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Monday, July 9, 2018

Leather Jacket Love Story

All through watching the film, I was under the impression that this film came out a long time ago. I did have my doubts when there was a scene about AIDS and HIV, so it was slightly difficult to pin-point the time, but only after watching the film I realized that this came out in 1997. So not really that old, as I thought. Filmed in gay clubs and neighborhoods in Los Angeles, the black-and-white film has moments that border on hard-core pornography without actually going over the edge. But more about that later.

From a story perspective, the film is quite simple. Kyle has just turned 18 and wants to move out of his parents home in LA. Hi ex, a rich man, is his true friend but he wants to experience the real life. He hangs out in this cafe where he spends time writing poetry and he’s taken under wing by a trio of drag queens. In the same cafe he meets 30 year hunk and stuff Mike and they both have instant mutual attraction. Their passionate one night stand develops into an instant attraction between the two men and Kyle decides to buy a leather jacket exactly like that of Mike, just to show and prove his affection and love for the guy. 2 days into knowing each other, Kyle starts nagging Mike about monogamy and questions about his love. On being asked to give space, Kyle retaliates by going to a bathhouse (I am not kidding) but soon realizes he in fact loves Mike. and in the end, he recites his poem defining Mike’s leather jacket and his love for him. Mike reciprocates his love and tears up the telephone number of a man he has just picked up on the street and takes Kyle in his arms for some very vanilla-flavored smooches.

Yes, the film was directed very amateurishly with some very below average acting. It wasn’t thankfully outright bad as we have seen in some other films but it was still quite pathetic. Most of the times, as an audience we are not expected to put logic behind people’s actions. For example, Kyle’s possessiveness and sudden bathhouse visit while claiming all this while that he wants love. Thankfully there are some explicit good sex scenes that help you keep entertained. Actually come to think of it, move is not thats boring, but there is just not enough going on, its just too predictable and has no excuse for not flushing out the characters properly. Kyle was slightly annoying. But thankfully Mike as an actor was decent, but with such bad dialogue, cliched situations and the use of full frontal nudity to mask the films flaws, there is only so much that he could do.

This is strictly time pass when you are looking for some good soft porn which also happens to be supported by a nice gay romance. (4/10)

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