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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Angels with Tethered Wings

I think my streak of watching bad films is not going to go away anytime soon. I am not even gonna question on why one after the other, the movies I have been picking are somehow terrible and have some cross between horror, comedy and zombies. Tis film is an erotic thriller with lot of penis and ass shots. I wouldn't say that nudity was important, but its there and I am not complaining about it.

The film is in three parts and goes quite a bot in flashbacks. Gareth is a porn film director and has been making it films with lead bottom start Timothy. But he is in short of cash. When an investor Cody comes to make his own film with Timothy with 200,000 dollars, things start going wrong. Timothy refuses and immediately leaves panning to start his own business. Soon Gareth realizes that the money goes missing and is now on lookout for Timothy. Now we meet Grant, Gareth's twin brother, who is taking care of a hurt Timothy in remote woods. But Gareth and his crew, with support from his assistant Veronica, find Timothy and make Cody rape him as punishment for stealing the money. When Grant finds this, he tries to kill Tomothy because he doesn't want him to suffer further. He then tell Timothy , that it was he who stole the money so that Timothy can have a comfortable life with his boyfriend Jessie. We then get to see the love story of Jessie and Timothy. Every character crosses the other actor. Timothy dies in a car accident. In the final chapter, Jessie visits the grave of Timothy.  Jessie wakes later that night to discover Grant and Timothy having a shower together and are now zombies, who have returned to help Jessie fulfill his promise of revenge.  And they ultimately take the revenge.

The big problem with this film is that it cant make up mind on what genre does it want to stick to. It is marked by some very stark tonal shifts from thriller to comedy to horror to something approaching softcore porn. And the constant back and forth in the way story is told, doesn't help the cause of the film much. The film quickly gets to the point where its shenanigans get so crazy that I just kept rolling my eyes watching all this absurdity.  The script and screenplay both need a lot of tightening. If the film was kept as comedy, it would have been a better deal IMO. Even the way the actors were acting, it felt as if they were told to be in that way. Acting was just bad. Jessie was the only one decent in the film. And I still don't understand what was the whole point of this zombie angle. That was just plain stupid.

Borderline ludicrous film, you can enjoy this film , if you are really bored and if you keep really really low expectations in general from movies. (3/10)


Luigi C said...

As usual You are too indulgent to rate with 3/10 this movie .
Porno stars are better acting , and change once in a while their expressions.

Golu said...

hahahha. Trust me, if you read some of my reviews of films that I have rated less than 1, you will know why this is rated slightly better