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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Finding Me: Truth

And so now is the time to review the sequel. My first reaction is that this was slightly better than the original film but still pretty dumb from an overall concept and convenience of how things just fall in place. Thankfully this time the focus is not just on one character, but it is evenly distributed amongst friends, which is a welcome change. Primarily, we see all main characters are struggling with romantic issues of one kind or another.

Its been a year since Fabian broke up with Lonnie but could never get over him and continuously writes to him. When he finds that Lonnie is now seeing a new guy, the old feelings re-ignite and on insistence by his best friends Amira and Greg, he decides to meet Lonnie to see if there is any scope; but its too late and Lonnie has moved on. Amira now has a hot boyfriend but she is insecure and suspects that her boyfriend is cheating on her for absolutely no reason. Bisexual Greg is the meanwhile has found the perfect man and the perfect woman (who is Amira's cousin) and is seeing both of them without the other one knowing about it. So essentially all three of them are dealing with their individual issues. And in this mix, we have Jay, Greg's roommate who is always angry for some reason and is always trying to bring the other person down. Ultimately everyone's issues come out in open when Greg hosts a dinner and invites all friends and their better halves, including Lonnie. Things get heated and pretty much everyone breaks up. a few minutes of regrets happen and then magically everyone is back with their love in hope for a better loving future.

The title of the film comes form the fact that the friend's keep asking each other, what is your truth. I guess essentially trying to find, whats driving them and what is it really that they want from life. Not much has changed in terms of acting. Fabian is still the most annoying of all and it seems all he expects from his friends is to support him and deal with his issues. Meanwhile if his friends need him for anything, he always has excuses. Amira continues to shriek like a loud mouth drag queen in ever scene she is in, but at least it makes for some fun watching. I still feel that Greg was the better of 3 actors. And then we have Jay, who also is now seeing a thug whose ghetto accent was so laughable, I couldn't believe it. Editing of the film was terrible. Some scenes and their continuity just didn't make sense. And some other scenes has just no business being there in the film. It fails on editing, screenplay and even the direction. The only saving grace is that we don't have to deal with Fabian throughout the film.

It wouldn't hurt to watch if you saw the first part and thought it was even half decent. But if you were pulling your hair while watching it, then stay away from this one. (3.5/10)

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