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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Like It Is (UK)

I dunno why but my reactions watching first few minutes of the film was that this is going to be another disaster. One of those poorly acted low budget movies which takes its audiences for granted. A full on campy film. Rather, it threw a pleasant surprise by being a touching love story between a boxer struggling to come out and accept his sexuality and an up-and-coming music producer who has been around the block for a while.

Craig is a boxer who makes money by fighting in back alleys. His elder brother worries about him but since his wife doesn't like Craig, he stays away. Struggling with his sexuality, he hangs outside a gay bar where he meets Matt, who happens to be the manager there and also a music producer. Craig gets too talk to him and brings him back to his apartment for sex but changes his mind and asks Matt to leave. But the next days he goes to club again, so that he can spend a day to hang out with Matt and not just have sex. The two get really close. But Matt's room mate Paula doesn't like this one bit. She is a singer doing very well thanks to Matt and now she is not getting any attention by him. We also meet Roger, owner of the club and music company who lures young guys into music for sex.. But he is also mentor for Matt and takes good care of him. He flirt with Craig but knows his boundaries. In fact he even gives a job to Craig. Paula leaves no stones unturned to bring in all kinds of differences between the two and finally succeeds in her plans as well. Heart broken Craig goes back to his hometown and decides to pursue boxing again. When Matt finds out the truth, he goes to Craig's home and finally the lovers are united.

There were many positives in the movie. Firstly Craig's character. After a long time, we see a guy who knows how to handle himself. Even though he is struggling with his sexuality, he embraces gay clubs and flirting from everyone else but clearly his eyes are only for Matt. He has a smile to die for and he has amazing chemistry with Matt. Matt does well too. He has been a regular shagger, so his character demands that openness and flirt. I loved Roger's character as well. He knew where to draw lines. There were so many times I thought some or the other cliched event would event but thank god it didn't. Yes, Craig makes a mistake bu. Sleeping with some other guy drunk but he has no recollection and it is refreshing to see when he doesn't understand why Roger doesn't want him to tell Matt the truth. This movie tells it like it is: coming out is a very painful and distressing emotional experience. The total contrast of the characters and their origins, explains a lot of gay stereotypes through an unusual romance. Surely the ending was fairy tale-ish but I am not complaining. Some lover stories should end happy.

Very well written, sensitively acted and directed, I am surprised this film doesn't find any mention in an already short list of well made gay cinema. Yes, it came out in 1998 and is a low production film but still definitely worth a watch. (7/10)


Luigi C said...

I had the chance to watch it subbed in my language and really appreciated this little gem well acted and carried out.

Golu said...

I really wish this film gets more visibility

Sailor Maan said...

What a nice movie, really different than the usual. The main couple is so sweet. The fact they come from very different worlds (and are so different) could have turned into a fake couple forced on us, but not at all they really have that chemistry going.

Golu said...

Their chemistry is amazing and so is the film.