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Friday, August 3, 2018

Bromance: My Brother's Romance (Filipino/Tagalog)

After some really bad movies, it was nice to watch a mindless screwball gay comedy film. And because it is from Philippines, it makes it even more exciting. I mean the reactions of the actors in most scenes are just priceless and over the top and I love it. I need to look for more comedy films. At least after a long day at work, they make you chuckle a little.

Brando and Brandy are twins, except one is straight and the other is gay. Brandy, gay brother is friendly and ore successful and has a career plan. Brandon gets attracted to Brandy's best friend Erika but she breaks up with him after realizing that Brandon has no ambitions from life. He leaves home to try and do something for himself. 8 years later, Brandy is a successful interior designer but Brandon is still struggling to make ends meet. The twins continue on separate paths until one day, their mother begs them to set aside their differences and reconcile. So Brandy sets off to look for his brother but meets an unfortunate accident that puts him in a coma. Fearing that Brandy may lose his multi million peso deal, Brandy's friends convince Brando to to pull a twin switch and pose as his gay brother Brandy. This is where fun begins. Brando now continues to juggle between Brando and Brandy. With Erika coming back to town, Brando thinks that not only will he be able to save the business but also won back Erika. What follows next and how the film ends is fun to watch.

Like I mentioned before, the film is full of comic moments. Even if there are serous situations, they are directed with over the top hilarious reactions which makes this for a fun watch. The duration of the film , at almost 2 hours, is slightly long and a crispier editing would have helped keep viewers focussed. The 2 side kick friends of Brady have the best lines and are the funniest of all. The actor playing Brando and Brandy does a marvellous job acting. I mean you could tell the difference when he was playing three different roles. Gay man, straight man pretending to be gay, and a straight man and he did full justice to all those 3 roles. It is not an easy job. All the other actors were also good and delivered exactly what was expected of them. Brandy's boyfriend was Hot!.

This film doesn't offer anything out of the box. The situations are cliched and as audience you know what to expect. But who cares. You are here for entertainment and you get entertained. (6/10)


Chukwudi Emmanuel Udegbunam said...

Thanks for the review. Please where do you get access to these movies? Thanks

Golu said...

There are actually plenty of websites here you get access online. or dvds

Chukwudi Emmanuel Udegbunam said...

@Golu can you share some via email? Thanks