is that the film is all over the place. Is it a romantic comedy, is it satire, is it sci-fi or is it a mockery on fanatic religious groups? Oh, and what was it with sponges. That was totally odd and took a good part of the film. The film could have been much better if the direction was something about Moses being a gay house cleaner and his escapades. That would have been funnier.

Its not as bad as some of the recent ones I have seen, but its still pretty bad to not want to waste your time and money on it. (3.5/10)