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Sunday, May 6, 2018

Love Bites

Not sure if this film was supposed to be a comedy film or not, but I definitely did not laugh at any of the jokes. I guess when it came out in 1992, there weren’t many openly gay movies, especially in the genre of vampires; so it probably was a refreshing change. But watching it now, feels like a drag of time, camp film, bad direction. Although story is slightly novel and interesting.

Jake Hunter has strange fascination for vampires. Even when he has a hot guy next to him wanting to hook up, all he can talk about is vampires. He is stoked by the idea that there are vampire in LA and he fancies himself as the very model of a modern-day fearless vampire killer. He goes to a count’s home in search of vampire with all his killer bag but there he meets Leslie, who is a hustler hired by the count for his servant Manfield. Jake and the count have this weird connection but its soon clear that the count is actually a vampire. Jake brings Leslie home with him when he gets too drunk at night and hatches a plan with him to kill the vampire. But Jake feels attracted to the Count and cannot kill him. Count soon realizes what was the original motive for Jake to come to this home. But things improve when Leslie and Manfield eventually find love with each other. And vampire decides to leave the world just so that he can spend a little extra time with his love Jake.

Shot straight to video, this film is clearly very very low budget and shot in just 2 houses. It has a decent story but a very vague ending which I don’t mind, because I had completely lost interest in the film by the time it ended. The cast take virtually every gay stereotype, make it their own and throw it at the camera. I don’t think this film holds either entertainment or nostalgic value for folks looking for meaningful or guilty pleasure entertainment. Completely avoidable. (2/10)


Luigi C said...

Since the real, original " Dracula" ,vampires have an underlined homoerotic meaning . The M2M bites on the neck is clearly a Victorian way to show sex within men. But I can't remember just one worth " vampires " film ; not even the one with Brad Pitt!!!!

Golu said...

lol. I agree. Vampires, a sa theme, has never been something that I like.